we need to get active in fighting email spam

first thing .. education for everyone about email headers!

had a gutful of those scumbags putting my domain in their fake headers

(seeing a lot of bounces but can't do much because they don't come from here)

I regard that as an attack

If anyone receives such an email please check the headers!

check the ips in the Received-by headers
(which are added by servers it passes through)

don't be deceived by anything that is easily faked by the real sender such as obviously the From header and also the domain presented by the spammer to a mail server in the intitial smtp ehlo. (this might end up in a received by header but check the ip also there) .. it won't match.

there seems to be a lot more email spam generally as well over the last few weeks


and we must MAKE SURE that spam doesn't frighten people who don't know any better into certralised services!

monopoly building must stop

and tell hotmail to fix their broken blocklist stuff .. its obviously not checking those ips so therefore broken.