browser on newer android doest even display the URL of the page being viewed? not acceptable AT ALL #rubbish #crapware

looks like the "redmatrix" android app works with friendica too. its much the same as the old friendica one except red :)
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just "redmatrix" I think ..

I think it was from fdroid

its pretty much the same as the (old) Friendica app (apart from the colour)
(probably is the same code - the api's in Friendica and Hubzilla are obviously similar enough for what the app uses in them)
not sure I remember now.. maybe it was downloaded ages ago via a link someone posted in old redmatrix? .. can't remember now..

I think its the same developer and pretty much the same app as the friendica one that existed at the time.

The source for that app was (probably still is) on github, but not sure if the apk was/is there.

can probably send it you you if you want.

one day I'll need to work out how to create apk's

android studio looks too big and heavy and complicated.

I hate waiting for ages for massive ide's to start up.

but apk's are zip files and probably theres some xml in there describing whats what. (sort of like jar files I guess?)

maybe just need to work out how to do that myself.

Starts:  Thursday May 17, 2018 @ 2:00 PM
Finishes:  Thursday May 17, 2018 @ 4:33 PM
test event

need to work out how tro handle incoming events

it needs to work both ways
(otherwise people might as well just follow the rss feeds)
Location:  test event (will delete it later)
it didn't go back to the forum where I posted it!

(it instead only went to my personal feed)

thats a BIG problem

whats the use of trying to federate those event listings if there still isn't a way for people to post events via their own sites to those listings?

without that they might as well just use the old rss feeds.

This is meant to be more than just another way to to get a one way feed!

to be able to sync incoming events back to the listings needs the dates of the events and the city (which listings it should be displayed in)

its for events - that stuff can't work without dates

it IS crucial that there be a way for people to post events back to the forum .. ordinary posts don't have anywhere to put event dates.

otherwise its back to looking at hacks like using tags for both dates and cities .. and hope that people might be someday be able to agree on something consistent.

When i tried that a few years ago something refused to allow numeric tags!
eg something like 20180616 (something easy enough for pe... show more

laptop problem:

How do I get a dvi monitor connected to a thinkpad laptop via a displayport docking station (via usb) to work in linux? (debian-based distros)

The screen goes bright green when its connected (so guessing its seeing a driver?) but thats all I get.

tried playing with xrandr options but nothing works
(other than switching the laptop screen off or on)

Whatever I try there the dvi monitor just stays the same bright green.

how do I send anything to that monitor?

interesting idea ..

do they mean the same disc is playable on both a turntable and a cd player?

Severed Heads - Donut Hybrid CD/Record:



I really should look at doing some repairs on that SH-101

Only the keys at the low end the keyboard are working right now and a couple of the buttons get stuck "on" sometimes.

it still makes some VERY nice sounds though!

it might just need a bit of cleaning inside.

by "SH-101" I mean one of these:


looks like it still works :-)

of course a cached copy of it won't update though.

this is the page where you can generate images like that:


its pretty old-school - it was written over a decade and a half ago

(the javascript versions are even older - maybe 2000-ish - tested in Netscape 4 back then - surprsingly those still even work in current browsers)

the only recent changes were minor fixes for getting old php4 code to work on php7. (such as mysql=>mysqli, input handling, etc)

btw I can't test the flash version on this browser so I don't know if that version still works (it might - but I don't know if any current browsers out there still have flash)



I guess they forgot about the sound of misaligned azimuth :-)

just saw some spraci events come into my network stream so looks like federation for spraci listings events might be working!

eg: https://spraci.info/profile/x2london

that relays public events listed here:

also for Sydney: https://spraci.info/profile/sydney

Melbourne: https://spraci.info/profile/x0melbourne

and quite a few other cities

next thing here is to make something to sync public events people add to those pages back to the listings
so if you want to post your events feel free to do so.

It is not intended to be one-way and hoping other listings sites will eventually wake up to federation and do something like this too.

I run both sites so its not a problem t... show more
another todo here:

make an addon for other sites to use to display a list of events in date order with user-configurable filtering rules.
also I need to look at adding support in Friendica and Hubzilla for the new event type in the new diaspora protocol.

When its widely supported by real sites it would probably be better to use that.
(because then the event location could be used to indicate the city and it might not need every city to be created as a "forum")

events without the city specified obviously can't be listed on spraci
(otherwise how would anyone be able to find it?)

(btw saw a todo about adding support for the new Diaspora event type in the source code so I guess thats where I should look at adding it)

There is a problem though - how to test without there yet being sites with it implemented?

what network looks at /siteinfo.json ?

seeing a lot of requests for that

its 404 here

should there be something there?
no I think that uses statistics.json

just heard a hiphop track on the radio by an artist calling himself Mastodon

I wonder if theres a connection :-)

#hiphop #mastodon #fediverse

I REALLY need a way to more easily test in a few different web browsers.

Why does it have to be so hard to do a safe non-root local install of some of the most popular browsers?

Installing, updating or using a web browser should NEVER need root!

looks like https for my site works on an old phone with Android 2.3.3

I wasn't sure if it would

maybe the ciphers are new enough and tls issues with old Android browsers are only about SNI?
(using a multi-domain cert - one cert for three domains so on all of them the server default would be the right one anyway)

or maybe something on the phone updated itself?

anyway its good that it works without problems or warnings.

the old app for Friendica and Hubzilla that is on it still works too
(and now over tls)

not so lucky with the fdroid client app though.
There was an ancient version of the it on there
(which I had installed on it years ago)

after trying to get it to update failed I tried downloading and installing the current version.

but now when I try to start it the screen just goes blank and nothing happens :-(

not the end of the world though - could still download apps from there via browser/https if I can't get the client working.

maybe time to have another look at updating this
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Andy H3 Friendica
Looks like it: https://spraci.info/friendica

Make sure both addon and core are on the same branch. You also need to run composer install: bin/composer.phar install

There's a linux script here that can help with all this:
btw both Friendica and the addons were freshly cloned to a new directory
(so that if anything went wrong I could quickly switch versions by renaming dirs)

the addons look like they are working
though I probably should still check that they are on the same branch just in case.

what's the git command to see the branch name?

not planning to change branches though, I like what I'm seeing in this one.
Andy H3 Friendica
git branch


do any Diaspora sites support this yet?

It looks promising...

"location" could specify a city
.. so it could probably work for spraci's events listings!

Maybe I should look if I can add support for this in Friendica and Hubzilla somehow. (both support Diaspora protocols)

I've noticed this in Friendica's Diaspora class
/// @todo enable support for events

I probably should look into how the protocol works and look at adding something there.

Sick of the FAKE battery trouble on this phone but THERE IS NO WAY In HELL i would spend a single cent on a phone that does not have ROOT out of the box bilkying will only make me shove back HARDER its a BOYCOTT


☠️ Grumpy Oldman 6 hours ago OStatus
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A radical proposal...

it won't let me post a comment so posting it here:

regarding transport cards:
Here in sydney they have the Opal cards,
but you can add credit to them at local stores and pay with cash, which is what I prefer anyway, because I don't like giving out credit card credentials willy nilly to strangers and don't want those credentials sitting around in everyones databases. (I never understood why so many people take such risks)

now have tls working

image upload from android app not working?

obviously it did work

but at the time there was a problem here displaying them, which turned out to be caused by a space after a php closing tag at the end of a config file.

removed the closing tag to fix it.

if its a recent version of php it isn't needed.
(anything newer than php4 doesn't need it)

Phone app still works might keep this a while longer
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