Die Polizei auf dem Fusion-Festival: Keine Wasserwerfer gegen Raver
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- 23andMe Is Updating Ancestry Results Without Telling Users -


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- Uncanny Algorithm Turns Still Portraits Into Full-Motion Videos -


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The real reason behind #theexorcist

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Best add ever made.

Congratulations India on completing the largest election in human history.
Obviously you're not My territory, but I hear good things from Brahma.
"TheTweetOfGod" #ElectionResults2019”

Twitter: God on Twitter (God)

- Self Solving Rubik Cube -


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- You Can Now Send a Souvenir With Your Name on it to Mars -


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Yeah we are polluting Mars with trash, too

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Anonymize Your Android Browsing with Tor's New App

After several months of testing, the first stable, public build of a Tor browser for Android is finally available on the Google Play Store.

For those who don’t have much experience with the open-source browser, Tor is built around privacy and autonomy.

Tor is often cited as an important tool for those with a public online presence, such as journalists or activists, but any privacy-minded user can benefit from Tor. The browser has become popular enough that even Mozilla is interested in making use of Tor’s technology in Firefox.

See https://lifehacker.com/anonymize-your-android-browsing-with-tors-new-app-1834951650

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Mein Name fliegt zum Mars mit #Mars2020 - Deiner auch?
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@heluecht Die Amerikaner exportieren persönliche Daten von Europäern auf fremde Planeten? :O
I thought the Same

hoergen Friendica
@𝕽𝖎𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖉 Ich höre nur Rauschen und sehe kein Video. Ist das eine Darksite? ;)
@hoergen Ne ist direkt hier bei Friendica als Datei hochgeladen.
Das muss sich noch verbessern, die Video Einbindung in #Friendica

A Timeline of the Disastrous Sanctions the United States Empire has Wrought Upon Venezuela.


Rival armed groups ally with each other in northern Syria against President Assad's forces in a 'battle for survival'. #BattleforIdlib #SyriasWar #Turkey-Syriaborder #MiddleEast #Russia #Turkey

World football governing body scraps plans to expand the tournament to 48 teams, citing 'logistical' problems. #Qatar2022 #Football #MiddleEast #Qatar #FIFA #Sport

Google restricts access to Chinese technology company after the US blacklists it over national security concerns. #UnitedStates #China #Science&Technology #US&Canada #AsiaPacific

State legislature passes legislation that would allow Trump's state tax returns be release. #DonaldTrump #UnitedStates #US&Canada

#gigaom not totally dead... yet.
Voices in DevOps – Episode 4: A Conversation with Steve George

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RT @Stormwind_35C3: @gwattel @Methodisch Inkorrekt (inoffiziell) Hier meine Reihe Testobjekte: https://t.co/tnI4vMItPj
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RT @Stormwind_35C3: @gwattel @Methodisch Inkorrekt (inoffiziell) Ich sollte Ergebnisse aufschreiben, stattdessen kokele ich mit Streichhölzern und mache Messreihen... Habt ihr toll gemacht. 😁

Linkes Streichholz: sofort ausgepustet, rechts etwas brennen lassen. Aus Gründen. Beide blieben nach ein bisschen reiben an dem Magneten hängen. https://t.co/E013DbrxjV
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Peklo zmrzlo: přesedlal jsem zkušebně z gvimu na VS Code.

První produkt Microsoftu, u kterýho nemám chuť si vypíchnout oči, uříznout ruce a někoho zavraždit. S Vim extension se to fakt dá používat! A funguje to dost dobře!

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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

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FIFA - WM 2022 in Katar doch nur mit 32 Mannschaften

Grausame Entdeckung: Kinder tot in Gartenteich gefunden - "Es zerreißt einen"

In Heere, nahe Salzgitter bei Braunschweig, wurden zwei Kinder tot im Gartenteich einer Wohnsiedlung gefunden. Anwohner sind schockiert, die Polizei steht vor einem Rätsel.

Leichtathletik-WM 2019 - Französische Justiz weitet Korruptionsermittlungen aus

#StephanieSeneff - #Glyphosate in #MMR: Does This Explain the #Autism Link? (Part 2)

The movie VaxXed has done a great service to inform the public of a potential link between the MMR vaccine and autism. I have been aware of this link for many years, after having studied the FDA's VAERS database of vaccine events, with a specific focus on potential
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You claim they're frauds.

However, you've offered no evidence and even if you could that evidence is instantly tainted by the fact that what little there is is anecdotal due to zero independent studies for safety or efficacy.

Herd immunity is a theory, and is, more and more, being disproven.

You're not a very good shill, by the way, darth. Your handlers should demand a refund.
"You claim they're frauds."

Andrew Wakefield's shady behavior is already well publicized and there's no need to regurgitate that here.

"However, you've offered no evidence and even if you could that evidence"

Vaxxed neglects to mention that the ruse in diagnosis happened after the definition of autism was expanded. This alone exposes them for the dishonest shitbags they are because the number of people who are diagnosed with a condition is going to increase if the definition becomes broader.

It's like how Christianity ceases to be the dominant religion if Catholics are not considered Christians. Such definitional shifts cannot be left out in any honest analysis.

Or How about the fact even in anti vaxxer funded studies they couldn't link vaccines and autism? Or is safeminds now in the pocket of big pharma too?

L'amour est une forme de résistance...
by Smot75 in Belleville, Paris

#streetart #art #Smot75

- This Adorable Bouncing Robot Would Be Terrifying if It Was Huge -


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It squeaks! Dogs and cats will love this! Maybe even hawks! :D

Morse code marks 175 years of dots and dashes - And still going strong today

Interesting background in linked article and I'm glad they mentioned one (there are more) instance of prisoners of war using Morse Code gestures to communicate secret messages back to allies and friends.

Morse is still popular with amateur radio enthusiasts because it requires very little power to transmit far distances and to be intelligable where voice is not. So it still outperforms voice for many things which means it retains its usefulness.

It may sound difficult to learn or use but those proficient in it can send and receive just as they are writing in English. They literally listen and undersatnd it like someone is speaking to them.

See https://techcentral.co.za/morse-code-marks-175-years-of-dots-and-dashes/89698/


Morse code marks 175 years of dots and dashes

An House M.D. kann ich mich echt nicht satt sehen. Neben Star Trek passiert mir das wirklich nicht so häufig.

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Let's unite with Republicans to undo this /sarc
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The absurdity of placing Joe Biden as an answer to our ongoing crisis seems lost on some people.

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Two nude girls. Robert Crumb. Le magnifique coup de crayon de Robert Crumb...
On le connaît mieux pour ses bandes dessinées déjantées, avec ses types improbables à grosses godasses, ses filles qu'on dirait sculptées dans une motte de beurre géante, et son trait à la comic sans ms, un peu mou, un peu rond... Et puis l'incroyable Fritz The Cat, bien sûr !...
Mais en cherchant un peu, on trouve un autre style de Crumb, plus fin, très expressif, et une grande tendresse pour le sujet vient alors remplacer le crayon ironique et incisif, drôle, et moqueur qu'on lui connaît.

#Art #dessin #drawing #BD #comics

- #FreeEBOOKS -

- 73 FREE Kindle eBook Downloads (5/22/19) -

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