Wer träumt nicht davon, etwas zu erfinden und damit reich zu werden. Bevor das gelingt, muss das Patent aber gesichert sein.
Wenn die Patenttrolle zweimal klingeln - derStandard.at

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Un petit goût charmant, non?

#BeaujolaisNouveau VS #glyphosate

Farblos in die Gottgegebene Zukunft

Frisch gestrichener grauer Kirchturm im Gerüstmantel.
Sehr einladend dieses Grau und so wunderbar bunt.
Na ja!

#mywork #Kirche #grau #Photo #Foto #Photography #Fotografie

Smartphone: Google soll Pixel 3 Lite mit Kopfhörerbuchse planen - Golem.de
#Pixel3 #Android #Android-Handy #GooglePixel #Smartphone #Snapdragon #Google #Handy #Mobil

#money goes to the unneedy

#KeiserReport: #Capitalism is not working? (E1307)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the surge in share buybacks as #corporations turn their Trump tax break into more #income for #shareholders now, meaning less investment in the future of the actual company. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Mish Shedlock of...

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Ce que Pablo Servigne, Raphaël Stevens et Gauthier Chapelle nomment collapsosophie vient en renfort de la #collapsologie et s’évertue simplement à vous outiller pour ne pas perdre la raison.

"Une autre fin du monde est possible"

Par Loïc Stephan

How to view battery usage per hour on iOS 12

Battery technology, as far as consumer products are concerned, isn’t improving much. Everything else is getting better and at this point, manufacturers of processors and GPUs are looking to reduce the amount of power their devices need to run. This is why battery power, and how long you can use a device on a single charge, is important when you buy an expensive phone. Apple knows that battery size is a constraint which is why iOS added a useful battery graph that lets you look at battery usage.

On iOS 12, the battery usage graph has improved. You can now view battery usage per hour. See how at https://www.addictivetips.com/ios/view-battery-usage-per-hour-ios-12/

#ios #battery

airliners.de-Stellenmarkt - Arbeiten in Hannover, Leipzig oder München
#Beruf&Karriere #Topnews

♲ Eco Republicano | Diario República Española ():
República de iguales. Contra el paternalismo político, por José Antonio Pérez Tapias
República de iguales. Contra el paternalismo político. José Antonio Pérez Tapias | CTXT En nuestra sociedad se habla mucho de igualdad, pero en realidad no se plantea ni adecuada ni consecuentemente la eliminación de las desigualdades. Constatamos cómo la desigualdad social se ha instalado –y crece– en la realidad de las sociedades contemporáneas, con dinámicas del capitalismo global que- - - - - -


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A record-breaking £50.6m was donated during Friday's five-hour programme.

'Dünyanın en prestijli havalimanlarından biri' olan İstanbul Havalimanı'nın çatısı akıyor

29 Ekim günü 'görkemli' bir etkinlikle tamamlanmadan açılan, AKP'li Cumhurbaşkanı Tayyip Erdoğan'ın "dünyanın en prestijli havalimanlarından biri" dediği yeni İstanbul Havalimanı yine kendinden söz ettirmeyi başardı.

'Dünyanın en prestijli havalimanlarından biri' olan İstanbul Havalimanı'nın çatısı akıyor yazısı ilk önce Gazete Manifesto üzerinde ortaya çıktı.
'Dünyanın en prestijli havalimanlarından biri' olan İstanbul Havalimanı'nın çatısı akıyor

Washington, D.C. makes the perfect backdrop for a rocket launch! The Jefferson Memorial was illuminated early this morning by Northrop Grumman's Antares rocket, with Cygnus resupply spacecraft onboard, that will deliver about 7,400 pounds of supplies, science, and food to the International Space Station. More: https://go.nasa.gov/2qQ4Bc5

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The wife a man killed by a single punch in a pub warns the fist can be "a lethal weapon".

Nov 11, 2018

I was fired, jailed, without cause, without hearing, without any civil rights at all, just drug out of my house in shackles one day, on November 18th, 2011, I refused to denounce the data, I refused to say it was a mistake, we have the data, I showed the data, I showed all of the data, and I just refused, they basically said tell everybody you made it all up, and you can go home. And if you don’t, we’ll destroy you. And they did...


#News #UnfuckTheWorld #Health #VaccineScam #Science

Prof. Dr. Betül Tanbay serbest bırakıldı - HABERLER Son Dakika

#ilerihaber #ileri #haber


Anarchy doesn't mean no rules, it means no rulers

#shitposting #anarchist meme for cool people
#history #anarchy #anarchism #meme #humor

I post every day meme about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download and/or share them ! :)
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Vladimir Friendica
"who then makes and enforces rules? ". We all do by consent.
And that is why it is so important to always remember that we don't need rulers (people to rule us) but they will arise if we don't take the repsonsibility to set ourselves, together, rules, program to work ahead...
Libramoon, there is a lot you can read on anarchist models, both theoretical and examples. Delegates can link smaller communities together, groups interested in a topic can be authorised by the collective to perform some tasks, and so on. It with never be perfect, just as a perfect democracy is impossible. The point is that the vision is different, based on no person ruling, i.e. having power, over others. But that doesn't mean no rules, you always need some rules for any society to function.

Italien - Regierung will Nationales Olympisches Komitee entmachten

#Nakshatra #PoorvaBhadrapada

#Purvabhadrapada, the culmination of Jupiterian energy, is represented in the celestial firmament by two bright stars in the constellation of #Pegasus, which the ancient vedic seers saw as being representative of the front legs of a funeral cot (or sleeping bed). Pegasus itself was seen as a full funeral cot (or sleeping bed). These two stars are known in modern astronomy as Alpha-Pegasi (Makab) and Beta-Pegasi (Scheat). The bright constellation of Pegasus lies directly on top of the astronomical constellations of Aquarius and Pisces.

The two sta... show more

Heute trifft der VfB Lübeck im Derby auf Holstein Kiel II. Eine gewaltige Aufgabe, aber kein Vergleich zur vergangenen Saison. Da trug der Regionalligist 15 Spiele in sechs Wochen aus. Ein Team am Rande der Erschöpfung.


STEMMA capacitive soil moisture sensor improves on resistive style for around $7.50

Most low cost soil sensors are resistive style, where there’s two prongs and the sensor measures the conductivity between the two. These work OK at first, but eventually start to oxidize because of the exposed metal. Even if they’re gold plated! The resistivity measurement goes up and up, so you constantly have to re-calibrate your code. Also, resistive measurements don’t always work in loose soil.

This design is superior with a capacitive measurement. Capacitive measurements use only one probe, don’t have any exposed metal, and don’t introduce any DC currents into your plants. They use the built in capacitive touch measurement system built into the ATSAMD10 chip, which will give you a reading ranging from about 200 (very dry) to 2000 (very wet). As a bonus, it will also give you the amb... show more


New major Harvard study: A calorie is not a calorie

Despite what the sugary beverage and processed snack food companies want us to believe, all calories are not created equal.

A new study from Harvard shows that individuals following a low-carbohydrate (20% of total calories) diet burn between 209 and 278 more calories at rest (each day) than those on a high-carbohydrate (60% of total calories) diet. So the type of calories we eat really does matter.

This isn’t the first study to investigate this topic, but it is likely the best.

The current study was a meticulously controlled, randomized trial, lasting 20 weeks. Even more impressive, the study group provided all the food for participants, over 100,000 meals and snacks costing $12 million for the entire study! This eliminated an important variable in nutrition studies — did the subjects actually comply with the diet —... show more

Draxler reist nicht nach - Hector und Reus trainieren


Solar Energy Beats Coal On Critical Infrastructure Resilience, Says US Dep of Energy

The new pot of $46 million is coming from the perspective that on-site energy generation is the most efficient way to ensure that the lights stay on at critical facilities.

Somewhat ironically, coal used to fulfil that on-site energy function, at least for heat and hot water. Coal chutes and smokestacks were once a common feature of hospitals and other critical infrastructure around the US, including military facilities. Whatever happened to that? Who knows!

Anyways, that was then, this is now. The new funding will go to a program called “Situational Awareness and Resilient Solutions for Critical Infrastructure.”

The Energy Department defines critical infrastructure as “the essential services that are vital to the economy, security, and health of the nation,” which leads to this... show more

Kuntz über Knöll: "Das sind solche Fußballgeschichten"

Rundschau - Tarifvertrag für LGW-Piloten und Lauda Motion in neuen Farben
#Topnews #Kurz&kompakt

With Theresa May flailing on Brexit and the UK government in crisis, the prospect of another general election is increasingly likely. In such a scenario, Scottish independence will inevitably return to the agenda. Labour’s position on the issue remains firm, but is there scope for it to change? Jonathan Rimmer investigates by speaking to the […]
Labour for Indy?

Eigentlich wollten Emily und Jörn über Serienmörder als spannenden Erzählstoff sprechen. doch es kam anders: Weil die deutsche Serie "Parfum" zwar toll aussieht, aber diskutabel mit Frauen umgeht. Und weil sie aus dem Schwärmen für "Die Brücke" mit einer sehr besonderen Hauptfigur gar nicht herauskommen.
Serienmörder: "Parfum" und "Die Brücke"
#COSMO #Podcast #Serie #Serien #15112018 #NRW

Alcácer, Müller, Khedira: Diese Bundesliga-Profis stützen die Defensive besonders
Alcácer, Müller, Khedira: Diese Profis stützen die Defensive besonders
#Sport #Fußball-News #SPIXSPON-Index #Fußball-Bundesliga

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#mkr Rhubarb Surprise

#myphoto #mywork
Kalipus doesn't like this.
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i try to tell myself it's lovely food, but really i far prefer to burn things in a real oven. "mickeynouse" (heh!)ovens aren't very good for making coffee either, so of little use to me really. i haven't missed it :D
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a real oven is a real oven... pity I have no wood oven, only for heating... food cooks much yummier on wood fire !!!

📷 lux-filia: Wolf and Bear friendship tmblr.co/ZeMxDo2dqsaMm

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What a stunning photo...

Science Admitted Signals Control Us

YouTube: Science Admitted Signals Control Us (Truthstream Media)

Tier macht Sachen: Truthahn wird Ehrenbürgermeister in Wisconsin
Wisconsin: Truthahn wird Ehrenbürgermeister
#Panorama #TiermachtSachen #USA

Neues Baugebiet: Gronsdorf wird komplett

Ein ganz neues Gebiet entsteht in Gronsdorf. Es soll das Dorf komplett machen. Und es wird nach einem besonderen Vorbild gebaut.

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May be, or was it actually you? I love the color and blurring, but I'd like to congratulate the actual author. What if I wanted to buy it, or know someone who would? That requires the author.

Wie weiter mit Hartz IV - die SPD debattiert über die Zukunft des Sozialstaats. Parteichefin Nahles will grundlegende Reformen. CDU-Wirtschaftsminister Altmaier warnt.

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