has anyone else out there tried Rosegarden (linux music application)
for editing midi lately ?

I had previously assumed the music notation features were just for printing out sheet music, but that assumption was incorrect.

Sure it can print out scores but it turns out that some of those features are also actually powerful EDITING features for the music itself!

powerful features for working with keys, scales, chords, etc

and the "pitch tracker" feature !
.. never seen anything like that before!

(eg try it on an arpeggio! - its an interesting tool which can help you create some interesting variations in your music!)

Rosegarden might not be your cup of tea if you only ever work with audio (and never midi)
but if you do work with or are willing to experiment with midi in any way or just on the lookout for interesting new ways to explore ideas in your music definately have a look at this one!

don't assume its "just like" anything else - it isn't

and btw its free software (yes fully)
Thanks for this description. As far as I remember my last experience with Rosengarden ist back in the late 90ies ;)
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I take "note" about Rosegarden! I have a little Xio synth25 (Novation) that I'd like to experiment with; have a little notion of Midi.
I so far I used it only for editing/experimentingwith
midi - composition experiments, etc .. which are then exported as midi files to use in whatever.

It probably would work well for controlling external gear but might be a bit on the heavy side if you don't need the extra midi/notation features while doing so.

btw it does come with config files for a lot of gear
guessing this one might be useful to you:


but here for general midi+audio DAW use on linux Qtractor seems to be more the go atm.

It's not so heavy on resources and you can work with audio tracks in it alongside the midi tracks
(support for audio tracks is not so good in Rosegarden)
and its more stable when using plugins.

Qtractor also has some interesting midi features of its own - eg check out the scales stuff in "quantize".

so possibly another one worth checking out if you haven't already looked at it.