erk ,,

looks like that old connector loop problem with te pumpio connector in friendica is back ..

lots of duplicate posts on pumpio ..
and can it see anything from there here.. yet posts from there are duplicated
(so theres also another new problem)

might turn it off for now because I don't have time.

if its not part of the the core features of the main spraci site don't expect much more than me turning off things that break right now

and any bigger breakage or requirement to do an "update" or anything else that might take a lot of time or create outage risks could lead to rm -r

think about that before putting obfuscation like an "autoloader" into anything

admins need to be able to find and fix things as quickly as possible when something breaks .. often that involves looking for things in the code

anything that makes it harder to work out where something is should be considered harmful.

ALL "platforms" can consider themselves on notice