major server failure - something in the old debian 6 couldn't be fixed apparently (it went to 100% cpu on boot and not possible to log in)

so now have to set it all up from scratch on a fresh debian 9 vps

starting with the main parts of spraci of course .. every hour downtime is critical

the Friendica and Hubzilla instances will have to wait till I get spraci's events working again at least the basics.

if anyone has any tips about new things and gotachas I might encounter on debian 9 please reply (the old vps instance was debian 6)

first things first .. have nginx and php (7) on there already .. need mysql .. should I have another look at Maria or not?

(ram usage was a worry a few years agi but not sure if thats still an issue)

will also need to set up a fastcgi thingy for perl .. possibly the same one as before (can't remember what it was called - it was on cpan and did the job pretty well)

it will be a long night