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what id firefox doing?
firefox seemed to be compromised so uninstalled .....

(freeBSD) now desperately need a browser so trying to reinstall ...(trust is low but desperate)

but the normal version in packages seems to be broken - broke my desktop too! must be pretty desperate given the nastiness of previous updates

there an esr version (whats that?)

but that dies with an error saying I need to put a file on .ssh/authorised_keys

what the hell has pki got to do with ssh? sounds dangerous

ssl is broken enough .. why would I want to let any of that crap anywhere near ssh

if i want a verification server, I mush be able to choose what and how ... I am not going to be handing any blind trust mafia money for censorship!

does anyone know of any other browsers that can render those stupid websites that are tooo javascript-heavy?

only other thing I see in the ports is chromium, .. but not sure that can be trusted either

firefox made me sad yet again


only a year ago it was nice ... was even looking at that bugzilla list thinking maybe I should have a go at fixing something...

now typing this on another machine (ubuntu) but its annoying because for some stupid reason a screenshot app keeps popping up over the top (possibly theres a keyboard shortcut I don;t know about that's too easy to accidently hit - need to get rid of it)

and on that machine every second site that comes up in searches about how to fix firefox on bsd is blocked ... and too often in that suspicous way (cdn's acting up,etc ... sites should not use untrusted cdns - they are a threat) .. seen that kind of thing enough times now and it is NOT ACCEPTABLE
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some of my best memories of djing were at some of those parties!

(warning: the only thing here able to play youtube videos at the moment is an android phone.. - this is somewhat worrying - going to anything on youtube seems to currently crash the desktop browser - so be careful - there might be drm-related blob risks. I should probably mention this to them and suggest they sort out also hosting it locally - just in case)
2 days ago from Diaspora

seems line youtube only works an android and windows now ... any ideas?
3 days ago from Red Matrix

looks like jappixmini now totally breaks juavascript in red

had to remove it from the web interface

given that nothing changed here that recently I can only assume it was an update to browsers that caused this to break

those sneaky updates without warning or explanation must stop

it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to do force an update on anyone behind their back
4 days ago from Red Matrix

that last browser update seems to have broken the javascript on red .. network page now not loading
7 days ago from Red Matrix

went to a w3c evening at Google yesterday.

some interesting new things in css

I think I should go to events like that more often

quite friendly
1 week ago from Red Matrix

(not clear but sound like possible hints from parliamentary broadcasts)

tpp still yet to be debated in parliament?

if so why is nobody saying anything ?

why is the media silent on such an obviously a controversial topic? surely a wall of silence around it at this time would be controversial in itself
2 weeks ago from Red Matrix

will anyone still even be using a browser in a few weeks?
2 weeks ago from Red Matrix

will anyone still even be using a browser in a few weeks?

so much for the "semantic web" .. had hopes we could find things more easily

but everywhere people were too obsessed with stuff about the user rather than what the user asked for.

I said it seemed strange .. but it only got stranger

and now there are signs of tools being misused
so much so that people will probably run away at the very mention of some words

I guess the most likely the result will be another baby thrown out with the bathwater

standards aren't standards if people are too scared to use them

now how are we going to get this thing to talk to that thing?

or is someone saying you now need to trust a magic cloud to do it?

and will your thing still work at those times when you can't see that cloud?
and what happens if another cloud gets in the way?

How would one describe something like SPRACI in terms of a business model?

I hope it doesn't fall though some crack somewhere just because it doesn't neatly fit into a box out there.

I started the site back in 1994 because I thought it would be fun to try it..
and thought that being able to look at a list of events might be something people might find useful..

and some did find it useful

...seeing people find something I made useful - thats a nice feeling .. not sure money can buy that,,,

I'm not anti business but over the past 20 years - some of the time it was a few of us at others just me and costs covered by a mix of self funding and donations and at times others working together with me .. (so a collaboration at times - others just me) .. in recent years just me - kept it going anyway .. and of course also its users ... posting events .. finding events.. discussing things on the forums.. making friends
and in so doing helping each other to do those things too...
surely that is in itself could also be a kind of "justification" in a world where the "social isolation" is a problem.

its still there after over 20 years..

over a decade of which server logs averaged 15000 or so unique ips per day

not bad for something messy and not pre-planned

how many "business models" last that long?

but where to now?

its not as busy now as a few years ago .. and yes the "facebook effect" took its toll here too

and there's ancient code needing work and still more help and explanations to write
and the future never looked as uncertain as it does now...
there's still that future beyond - and I hope its till possible
..something I wanted for it from early on but up until few years ago did know a name for
.. .. a glimmer of hope - that there are others out there with a vision that looks similar to what for more than a decade I see as a future for this site .. and such networks already exist.

that word is FEDERATION

the best future for it is not one site but many

ok there are other things that need to happen to do a transition to anything.. and maybe my want for low latency and being able to handle lots of traffic and to do changes without downtime makes things a bit harder
(I think if you read the text above you can probably see what I'm using as a reference - it might sound ambitious to some but I know what I saw then and what code was used and am still sure its possible despite some new features)

I'm not sure whether its still possible in the context of the strange things I'm seeing out there right now though.
I guess I'll find out .. and feel free to get in touch if you can see something I can't yet see or have advice, or can fill me in on whatever I missed, or there's something I need to do or want to help or want help with something else or just want to say something.

watched a video yesterday .. perhaps I should have watched it a year earlier
pretty much what I thought.. but whats going on now?

no need to be afraid .. I won't bite

just scared of falling though some crack I might not know how to avoid.
3 weeks ago from Red Matrix

couldn't see a like button .... so resharing because it makes sense

and I'm probably not the only person wondering about why so little else I see out there lately does.
Mike+Macgirvin wrote the following post 20 hours ago:
The next time you find yourself using Microsoft or Facebook or Apple (...) products, ask yourself if there isn't an open source alternative - and if there is, go check it out. Most commercial software has readily available alternatives that were developed in the open source community.

If you talk to somebody about using open source products, they'll usually start talking about the different meanings of the word 'free'; e.g. free as in beer, free as in freedom, etc. At the same time, many will try to push products on you with licenses written by lawyers which dictate exactly what you can and cannot do with your 'free as in freedom' software. [I always found this amusing.]

But I think they are all missing the point. I develop and use open source software - and my reasons for using it have very little to do with 'free'; and have everything to do with the fact that open source is developed by definition in an environment that is open and transparent. I know a bit about software, and I also know that you can bury manipulative and deceptive algorithms inside software in order to control and influence the software "users". During my years of employment in the industry, I've been asked to create software with manipulative and deceptive intentions, and I've also been affected by manipulative and deceptive algorithms which were created by other companies to stifle competition by the very companies I worked for. You don't see these algorithms because they are tucked away behind a curtain and a veil of secrecy. But let's summarise: software tends to embody within itself the values and motives of the organisations who create it, both good and bad.

So I use open source software because ultimately it is an ethical and "trust" decision. I tend to put more trust into things which are open and transparent and developed by people and organisations who embody those values than things which are closed and manipulative and developed by people and organisations that embody those values.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.
3 weeks ago from Red Matrix

could there be a chance to save the world?

or will everyone end up living in fear of being accused of having a thought without prior approval?
3 weeks ago from Red Matrix

worried about the power bill? want to reduce CO2 emissions? .. then don't leave your desktop computer on all the time when not in use

if it is not a server and nobody is using it , switch it off - properly - (at the power point)
3 weeks ago from Red Matrix

browser won't let me go to joindiaspora.com

it says "issuer certificate is not trusted" ..
with no way to click past the warning .. and doesn't even show any details

well obviously that browser can't be trusted

ok time to change browsers again
3 weeks ago

All the big browser vendors are implementing some form of this, especially if the site tells the browser to use HSTS. I recently could not reach one of my own sites when a cert expired for that very reason. In this case, though, I'd expect Comodo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA / Comodo CA to be in the list of CertAuthorities that your browser already trusts. The cert is good for almost another full year.