On Saturday I could only stand and wonder when out of seemingly nowhere the Heavens opened.

#rain #trees Summer

What a strange muddling time it is just now. I'm sure the flowers and insects are just trying to make the most of it too

#Insects #flowers #Scotland #summer #photography
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@Passagier 451 it's the emojis I only get them sometimes. I love them but they don't always come on demand on my computer. Thank you for sharing yours :-)
My pleasure :)
I am not a native speaker of English so I wasn't sure of the meaning of your phrase. Thanks for explaining.

Время перемен #классовая борьба http://www.sovross.ru/articles/1941/47359 #классовая борьба

Adding images to Friendica?

I'm a little confused about how to add images to Friendica. It appears you can't upload directly (correct?). I tried adding via a direct file like to Imgur, but that just showed up as link rather than with a preview.
mittorn Friendica
@Devin Berg I can upload, what the problem? When uploading an image, it is added to profile gallery
Ok, so as I reply here, I see a button for images and am able to upload using that button. However, if I am just composing a post, there is not images button that I can see. I feel like I'm being really dense.


Aline diaspora
View of Constantinople by Evening Light
Ivan Aivazovski [born Hovaness Aivazian]
Oil on canvas

#art #Armenian #Crimea #painting #romanticism

Средняя зарплата в городах Китая на средину 2018 года (RMB).
На первом месте Пекин с суммой эквивалентной рублёвому эквиваленту 95 тыс. руб. Далее идут Шанхай и Шэньчжень.
В средине списка Ханчж... Show more...

Tina Diaspora

Firefox 72 ajoutera une nouvelle option de suppression des données.

Le CCPA* servira de modèle pour le reste du monde. Au cours de cette année, la gestion des données évoluera une fois de plus, permettant notamment à l’utilisateur de réclamer leur suppression.
*California Consumer Privacy Act
#RGPD #Mozilla #web #informatique #données #vie-privée
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Tina Diaspora
Ah, je ne connaissais pas le mot, merci @Sapristi !...
(et je ne dois pas être la seule).
Tina Diaspora
Et, oui, de toute façon, une campagne contre les obésiciels serait juste.

postage negotiator - 2020-01-18 07:08:48 GMT
grizzled primarily nb people who've had 4+ years to absorb nuance and history: "the undercurrents of the story are really relatable and feels like someone who groks theory"

majority binary people with one year hanging out with other trans people and little history: "terf"

cis people with >15k followers, inexplicably: "let's go with the most numerous voices, story is terf, no I did not read the story but I know it is with every fiber of my being"

it's ok to be new, and to not get the nuance, but cis people need to stop pulling this shit and disproportionately boosting only the people most likely to still put up with you

but the thing about being new is you don't yet know enough to gras
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Tina Diaspora
Private lookout tower near Whitefish, Montana. Photo Isaacs Johnston​.

#snow #neige #refuge #cabin-porn
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ta trouvé ta cabane @Tina manque plus que les poules et trois salades ...
bonne nuit
Tina Diaspora
Coucou, @kêr-Is. :)
Oui, là j'y passerais bien une nuit ou deux.

Appeasement: The Root Cause of the Australian Mega-Fires
Appeasement: The Root Cause of the Australian Mega-Fires

Tina Diaspora
Ayé, je viens de recevoir le premier tract pour les municipales dans ma boîte aux lettres... C'est un tract du RN. .. ò.Ó

Faut que je pense à mettre une poubelle sous ma boîte, avec quelques instructions pour la factrice.

#politique #campagne #élections-municipales #pollution #gaspillage
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Version spéciale période électorale.
Tina Diaspora

Je ferai sûrement un custom de ma boîte, faut que je réfléchisse. (à un truc drôle ET percutant).

A #wolf came to a city hospital. What for? It is hard to believe

In today's video, we have an interesting story about a #wolf who came from a forest to a city hospital. He was sitting on a walking path and was waiting for something.


С Волги видится иначе #классовая борьба http://www.sovross.ru/articles/1941/47356 #классовая борьба

FC Bayern Frauen: Vom 20. bis 27. Januar reisen die FCB-Frauen mittlerweile zum dritten Mal ins Trainingslager nach Doha.
Ab Montag: Trainingslager in Doha - FC Bayern München

Medios de desinformación masiva
Medios de desinformación masiva

Russian Folk Orchestra play 'Du Riechst So Gut!' (RAMMSTEIN)

YouTube: Russian Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut (Dmitry Kalinin)

Lozère : la résistance s'organise contre le repas végétarien
La chambre d'agriculture, appuyée par certains élus du département, prône la désobéissance au nom de la défense de l'élevage, raconte « Le Figaro ».

La #Lozère avec ses 76 000 habitants est vent debout contre l'expérimentation entrée en vigueur depuis le 1er novembre dernier qui vise à imposer un menu #végétarien par semaine dans la #
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Motivacional Diário 2020: Ouvindo Juntos A Leitura Do Novo Testamento Em Sequência.

#Reflexao #Meditacao #Pazinterior #Motivacional #Novotestamento #Jesuscristo #Evangelho #SemProselitismo #VivaAVida #DepressaoNao

Pela Valorização da Vida, Prevenindo e Combatendo a Depressão: Ouça Em Poucos Minutos, A Leitura De Hoje 18/1/2020: APOCALIPSE 2. Se Gostar do que Ouvir, Clique Lá No Youtube em “GOSTEI” e” INSCREVER-SE NO CANAL”:

Para Conhecer Mais Sobre As Questões Da Vida, Conheça o Curso Online RECONEXÕES CONSIGO MESMO. Acesse o Link:

YouTube: Novo Testamento de Carreirinha - Apocalipse 2 (A Bíblia de Carreirinha)

SMH: Drought Breaking Aussie Rain is a Disaster for Climate Change
SMH: Drought Breaking Aussie Rain is a Disaster for Climate Change

Special Historic LiveStream Friday January 17th 2020!

Join us tonight for a Special Premiere of a Breakthrough Final Interview with Covert Agent Robert Merritt about his three meetings with President Nixon! New details are revealed about Nixon's secret UFO Disclosure Message and his ominous comments about 2020. According to Merritt the CIA and President Trump were in a frantic race to search after the Exclusive interview he had with Dark Journalist that revealed details about the UFO Message being hidden in the White House. The recent announcement of the Space Force by President Trump and remarks by the Navy saying that revealing the UFO file would put the world in grave danger indicate someone has found what Nixon left behind as a Disclosure Time Capsule!

When A #Man Went To #Help An #Owl Trapped In Fishing Line, The Raptor’s Reaction Came Out Of The Blue

#man #help #owl

Mahatma Gandhi: D'abord ils vous ignorent, ensuite ils vous raillent, ensuite ils vous combattent et enfin, vous gagnez.

It recommends windows 10 as one of the alternatives

PinePhone's Linux and privacy-centric $150 smartphone http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/132951#comment-23209 #pinephone #gnu #linux

Минобороны РФ рассекретило документы о помощи Варшавскому восстанию #классовая борьба http://www.sovross.ru/articles/1941/47367 #... Show more...

Hallo @Friendica Support

ich schreibe jetzt zu diesem Thema einen neuen Beitrag weil mir das sinnvoller erscheint.
Ich habe jetzt das Storage der Bilder im Backend aus der DB ausgelagert.

Dazu habe ich außerhalb des Friendica Ordners einen Ordner /var/www/storage erstellt und diesen Pfad so im Backend eingegeben.

Danach habe ich auf der Konsole den Befehl
bin/console storage move
ausgeführt. Nach einigen Stunden wurde der Befehl ohne Fehlermeldung beendet.

Allerdings habe ich jetzt zweierlei Probleme:

1. Die Darstellung der Oberfläche schaut seltsam aus. Es werden keine Icons und teilweise wird im Frio auch kein Hintergrundbild angezeigt. Siehe Screenshot:
Es wird mir auch angezeigt, dass ich... Show more...
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Oki... Dann werde ich das mal auf meiner Testmaschine testen. :-D
Ich habe auf meinem Testsystem per "git pull" meine Installation upgedatet. Wie es ausschaut, ist der Bug doch noch nicht behoben.

So schaut es aus:

So sollte es ausschauen:

The vegetarianism of the Jesus movement (Ebionites, Hebrew Christians, Christianity-Before-Paul, the original group): “John never ate meat.” “James, the brother of the Lord, lived on seeds and plants and touched neither meat nor wine.” The Apostle Thomas: “He continually fasts and prays, and abstaining from the eating of flesh…” “…The Apostle Matthew partook of seeds, and nuts, hard-shelled fruits, and vegetables, without flesh.” Peter said, “I live on olives and bread, to which I rarely only add vegetables…” (Peter, Clementine Homilies) — Evidence That Jesus and The Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians: https://medium.com/sant-mat-meditation-and-spirituality/evidence-that-jesus-and-th... Show more...

Ex-Bayern-Kapitän Werner Olk wird 82

Happy Birthday! Am heutigen Samstag feiert der erste Double-Kapitän in der Geschichte der FC Bayern, Werner Olk seinen 82. Geburtstag.
Ex-Kapitän Werner Olk wird 82 - FC Bayern

Alexander Friendica

First bike ride in 2020

I decided to celebrate the last day of New Year holidays (Jan 8) with a lazy ride throughout Moscow. I don't ride much recently so my bike is still on summer tires - so why not to take advantage of clear roads? I didn't have any purpose in mind except getting some food on the way back.

1. Traffic was calmer but almost normal in capacity. People are waking up from holiday slumber.

2. So I decided to turn into side streets keeping the general direction to the center. Cool piece of architecture by the way.
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mork Diaspora
Enjoyed the pictures. Totally agree lazy cycling is great fun. Go #zombieraccon!
Really enjoyed the pics!

Как понимать? #классовая борьба http://www.sovross.ru/articles/1941/47355 #классовая борьба ... Show more...

danie10 - 2020-01-18 07:47:46 GMT

German armed forces testing open source chat Matrix (same as one France adopted)

The Bundeswehr, Germany’s unified armed forces, is testing the use of Matrix, a secure open source chat software solution, the federal defence ministry told the German parliament in December. According to the ministry, the software could potentially be used not only by the armed forces but also by other government departments.

The image shows defence minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer against a background of digital numbers and characters.
Germany's defence minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced the Matrix pilot in November. (c) image: mvg.de
The use of Matrix is bei
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Minderheitsregierung in Thüringen: Staatsrechtler erklärt Chancen und Risiken

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