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flex Diaspora

Serie A, segno rosso sul viso contro violenza donne

Lega A, Aic e Aia a sostegno campagna #unrossoallaviolenza

Skada Diaspora
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I'm a forties married professional in Maine, USA, and would love to connect with others in my state and region. Hopefully I'll stay up on use of this platform.
I’m interested in #cats, #community, #cooking, #discussion-groups, #dogs, #fishing, #friends, #intellectualdiscovery, #local-activities, and #networking.
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G'Day and Welcome. I'm in Brisbane, Australia.

How many #programming #paradigms do you think there are? Well, according to this very nice #article there are exactly three, plus one mysterious missing paradigm that doesn't really exist in practice yet. Very nice read.

Also for those who don't know the site, wikiwikiweb was the first #wiki ever, with focus on programming #patterns, and contains a lot of #hacker #wisdom, #memes and #humor. I recommend browsing through a few articles. You can start here (click a category, then the page title to get the list of pages under that category).
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Yes, it's only one way to look at the paradigms of course.

By random clicking I just now got to another nice page - Hollywood OS. I always find something new here, really a great wiki :)
hmm FunctionalProgramming and LogicProgramming/DeclarativeProgramming are pretty much the same I'd thought.

and i believe ObjectOrientedProgramming still would be a third one. Although that is done often in a very imperative way. But pure OOP, like #smalltalk, really doesn't look much like FunctionalProgramming, and neither ImperativeProgramming.

hendrik Diaspora
Hi Diaspora-Experten,
hi @diaspora* HQ #diaspora-dev ,

ich bin gestern auf #Diaspora gestoßen / #NeuHier . Ich finde das Konzept absolut spannend!

Als #webdev interessiere ich mich vor allem für die offenen #Standards dahinter und die Kommunikation zwischen den Pods. Gibt es eine gute Einführung zu dem Thema, die ihr mir empfehlen könnt? (außer natürlich den Quellcode ;-) ) Ich frage mich, wie viele Features (Tags, Mention, Privatnachrichten, ...) unter der Haube funktionieren, besonders im Hinblick auf die Synchronisation / Kommunikation...

Tipps willkommen!

LG Hendrik
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Thees diaspora
♥lich Willkommen!
Es gibt also auch Posts, die nie auf einem Pod angezeigt werden (weil niemand auf dem Pod dem Autor oder einem Tag in dem Post folgt).
Kannst Du nicht den öffentlichen Stream direkt anschauen? Da müsste doch alles sichtbar sein.

„Die Science-Fiction hat uns belogen“

Post wirbt bei Schulabgängern mit Einstiegsgehalt von 2172 Euro

uzver Diaspora

Переживший Холокост о животноводстве [Рус. субтитры в настройках видео]

#lang ru #видео #звери #мясо #мясоеды #живодеры #кРазмышлению #СвободаЖивотным #lang en #video #youtube #goVegan #animals #meat #flayers #freeAnimals

150 Jahre EZ: Feiern auf dem Streetfood-Fest

#150 #2185183 #arid #artikel #auf #bot #dem #esslingen #ezonline #feiern #fest #html #jahre #nachrichten #news #rss #streetfood

Tag der offenen Tür zum 150-jährigen Jubiläum der Eßlinger Zeitung: Foodtruck-Festival mit Live-Band „InTeam“, spannende Führungen in der Produktionshalle der Druckerei. Auch für die kleinen Besucher ist einiges geboten: Kinderschminken, Malecke, Kinderflohmarkt, Hüpfburg und viele weitere, tolle Aktionen.
posted by pod_feeder

Post wirbt bei Schulabgängern mit Einstiegsgehalt von 2172 Euro

Ich liebe diese Stadt.
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hoergen Friendica
Der Hafen von Rostock ist einfach absolut klasse!
*hüstel* Das solltest Du nicht zu echten Warnemündern sagen! Die sind da sehr eigen. Zwischen dem Stadtteil und der Stadt besteht nicht unbedingt die beste Beziehung. Warum das so ist, kann man teilweise auf einem meiner anderen Blogs nachvollziehen: Die Stadt profitiert enorm vom Tourismus, investiert aber nichts in den Stadtteil und die Einwohner leiden massiv unter dem Massentourismus.

So hat halt alles seine zwei Seiten...

PS: ich bin nur Zugezogener! ;)

Verne Troyer, Actor Who Portrayed Mini-Me In 'Austin Powers,' Dies At 49


#news #npr #publicradio #usa


Troyer died on Saturday, according to a statement posted to social media. The cause of his death was not given, but representatives acknowledged his long battle with depression.

(Image credit: Dan Steinberg/AP)

posted by pod_feeder

Randale in Magdeburg nach FCM-Aufstieg

#aufstieg #bot #fcm #magdeburg #nach #polizeieinsatz #randale

Если кому-то интересно, то запрет Телеграмм и блокировка IP адресов Амазона отразились на мне тоже (точнее говоря, те способы с каким глупым бесстрашием блокируются эти адреса некоторы... show more
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Максим (дальше немного моего юмора, ничего личного, применительно только к коменту)

мне очень нравится ваш подход к жизни, вероятно вы привыкли жить на всём готовом и не заморачиват... show more
вероятно вы привыкли жить на всём готовом
Если есть готовое, то почему бы и нет?
который не способен поднять по пошаговому мануалу свой собственный xmpp-сервер
Пардон, а это должен у... show more

Missing Link: Im Takt der Maschine, oder: Wenn Roboter regieren

Removing network selection from session

Hi @Friendica Developers ,

recently, for about 24 hours, using Friendica on three different devices, I was wondering why people were posting so few content on my timeline. I finally realized that I had a specific network selected but I didn't know/expect it.

I want to remove the network selection from session, the display (especially on mobile) isn't explicit enough that the timeline is filtered and this can lead to confusion even with people actively working on Friendica's internals.

What do you think, what was the problem this was intended to fix?
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Andy H3 Friendica
Good to read I'm not only person having been caught out by this rather confusingly sticky setting across multiple devices.
Is this the network selection widget on the side of the network view you're referring to, or had you selected a specific network somewhere else?

dvs1 diaspora
Agnosticism is of the essence of science, whether ancient or modern. It simply means that a man shall not say he knows or believes that which he has no scientific grounds for professing to know or believe.
-> T. H. Huxley

#agnosticism #science

dvs1 diaspora
Humanity thrives when people work together. An “Intentional Community” shows what happens when people take this premise to the next level — by living together in a village of their own making which reflects their shared values.
-> https://www.ic.org - The Fellowship for Intentional Community

#intentional-communities #ecovillages #eco-communalism
#society #culture #civilization #permaculture #agrarianism
#localism #farm-to-table #egalitarian-communities
Welcome to FIC
Hmm, let's see what is around here ..

7 Lakes Ranch

Owners will discover 7 Lakes Ranch, a self sustainable, agricultural based ranch community, on approximately 600 acres of refined Texas Hill Country landscape, as a place to call their own in Harper, Texas. It will be recognized as a place where modern day homesteaders share a common interest in their neighbors and strive to ...

Restrictions on building types will developed to maintain property values as well as outline the various ...

We are currently looking for 40 families to start and will expand as money allows and neighboring properties can be purchased. Lots begin at $250,000. Contact us for more information, serious inquiries only please.
In other words, 7 Lakes is just an exurban housing development with a really shitty HOA. $250K for a lot, and they have restrictions.

What else ..

Austin Senior CoHousing

Austin Senior CoHousing offers older independent Seniors of like mind and interests the opportunity to join forces, resolve our own social
... show more
dvs1 diaspora
Yes, some intentional communities are still pseudo-communities.

I like this guy's honesty:

cat thinks it's a dog...


#cat #tongue #dog #animatedgif

Hallo zusammen, ich bin #NeuHier. Ich interessiere mich für #Sims4
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Hallo und herzlich Willkommen hier :-)
Thees diaspora
♥lich Willkommen!

Hallo zusammen, ich bin #NeuHier. Ich interessiere mich für #musik und #spiele.
Thees diaspora
♥lich Willkommen!

daniel Diaspora
Hallo zusammen, ich bin #NeuHier. Ich interessiere mich für #freifunk, #it, #linux und #repaircafe.
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Thees diaspora
♥lich Willkommen!

dp09 Diaspora
Hallo zusammen, ich bin #NeuHier. Ich interessiere mich für #art, #asyl, #camping, #dreaming, #feeling, #flüchtlinge, #germany, #islam, #italien, #landscape, #muslim, #nafri, #natur, #news und #trump.
Thees diaspora
♥lich Willkommen!

The Dutch state railway is under serious fire for leasing its trains in low-tax Ireland. And it’s not the only operator to do so

The sleek intercity train connecting Amsterdam to Rotterdam zips between the two cities in just 40 minutes and, with a walk-up price of just €15.40 (£13.50), puts our fares to shame. The Dutch railways are still nationally owned, operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), and the route between the two cities claims a 100% punctuality record. But the Dutch have been in uproar over what might be another record: one of the most shameful tax deals in Europe, and one that throws the spotlight once again on Ireland’s dubious corporate tax policy.

In recent years, the Dutch have been horrified to discover that while they buy their train tickets from a state-owned company, a significant chunk of the money has been funnelled through Ireland. That’s because NS Financial Services, 100% owned by NS, bought the trains, then leased them back to NS, while being incorporated in Ireland. In doing so, its profits have come under Irela... show more

Hallo zusammen,
ich bin #NeuHier. Brauche noch ein Weilchen, mich zurecht zu finden. Der erste Überblick macht jedenfalls schon mal viel Spaß, ich traf bereits mehrfach auf "genau meinen Humor"... :-)
Rock on! Lutz
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taz diaspora
Herzlich Willkommen! Vielleicht magst Du ja auch die Wahrheit?
Thees diaspora
♥lich Willkommen!

Is Andy Ramer's Departure the End of #CantorFitzgerald #PatentTrolls -Feeding Operations and Ambitions? http://techrights.org/2018/04/22/andy-ramer-cantor-fitzgerald/ #patents #microsoft #swpats

Evakuierungsaktion: Fliegerbombe in Göppingen vermutet

#2191899 #a0in #arid #artikel #baden #bot #esslingen #evakuierungsaktion #ezonline #fliegerbombe #goeppingen #html #nachrichten #news #ppingen #rss #vermutet #wuerttemberg

Die Stadt Göppingen evakuierte etwa 2000 Menschen am frühen Sonntagmorgen weil sie eine Fliegerbombe in der Großeislinger Straßen vermutete. Die Bewohner konnten aber bald wieder in ihre Häuser zurück.
posted by pod_feeder

I'm new here.I'm not really sure how to introduce myself so I'll just say hello for now.

Die vom Sonderparteitag gewählte neue SPD-Vorsitzende muss nach Ansicht des Publizisten Daniel Sturm zuallererst wichtige inhaltliche Fragen klären.
Publizist Sturm - "Eine Vorsitzende Nahles hätte Bodenhaftung" ... show more

dvs1 diaspora
Farming is the sole occupation that offers total independence and self-sufficiency.
-> M. Thomas Inge

#agrarianism #permaculture #agriculture #farming

With 6 open pull requests against #Friendica on #GitHub, I'm calling it a night. I want to keep on going with a couple of tasks, but my server currently is a mess of manually updated files for testing all the different branches. #WebDevLife

Polityka zachęcania do aplikacji mobilnej przez Facebooka

Używam fb na telefonie przez przeglądarkę. Co pewien czas widzę w domu przy łączu 80 mbit dziwny problem tylko na Facebooku. Przypadek? Nie sądzę...

Não só audiência, mas muito dinheiro também - $$$ - [FB]-
https://www.facebook.com/tirasarmandinho/photos/a.488361671209144.113963.488356901209621/961298620582111/ -
Via Armandinho -
[ Já esteve aqui. É tão bom que voltou ] - 2015 -
Até quando? -
Posted by Armandinho on Saturday, 18 April 2015

Bundesinnenminister Seehofer will angesichts des Korruptionsverdachts im Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge eine unabhängige Untersuchungskommission einrichten.
Korruptionsverdacht - Seehofer will BAMF-Untersuchungskommission ... show more

And to discourage gerrymandering, districts shall be drawn with a perimeter that is limited to no more than a certain multiple of the square root of the area of the district.
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