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#corruption #extortion #saynotocensorship

I won't tolerate censorship or corrupt people running upstreams (BACKDOORS)

STUPIDITY is no excuse .. objecy bloat no longer looks like just bloat ... and can probably now say TLS doesn just look scammy IT IS and if you look at what half of those upstreams (backdoors) are doing you will find FAR WORSE THINGS

do not EVER buy anything from any company stabbing users in the back don't give them a cent .. the only thing they "deserve" is bankrupcy

send them broke .. lets do it


don't put up with it

anyoone trying to force people to use untusted externasl services jto use anything offline without user consent by sending MALWARE though aspplication upstreanms (backdoors) is engaging in a form of IDENTITY THEFT

there are no fluffy ways to describe that .. its CRIMINAL

anyone who says otherwise is either CORRUPT or a total idiot

don't EVER buy anything from companies that do that kind of thing don't expect me to respect you if you do
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(originally part of a comment but reposting it separately because I think its important)

updating an operating system or browser these days seems to nearly always mean it will become more HOSTILE to the user.

so much so over the last year


I now regard forced updates to be such a malware risk that anything forcing software updates on users without consent should itself be regarded as malware.
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imap-login: Warning: SSL alert: where=0x4004, ret=560: fatal unknown CA
when using startssl?

this is not acceptable

suspecting a compromised update was forced somewhere

I won't tolerate it

I will fix
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let users choose how they browse
These days it is just too frustrating to browse with javascript enabled in the browser.

Its a minefield out there

Too many sites use those annoying external widgets that block page loads for minutes or more. (and often that blocks the whole machine or ties up resources so much that its effectively blocked) - people get stuck not even being able to move the mouse pointer.

how can anyone put up with that in silence?

I also hear other people complain about javascript being related to extremely long waits for page loads offline but the silence about such an obvious problem online is deafening.

when are people going to wake up to the fact that when there's a wall of silence about anything obvious it means "ask loader" .. and if there is still silence SHOUT.

it should NEVER be considered acceptable.

I suspect some nasty crap is sneaking into popular "frameworks" too because some of them seem to use javascript which loads untrusted javascript from other sites which in turn loads more untrusted javascript from other sites .

apart from t... show more
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libGL error: failed to open drm device: Permission denied
might be a good thing ?
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SUSPICIOUS browser behaviour again

yeah its the browser - Firefox has turned against us

time for a new browser

forget the well known browsers - they are now basically malware time to look at others.

don't put up with extortion extortion is a CRIME
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EFF: Open Letter to Members of the W3C Advisory Committee
EME is a threat to the internet as a whole.


I don't think something that relies on trusting secretive executable blobs that could also result in legal threats breaking interoperability should be called a "web standard".

eg if someone could be sued just for making a new browser it is clearly not acceptable
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need to block google analytics they hold up page loads for over a minute which is not acceptable

looks like their ads are starting to do that too.

so more stuff to block
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what the hell is IDL:omg.org/CORBA ?

saw errors logged about that

looks sus

a search turned up this


might be the thing to do
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does anyone know how to use those newfangled gears on bicycles these days?

I thought it would be like the bike I had as a kid, turns out that is isn't so simple

need instructions!

can people please stop making javascript a requirement for your web pages!

these days some of us prefer to browser without the hassle of some of those nasty analytics scripts that block page loads for over a minute on a lot of sites.

It appears that some browsers sneak around attempts to block the nastiest of them which is more evidence of browsers not being trustworthy.
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Webpositive (the default browser in Haiku OS https://www.haiku-os.org/ ) renders the Redmatrix network page properly!... javascript and all ..

I guess its a recent enough browser engine underneath and that and the OS are lightweight enough to be usable in qemu without kvm!


need to try that native .. probably a looks like a nice snappy OS for low end machines!
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we still insist on those basic human rights .. such as freedom of association
  • that won't change -
extortion is NEVER acceptable - don't give in to scammers and bullies

tell them where to stick it


route around the damage
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Intl. Day Against DRM is Tuesday
wrote the following post:
by Zak Rogoff on April 29, 2016 - 8:54am

Just a quick reminder that the International Day Against DRM is coming up this Tuesday, May 3rd. This is the tenth anniversary of the Day, and we're burning the candle at both ends, winding for up for a momentous day of action.

Participate in person at one of the planned events, or join us Tuesday on dayagainstdrm.org for ways to take action against DRM. There will also be a list of discounted ebook offerings from stores participating in the Day.

Share this graphic on social media now to help build the buzz! #dayagainstdrm is the hashtag.




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hey does anyone know how to fix broken png icons in xfce

guessing from logs that Firefox install changed libpng somehow
4 weeks ago

looks like the friendica<->pumpio connector duplicate problem is back

just deleted about 10 copies of this post

needto work out how to fix this.

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Day Against DRM 2016
Day Against DRM 2016 3rd May 2016


#DayAgainstDRM #drm
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"cloud" - trolls, fud - lies lies lies - don't buy from spammers..DIY is a GOOD THING.. https://fsfe.org/contribute/promopics/thereisnocloud-v2-preview.png