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Intl. Day Against DRM is Tuesday
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by Zak Rogoff on April 29, 2016 - 8:54am

Just a quick reminder that the International Day Against DRM is coming up this Tuesday, May 3rd. This is the tenth anniversary of the Day, and we're burning the candle at both ends, winding for up for a momentous day of action.

Participate in person at one of the planned events, or join us Tuesday on dayagainstdrm.org for ways to take action against DRM. There will also be a list of discounted ebook offerings from stores participating in the Day.

Share this graphic on social media now to help build the buzz! #dayagainstdrm is the hashtag.




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hey does anyone know how to fix broken png icons in xfce

guessing from logs that Firefox install changed libpng somehow
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looks like the friendica<->pumpio connector duplicate problem is back

just deleted about 10 copies of this post

needto work out how to fix this.

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Day Against DRM 2016
Day Against DRM 2016 3rd May 2016


#DayAgainstDRM #drm
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"cloud" - trolls, fud - lies lies lies - don't buy from spammers..DIY is a GOOD THING.. https://fsfe.org/contribute/promopics/thereisnocloud-v2-preview.png

The Friendica instance seems quite a bit snappier and nicer to use without the jappix plubin enabled.

its a shame, I liked having the xmpp chat in the page but it seems it was just caused the browser to eat up too much ram clientside.

not a showstopper though, I can still open another tab and use the separate standalone version of jappix without problems.
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TPP Under Fire in the U.S. As Other Signatories Advance Towards Ratification


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is taking a beating in the ongoing U.S. presidential election cycle, leaving some observers to wonder if it can survive such a political backlash against trade agreements. But as the leading candidates seem to compete for who can bash U.S. trade policies the hardest, other countries have been pressing forward to ratify the TPP since the deal's signature in February.

In the U.S., chances are close to nil that the TPP could get ratified anytime soon. The White House is still seeking congressional support for the massive 12-country deal but the political environment could not be any more unfavorable. Presidential candidates are pointing to trade agreements as the root cause of economic inequality. For the Obama administration, things look grim in Congress as well. More and more lawmakers are... show more
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From a US standpoint, the best thing that could happen is for Congress and whomever occupies the White House at the time to firmly reject TPP (and similar trade & "intellectual property" deals in various stages of negotiation). I wish that other nations' leadership would do the same thing.
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so much time wasted because an ethernet adapter died I opened the case to replace it and found its ethernet port is part of the main board so not so easy to replace - and there are no slots to put a card into!

then I thought I had a couple usb->ethernet dongles lying around somewhere but searched and searched and searched - no trace

so then tried wifi but wpa_supplicant on freebsd refuses to work with wpa2 - it says the auth succeeds but something is not right - no traffic goes though - strange

tried just about everything even tried to use wds as a linked ap but that didn't get a usable connection that way either (looked like it should work - but no traffic)

I do get a proper connection with wpa_supplicant on open wifi though. It seems something goes wrong after the authentication.. someting it doesn't do when there is no auth.

I might have to set up a second router with no auth on it just for that box as a temporary workaround
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hey does anyone know how to get ubuntu on an Intel Compute Stick to boot into single user mode? (Ubuntu 14.01 - the version it came with)

seems to not work the way it does on a pc
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not one mention of the customers rights

NOT ACCEPTABLE if anything can happen wuthout any part involved in the transaction knowing about it. and the customer is one of the parties involved.

ALL parties would have to know about the transaction and verify it for any such thing to be seen as trustworthy.

leaving anyone involved in the transaction out of the loop would be a road to FRAUD

if it gets released without that neing fixed (a flaw that would be TO OBVIOUS to be easily missed) them the likely fraud that would be the result could lead to even more serious consequences if millions of people end up getting scammed that could get pretty ugly very quickly (on that scale "ugly" could easily be social unrest or a run on the banks if large numbers of people end up thinking their money isn't safe - even economic collapse or some kind of war

it could be about the WORST possible time to roll out anything with flaws that could risk creating so much anger in millions of pwople.

how can they even consider doing somethi... show more
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might be a good time to work out how to use that camera on the laptop :-)
We've got momentum, but we need more protest selfies to stop DRM in Web standards


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whats with those bloaty mouse drivers?

might have to look into that.

Firefox browser locking up with "unresponsive script" on a lot of sites using jquery lately

It seems to get stuck somewhere in jsquery itself.

any ideas why this is happening on sites where there was no such problem before?

its probably something that changed in the browser.

Is it a browser bug?
or an official change that might break compatability with older browsers?

(the latter would have me worried and might be a reason to drop some javascript altogether)

or is it something else altogether,
such as misbehaving libraries loaded from a misbehaving third party site?

People probably need to be more careful about some of those cdn things.

I'm not sure they are all trustworthy.
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there's a party across the road from my house!

its nice to to hear some chunky bass out of a kick arse sound system - it has been a while what a surprise! but wishing I could go over there and go to the party. its private though and and don't know them.

the live act thats on is pretty good, funky as hell .. sounding pretty good despite much of it being pretty mainstream they are keeping it interesting lots of nice percussion weaving though it and really shift it around

overall pretty nice.

yeah its loud and live across the street but I'm NOT complaining

its sounds pretty decent - wish I could go though

thinking wouldn't be nice to have something to go out to so close!
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credit cards were always unsafe

now they look much worse than even I could have imagined a year ago.

its total insanity.

and those so called "prepaid" cards sold on some places don't look safe either - the small print on the back mentions the possibility of a negaiive balance

that means its essentially fraud because it it were what the name of it would have most people believe then a negative balance should be impossible.

how the hell can such misleading marketing possibly be legal?
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if you are wonderng why you can't see some things here it means you might have to log in

I hope the users will understand.

it seems necessary for reasons I could not have imagined a year ago.

if you wish to help feel free to get in touch.

#spraci @spraci
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