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So it appears that I'm finally taking a student/protégée: Lady Joscelin le esqurel got thrown under a bus by her wife, and is now my nerdling.

Me: Hey, Alana (wife), who is your Peer again?
Alana (wife): Mael Eoin.
Me: THAT's right.
Joscelin: *mutters* Because you didn't grab them fast enough!
Me: Hey, I was free-range. I have no idea how these things work, what the protocol is....
Alana: Hey, you should take Joscelin. She needs a Peer.
Me and Joscelin: Ok!

A day later, an illuminated letter was in my in-box with a formal request. It made me weepy. I just fired off a reply in Middle English. I got back a "Squeee!"

Discussions need to happen so that we can formalize expectations, when to make it "official", and the like, but looks like all will be well.
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Kann mir jemand bitte erklären, was diese 4 Schaltflächen bei einem Beitrag unten genau machen?

Mag ich | Mag ich nicht | Kommentar | Teilen

Oder andersrum: Wie kann ich z.B. verhindern, dass bestimmte Beiträge (Katzenfotos, Sprachen die ich nicht verstehe, ...) aus meinem "Newsfeed" (nennt man das so? Mousover mein: "Unterhaltungen deiner Kontakte") verschwinden?

Danke herzlichst Image/photo
@Ingo Lantschner Oeh, also...
Kommentar: ist halt ein Kommentar zu einem Post/Artikel. So wie dieser hier.
Mag ich/Mag ich nicht: Sollte ja eigentlich auch klar sein. Die Funktion ist manchmal missverstaendlich: wenn es passiert ist (Nachrichtenmeldung), kann ein "Mag ich/Gefaellt mir" irgendwie deplatziert wirken. Genauso ein "Mag ich nicht"
Share/Teilen: Ist wie bei Twitter sowas wie Retweet.

Wenn Du aber gewissen Themen/Hashtags aus deinem Feed verbannen willst, kannst Du bei den Settings/Addons schauen. Da muesste es sowas wie Superblock und Advanced Content Filter geben. Letzteres waere wohl die passende Wahl, wenn Du nicht Leute Leute blocken willst.

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reçu par mail ...

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Contre Linky : ENEDIS ne veut pas trouver de solution. - L'action en Justice au fond est ouverte !


Nous avons l'honneur de vous annoncer que la société ENEDIS a "répondu" à la mise en demeure collective faite au nom de plus de 10.000 consommateurs : ENEDIS refuse toute solution amiable.

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Je viens de souscrire à l'action en justice @kêr-Is. Me voilà engagé et débarrassé d'un dilemme permanent depuis plusieurs mois.
Passons à autre chose maintenant...
bien vu camarade
pour ma part c'est un peu compliqué et perso mais j'ai pas mon argent a dispo comme je veux
donc je vais voir si je peu ? mais ???

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Presentación del disco "Rompimos el cerco" #EZLN

Presença brasileira no Festival de Berlim é de «resistência e luta» #LutaDeClasses


Naomi Seibt: “Climate change alarmism, at its very core, is a despicably anti-human ideology... “I think this entire climate mainstream narrative is not about science at all.”

Meet Naomi Seibt – The 19-Year-Old, Blond Antidote To Greta Thunberg

GRETA: “I want you to panic. “I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act.”

NAOMI: Ich bin Naomi Seibt. Und nicht gegen Greta. Ich bin für die Meinungsfreiheit. I don’t want you to panic. I want you to think. (...) “Rage and panic belong to our opponents.”

... Some quotations

The Daily Dot:
"... It’s harder to come out as a conservative than as a sexual mino
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here is where to start
As I see, some evidences of the "Meeeetooo Witnesses church" are more trustworthy :) ...

Let's start here:

On the same day that 17-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg made an impassioned speech to the UN, 500 highly qualified scientists sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, stating unequivocally: "There is no climate emergency."

"The general-circulation models of climate on which international policy is at present founded are unfit for their purpose. Therefore, it is cruel as well as imprudent to advocate the squandering of trillions of dollars on the basis of results from such immature models. Current climate policies pointlessly and grievously undermine the economic system, putting lives at risk in countries denied access to affordable, reliable electrical energy.

We urge you to follow a climate policy based on sound science, realistic economics and genui
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Greta was a wakeup call from a generation of people that are going to inherit a really fucked up planet. She came armed with facts and evidence solidly grounded in research and a really strong emotional message.

It shows the desperation when someone is presented as an anti-[insert factual thing here].

Greta's message was factual.

Seibt is just going to become a poster child for climate change denial. It's sad that she is being presented the way she is.

The science is extremely sound in this area. You can change that with sound research.

Do the research.


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Coronavirus : un traitement anti-paludisme serait efficace selon un spécialiste des maladies infectieuses

Interessant, mais on n'en parle pas beaucoup ailleurs; je trouve:)!

@Turin Turambar momo gave herself a makeover :)
That's funny. I think she's better than Snooki, as we knew her.

Facebook has over 2.50 billion monthly active users which is an 8 percent increase over last year. That's a lot of people handing over their data.
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people "using" Felchbook translates to Felchbook using people that think they are "using" Felchbook...

'Gives Me Hope': How Low-Paid Workers Rose Up Against Stagnant Wages


When some fast-food workers in New York went on strike one morning in 2012, they had no idea it was the beginning of an unlikely movement that would propel an economic revolution.

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Yop, de passage à "la ville" pour des trucs administratifs, je trouve cette porte de garage texturée bien assortie.

Belle fin de journée!

#autoportrait #femme #porte #peinture #texture #Toulouse #selfie #woman #door #photo
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Clé Diaspora
Particulièrement la petite touche de vert de la poignée :-)
Oui, je voulais qu'elle soit dans le cadre la poignée!!!

Aristóteles Sócrates Onassis: Si las mujeres no existieran, todo el dinero del mundo dejaría de tener sentido. https://www.autistici.org/poderobrero/frases?id=667
Citas interesantes

PoderObrero: Citas interesantes – PoderObrero (Poder0brero)

Looking really good for Bernie!

Election Update: What Our Forecast Says About Every Super Tuesday State

lorenzo Friendica

Guten Morgen Fediverse

Eine schöne Woche wünsche ich euch 😊

Source Photo:
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lorenzo Friendica
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The British Kangaroo Court Proceedings Against Julian Assange

#US #UK #politics #international

"Britain is currently holding an #obscene #show #trial against #Wikileaks founder #Julian #Assange. The #hearing is designed to end with the #extradition of Assange to the #United #States or with his death. In the U.S. he would be accused of a conspiracy to reveal secrets and put into jail for the rest of his life".


US State Dept. Shares Insider Tips to Fight Insider Threats


The insider threat is a technology, security, and personnel issue, officials said in explaining an approach that addresses all three factors.
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Calamus has some interesting phytochemicals in it. The fresh root is far more potent. The Native Americans used this as a mild inebriant and medicine. It's rather impressive and I find it a useful medicine similar to Echinacea . https://botanicalguides.com/acorus-calamus-sweet-flag.html #herbs #botanicals #plants #ethnobotanicals #entheogens #phytochemistry #phytochemicals

Coronavirus – Solidarietà, responsabilità individuale e collettiva e centralità della Sanità pubblica #LottaDiClasse

LoRa Mesh Network with Off-the-Shelf Hardware


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LoRa Mesh Network with Off-the-Shelf Hardware

[Перевод] wc на D: 712 символов без единого ветвления

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The creator’s should be to give dispora a dark mode version.

Champions League: Manchester City dreht das Spiel gegen Real

Politischer Aschermittwoch: Boxtrainer Merz gegen Gipfelstürmer Laschet

#Tiposmóviles| “Fracturadxs”: El videoarte Butoh chileno que aborda el estallido social


#Tiposmóviles| “Fracturadxs”: El videoarte Butoh chileno que aborda el estallido social ➡️bit.ly/3cdE4eX


#Viña2020 | Pablo Alborán y la nueva masculinidad ➡ https://bit.ly/393AuCo

#Viña2020 | Pablo Alborán y la nueva masculinidad ➡ bit.ly/393AuCo


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Patricia Beltrán asume como rectora interina del Instituto Nacional ➡ https://bit.ly/32uWFyJ

Patricia Beltrán asume como rectora interina del Instituto Nacional ➡ bit.ly/32uWFyJ


Paul Vásquez se tapó un ojo en su conferencia de prensa oficial del Festival de Viña ➡ https://bit.ly/2w6Txx6

Paul Vásquez se tapó un ojo en su conferencia de prensa oficial del Festival de Viña ➡ bit.ly/2w6Txx6


“De amigo de Colonia Dignidad a ministro de DD.HH.”: La nota de la televisión alemana sobre Hernán Larraín ➡ https://bit.ly/3cf706G

“De amigo de Colonia Dignidad a ministro de DD.HH.”: La nota de la televisión alemana sobre Hernán Larraín ➡ bit.ly/3cf706G


Este lunes y martes estuvimos en Valparaíso, donde tuvimos buena recepción de nuestros seguidores. Por eso les preguntamos ahora, ¿Desde qué ciudad te gustaría que transmitiéramos un capítulo especial de #ElMatinalDeLosQueSobran? Ojo, que tu ciudad puede ser la próxima 👀

#Babel | Chascas Valenzuela: El primer guionista chileno que escribe una serie para Netflix ➡ https://bit.ly/2wKU340

#Babel | Chascas Valenzuela: El primer guionista chileno que escribe una serie para Netflix ➡ bit.ly/2wKU340


Paciente oncológico que cultivaba Cannabis con fines medicinales fue absuelto de cargos ➡ https://bit.ly/2TlAKGf

Paciente oncológico que cultivaba Cannabis con fines medicinales fue absuelto de cargos ➡ bit.ly/2TlAKGf

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