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for those craving for something electronic and tasty (as in music) *** turn on 2ser right now! ***

.. just turned on the radio and hearing something more than a bit enviourating maybe a bit of wow in our techno ..

yes !!!!!

liking this show!

Solid Steel Show

I think thats the Ninga Tune Coldcut show from the UK ? ..

.. nice to hear that on the radio again!

recommended! ...
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hey does anyone know where to change the date format in thunderbird?

that us-localised format gets confusing at times.

(not a big one given that its only like that on the display)
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wtf? anyone know what thats about?

is this why with each update browsers seem less and less secure over the past year?

sure its probably a less scary possible cause than some of the other possibilities but still not something that should happen.

and clearly if thats is an ancient US law and only affects the US then obviously we shouldnt be havig this trouble here,,, but those browsers are from the US and probably the same as those for US users.

maybe time look for browsers and operating system that come from other countries? (or at least versions made for other countries) ?

but who knows what they are showing us.. their blurb supporting tpp doesn't make me feel any better about the tpp (which I'm guessing is probably still waiting to be debated one more time in the US so not yet fully signed guessing that probably won't happen till some time afte... show more
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those copyright extremists demands get more ridiculous every week but this is no joke and there needs to be an enquiry into what corruption could have let such extremisism find its way into any house of government.

what other explanation other than corruption could fit? .. Its obviouisly not a proposal anything with any inegrity or anyone expecting to be seen as in any way credible would take serously..

Does anyone remember voting for the mafia in an election?. .. ...didn't think so...

this nonsense has gone way too far


#corruption #censorship #stoptheattacks #endcorruption #extortion #saynotowalledgardens
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hey is there a new tls/browser problem turning up a lot in the last couple of days?

In the last three days I've seen quite a few https sites showing certificates for incorrect domains (domains of other unrelated sites)
at least one spoof site spotted (the first time I saw this haooen and the only case so far where I had been there before and knew what it normally looks like - I saw an imitation page, but not a good imitation (guessing they probably didn't have much of a clue about what they are trying to imitate)

Since then seen this stuff happen on quite a few other sites (unrelated to each other as far as I know)

On some of those sites using unencrypted http appears to go to the correct site That probably rules out dns trouble (because that would affect both https and http)

others are unreachable using http but given that a lot of sites redirect http to https (which would probably get the wrong cert again) whether that could have worked is unknown - guessing possibly.

how are those scammers injecting a certificate that belongs to a totally diff... show more
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freedom of association is a basic human right

don't say we have democracy or anything even close if freedom of association is restricted or if exclusive control of social communication online is handed to a cartel because that would be a LIE

democracy without freedom of assocation is impossible

the attacks on public discussion and sleazy attempts to force everything to be restricted to only people you already know and attempts to frighten people and manipulate opinion and steal everyones identities into "the cloud" must stop.

please remember this at the election

and remember there is no cloud, just other people computers. it is not a good idea to put your private data on someone else's computer without thinking about whether you can trust them,
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Devil Fish 303 mods
remember this?

Image/photo Devilfish 303 mods

it just turned up in a search ...

#music #acid #techno
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seems like some kind of scammers or extremists are doing that to lots of people .. its bad for the real economy too because ALL businesses are probably finding it harder to sell anything because everyone's trust in just about everything is being destroyed by those scammers. The honest ones are being hurt the most. for those I do trust out there please understand why i haven't beein shopping online lately - it looks too dangerous to use a credit card right now. if you want more customers think avbout lettig them pay by safer means its too rsky right now to use credit card. please provide a safer means of payment. yes I understand its hard but its just too scary to do that)
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whats going on with identi.ca?

seeing sort of spoof here

certificate for some other domain (some site with hack vanity crap in title)

that looks bad - maybe dns foulplay?

whats going on?
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would like to know what the mysterious X- headers are ..

it would be nice if each application adding such a header could at least add something there to give a clue about what added it.

it might help keep out spam to know what they are if any of them were added by known machines or client software with known behaviour.

email clients MUST preseve the headers as received and the user MUST be able to look at them (any client application that prevents the user from looking at those headers will be seen as suspicious)
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The Website Obesity Crisis
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next time I buy a hard drive I will want to take a laptop with me to the store to test it to make sure it actually works!

I now have a dud verbatim external drive

it now looks like the only chance for it might be to rip it apart and see if the actual hard drive could still ve used via sata or ide.

but I still need one that talks to usb for the raspberry pi
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now it looks like thinderbird is hard coded to google

is there no end to this crap?

how can so many people be so corrupt?

there is NO WAY IN HELL I would let Google or anyone else dictate to me where I store my data.

those arseholes must be held to account
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#corruption #extortion #saynotocensorship

I won't tolerate censorship or corrupt people running upstreams (BACKDOORS)

STUPIDITY is no excuse .. objecy bloat no longer looks like just bloat ... and can probably now say TLS doesn just look scammy IT IS and if you look at what half of those upstreams (backdoors) are doing you will find FAR WORSE THINGS

do not EVER buy anything from any company stabbing users in the back don't give them a cent .. the only thing they "deserve" is bankrupcy

send them broke .. lets do it


don't put up with it

anyoone trying to force people to use untusted externasl services jto use anything offline without user consent by sending MALWARE though aspplication upstreanms (backdoors) is engaging in a form of IDENTITY THEFT

there are no fluffy ways to describe that .. its CRIMINAL

anyone who says otherwise is either CORRUPT or a total idiot

don't EVER buy anything from companies that do that kind of thing don't expect me to respect you if you do
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(originally part of a comment but reposting it separately because I think its important)

updating an operating system or browser these days seems to nearly always mean it will become more HOSTILE to the user.

so much so over the last year


I now regard forced updates to be such a malware risk that anything forcing software updates on users without consent should itself be regarded as malware.
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imap-login: Warning: SSL alert: where=0x4004, ret=560: fatal unknown CA
when using startssl?

this is not acceptable

suspecting a compromised update was forced somewhere

I won't tolerate it

I will fix
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let users choose how they browse
These days it is just too frustrating to browse with javascript enabled in the browser.

Its a minefield out there

Too many sites use those annoying external widgets that block page loads for minutes or more. (and often that blocks the whole machine or ties up resources so much that its effectively blocked) - people get stuck not even being able to move the mouse pointer.

how can anyone put up with that in silence?

I also hear other people complain about javascript being related to extremely long waits for page loads offline but the silence about such an obvious problem online is deafening.

when are people going to wake up to the fact that when there's a wall of silence about anything obvious it means "ask loader" .. and if there is still silence SHOUT.

it should NEVER be considered acceptable.

I suspect some nasty crap is sneaking into popular "frameworks" too because some of them seem to use javascript which loads untrusted javascript from other sites which in turn loads more untrusted javascript from other sites .

apart from t... show more
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libGL error: failed to open drm device: Permission denied
might be a good thing ?
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SUSPICIOUS browser behaviour again

yeah its the browser - Firefox has turned against us

time for a new browser

forget the well known browsers - they are now basically malware time to look at others.

don't put up with extortion extortion is a CRIME
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EFF: Open Letter to Members of the W3C Advisory Committee
EME is a threat to the internet as a whole.


I don't think something that relies on trusting secretive executable blobs that could also result in legal threats breaking interoperability should be called a "web standard".

eg if someone could be sued just for making a new browser it is clearly not acceptable