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Every minute...

What happens in one #minute?
ugh... don't remind me >.>
Yeah. It seems like every few days a friend of mine makes a new JS framework. xD

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El desafío de las 20 películas

Con ésto conoceremos los gustos que tenemos cada uno. Y de paso nos echamos unas risas y creamos nuevas amistades.
Veinte películas que te hayan impactado, una por día durante veinte días.
Si lo queréis hacer vosotros también, subid una captura de la peli sin título ni comentario.
Numerad y usad los tags:
#20MovieChallenge #movies #film
Syreene Diaspora
They should've sent a poet...

Oh 🙁((
Trauer um Stan Lee Der Schöpfer der Superhelden ist tot
Schöpfer der Superhelden - Comic-Legende Lee ist tot
#Superhelden #Comic

facebook bans me for another 30 days, my post violated community guidelines , when I wrote about the death of 16 years old italian Desiree at the hands of 4 Negros that the investigators are trying to save from public opinion by blaming another white italian drug pusher they say supplied the drug dose...when there was no need for an outsider to come in the abandoned building to give her the dose when these 4 Negros had it and raped her for 12 hours before she died of heart failure.

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I've been doing the knockout game with my white buddies for almost a decade and the Fox News racial panic machine doesn't notice
I feel so unnoticed, so meaningless, so unimpactful, so meaningless
millennials are searching for impact
they want to be impactful
they're motivated by impact, the impact factor
it's the impact generation
I can't even serve a racist fascism propaganda machine
I'll probably die alone with nothing but all those good memories of knocking people out with my buddies #stanleythoughts

**joe diaspora

Neither #nationalism nor " #globalism"

The #rightists are trying to get you to declare your loyalty to a fake ideology which they invented as their imagined nemesis. There is no such thing as "globalism". Nationalism is just one of hundreds of different ideas as to how to deal with the globalized market economy. But they would have you think that if you are against them and their toxic ideology, you are something called a "globalist" No you are not.
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Andy Diaspora
I said: "Speaking for myself I do not legitimise any side be it left, right, religious or..." and I Said: "that is why ALL ideologies are equally bad"

you said: "What makes you say they are all rightists? "

It appears to be you that is saying they are all rightists, you have a tag that says "#rightists" and the position you are talking about is aimed at the right. I am saying ALL left and right are equally bad, I never said they were all rightists and I challenge you to show me where I said that?
As Kierkegaard said: "once you label me you negate me" and that is the fundamental problem with ideologies they seek to reduce the person to a label which is a very simple way of looking at the world.

"By the way, only totalitarian, dictatorial, tyrannical, ideologies silence all opposition. Why don’t you know that?"

I don't know that because it isn't true. Look at any University campus demo and what are they doing, they are trying to silence the opposition. They attempt... show more
**joe diaspora
What you think I said, or what it "appears to you" i was saying is of no consequence to me. You are trolling, not honestly arguing or discussing. I am not falling for it. I see trough you. You are a very very extreme rightist and you know it. Bye.

Gladbach: Indizien deuten auf die Königsklasse

Weilandt: "...dann kann man auch nach oben schauen"

Ibrahimovic ist "Newcomer des Jahres"

UEFA äußert sich zum Financial Fair Play

Proud to announce I've been named a fellow of the olde america foundation #stanleythoughts
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C'mon people now
Smile on your brother
Your teeth and your mouth tissue stick together
And you can't love paste or any brand other
Sea Bond Ultra pasteless formula
Available for late-night talk shows.

On Texas and its staunch GOP reign

Most damaging of all, the young people who make the party work behind the scenes went into exile. Many of the party’s up-and-coming strategists moved to D.C. or California or purple states, where they could be of help and lead fulfilling lives, or they stayed here and got out of politics entirely. Working for the party here became a kind of social work, a charitable endeavor performed at personal cost by people with a high tolerance for pain. All these things became their own drain on party performance, in a vicious cycle.

Wherever you go, it's the same image to watch - the young progressives move away from their homestead, to find a better life in the urban areas that work and think like them. What it causes is the right-winged turn of their home, which they will never see the same way again, because they have left it like a carcass for the wolves.

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@lwk2431@thepirate.party Texan here too, and I have to disagree about the debates. Cruz does carry himself well in a debate, but he does so through tactics which Beto pointed out many times. Even the closing statement of the first debate where each candidate is asked to be candid and human Cruz couldn't even do that hence Beto's "True to Form" jab at the end. Cruz aligns himself with the national GOP party and not Texas. Honestly I don't care about abortion rights or gun rights or the other litmus tests many put on candidates... I care about keeping Texas moving forward with a human who stands for and with Texans. I met Beto when he came to Waco, and he was an amazing speaker, and he wasn't just rebroadcasting the Democratic party bullet points, my take away was he actually cares for the people. I don't get that from Cruz. I mean look at the presidential election, Trump said his dad was part of the Kennedy Assassination conspiracy, then two years alter Trump is in Texas stumping f... show more
samalex@pluspora.com I didn't get the same impression of Beto. Mostly he sounded to me like he was just reciting Democratic talking points. Cruz is a little snarky at times (after all he was a lawyer), but I personally find him more authentic, at least as authentic as any politician is. :)

No mosque + no ISLAM =
No terrorist crimes
Terror-free Slovakia completely refuses Islam and won’t allow a single mosque
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Image/photo Kylo and Darth ✅
Talk about an echo chamber, you two should get a room.
See what I mean?

Just as expected.

Zero redeeming value.

Random image from the archives

APOD: 2008 March 31 - Close Up of Enceladus Tiger Stripes

Could life exist beneath Enceladus? A recent flyby of Saturn's icy moon has bolstered this fascinating idea. Two years ago, images from the robotic Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn led astronomers to the undeniable conclusion that Saturn's moon Enceladus was spewing fountains of gas and ice crystals through cracks in its surface dubbed tiger stripes. Last month, Cassini dove through some of these plumes and determined that they contained water vapor laced with small amounts of methane as well as simple and complex organic molecules. Surprisingly, the plumes of Enceladus appear similar in make-up to many comets. What's more, the temp... show more

Ölfilm auf der Elbe
#NDR #NorddeutscherRundfunk #Norddeutschland #Radio #Fernsehen #TV

Ho, a new commercial for #redBullShit !
great !

Lee revolutionised comic books by introducing human frailties in superheroes such as Fantastic Four and Incredible Hulk.
Comic book genius Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, dies at 95
#Arts&Culture #UnitedStates #US&Canada

"Alle Jahre wieder kommt der Sommer und leider auch der Mangel an Flaschen mit kühlendem Nass", heißt es in einer DDR-Zeitschrift. Die Staatspartei SED will den Engpass beseitigen.

♲ merce@hispagatos.space:
El nuevo proyecto de LOPD pretende hacer legal en España Cambridge Analytica
LOPD Partidos políticos y fuentes accesibles al público - Jorge García Herrero, abogado
LOPD Partidos políticos y fuentes accesibles al público

Kaliforniens Feuer-Katastrophe: In Asche
Kaliforniens Feuerkatastrophe: Santa-Ana-Winde könnten Lage verschlimmern
#Panorama #Gesellschaft #WaldbrändeinKalifornien #Kalifornien #Waldbrände

♲ confederada@confederac.io:
El Foro Confederac.io vuelve a funcionar.

Hemos cambiado de servidor y "las DNS se están propagando", lo que quiere decir que si aún no ves el foro espera una(s) horilla(s) y ya aparecerá.

Detalles y demás:
Foro restablecido

I'm a proud not-father of children. I'm a not a proud not-father of every child unfortunately because I do have some laying around somewhere probably playing gameboy. The kids are always with their moms but that doesn't mean I can get a lot of points online for being a "stay-at-home dad" which is true. But I will never say I'm a proud father of those rascals #stanleythoughts
Baby Daddy Oh Baby Baby Baby Oh Daddy!

Another splendid innovation from the peerless state of Minnesota!

Approval voting: sounds pretty cool...


#elections #politics #USA #voting #better #Minnesota
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Yep, I suppose that could be part of it sometimes, but it also strikes me as a risk you don't ever really escape when voting, whatever the format: witness third parties under the present US electoral system. No, I just like this as potentially the most appealing exit from two-party rule.
Ranked choice voting avoids that risk. And it's gaining strong traction across the country.
Democratic Gov.-elect Janet Mills said she intends to press for an amendment to the Maine Constitution so the system can be used in all elections.

Desmond Dekker I have a few notes for your song lyics
What if it were
"Get up every morning slaving for bread sir
So that every mouth can be flossed
Get up every morning slaving for bread sir
So that I can afford country club membership fees and private school tuition and thereby assert my position in America's class hierarchy"
You've got to floss to impress
You've got to floss for the job you want not the job you have
You've got to floss for your rights
You've got to floss using the new reformulated #stanleythoughts
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