Attention!!! All Male Vocalist 20-30 yrs check this out

We are LFS, an Original Alt Heavy Rock band. We have Just started Gigging and Rockn up Adelaide. How ever we are still Looking For Sick arse Vocalist to Front us as our bass player is takingon the role atm but we are hoping its temporary. we are looking for some one with a strong versitile Voice and good lyric writting. as i said we have just started gigging and we also want to record an EP mid year so now is the time to step up get rockin. I can tell you what our influences are such as Superheist, Karnivool, Butterfly Effect, Muse, Birds of tokyo, Heavy Fukn rock ETC but that doesn't tell you the sound, you need to hear your self. www.myspace.com/lfsau has a few demo's (we havent done a proper recording yet, we are trying to hold OFF till we get the right vocalist).
Alternitavely and probly the best thing to do is to see us LIVE.

once you have eigther checked out myspace, and/or seen us live and decided we are the band for you and you are the vocalist for us (ps no time wasters thanks) then you can contact us eigther by email mamba7730@adam.com.au, or talk to us at a gig o... show more

re band looking for singer

Hi Michael, we are a band looking for a vocalist, we have over a full set o ftracks minus vocals which our bass player is putting down and filling the spot at the moment until we find a suitable vocalist to take the position. we are a little bit more towards the heavier side of pop rock but i think your voice will suit it and we are still growing and developing as a band which may see further song writing grow in directions as well. we have contacts to get out in the gigging scene and hope to by january/feb 2010. If your intersested you can give me a call on 0433 773 012 cheers Jeff

Male Vocalist wanted for original band alt/heavy rock

Hi we are an original alt/heavy rock band and ready to start gigging, only problem is we dont have a lead vocalist. we are after a male 20-30yrs old with a strong versitile voice and ability to write asome lyrics. we have contacts in the scene and gigs are waiting.

some of our influences are, superhiest, alien ant farm, birds of tokyo, karnivool, muse, butterfly effect etc

we have demos to ive you an idea.
please only reply if your serious - no time wasters please

cheers Jeff, 0433 773 012

Original Alt rock band

Hi, Just wondering if ur interested in original alt/rock/heavy rock band. we have a full set of tracks waiting for the right vocalist. gigs are waiting. if ur interested let me know. we have some rough demo tracks with no vocals u can have a listen to if you are. i can email you the link to ur personal email just not on a post.

cheers Jeff

Male Vocals Wanted for original Alternative/heavy rock band

Male Vocalist wanted for original heavy/rock band. 20-30yrs old, we are looking for someone with a strong powerful voice that can right good catchy lyrics.
influences include, Butterfly Efect, Birds of Tokyo, Muse, Superheist, Alien Ant Farm and more.
we are guitar, bass, and drums atm and already have a set of tracks written and more coming. once we have a vast set finished and perfected we aim to record an EP followed by gigs.

reply if interested
cheers Jeff

Wanted - Keyboardist or keyboard/guitarist, for Original Alternative/heavy rock band

We are an original Alternative/heavy rock band - influences such as Muse, Butterfly Effect, Birds of tokyo, Killers, Eskimo Joe, Superhiest........ we are looking for a good and creative keyboardist or keyboard/guitarist (20-30yrs) to join our line up.
We plan on recording an EP as soon as we are ready, followed by Gigs.
reply if inerested

cheers Jeff


Lead Vocalist wanted for original alternative/heavy rock band

We are looking for a lead vocalistaged 20- 30 yrs, for an original alternative progressive heavy rock band. our influences are Butterfly effect, Muse, birds of tokyo, radio head, cog and many more how ever we only try to sound like ourselves. we are working on 10 plus tracks atm and we are looking for someone with high energy, powerful vocals and can write good original and catchy lyrics. It would be good to have someone who has the ability to play some guitar or keyboard but thats not essential the most important thing is good vocals. we plan to record an EP as soon as we are ready to do so to have a product to push on the web etc and to sel at gigs and plan on gigging soon after that. the band consist of drummer, guitarist and bassist so far and we are all pretty easy going and easy to get along with.

Vocalist wanted for Original Alternative/Heavy rock band

Lead Vocalist wanted for Alternative/heavy rock band between 20yrs and 30 yrs. Influences include Muse, Butterfly effect, birds of tokyo, Radio head..... and more. Ability to write good original lyrics, ability to play guitar or keyboard is a bonus but not essetial. Practise is thur nights gigs will come. reply if your interested.

Cheers Jeff
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