post mortem on that server

(if someone can pass this on to friendica/hubzilla devs please do - my instances of those are currently down)

though what I'm saying could also apply to pretty much *any* platform

there were a hell of a lot of requests related to federation for friendica/hubzilla (looking at server logs looks like lots of the traffic was probably diaspora protocols and also a fair bit of ostatus-like stuff (possibly mastadon or gnusocial protocols) more than dfrn or zot.

but the real problem is that every delivery is done separately .. guessing they ALL do that.

but with so many requests all the time in total it could have been a factor in why it died (too much more load 24/7 on an already heavily loaded server)

has anyone thought of batching things?

.. as in delivering batches of stuff to other servers (for multiple users there) to reduce the number of actual requests needed?

sure it might slow down delivery a little bit but thats better than servers not coping with too many requests.

also if people want emai... show more