full hd again :-(

looks like the db for this survived :-)

full hard drive yesterday :-(
When checking the failed deliveries I noticed that your server had got issues. Glad it survived.
havent been online so much lately .. so hope it hadn't been down for too long...

still need to find a decent trustworthy web browser before I can feel comfortable doing much more online.

not liking the cartel-like behaviour of the big two in recent years.

phone dead again ... no idea what it is this time...

no dial tone
.... but ....
sometimes the dsl modem still connects! ... strange ..

guessing maybe somewhere there is just enough crosstalk for those (rf) signals to leak though to the right wires via other unbroken wires near it.

full hd again :-(

need to spend some time looking for whats eating so much space

actually looks ok .. just php-fpm crashed and needed restarting
possibly that protected the database from damage by crashing before anything caused the database to try to write without available space :)

I guess I felt like kicking up a bit of doof dust :-)



strange .. the browser showed its player for about a second then it disappeared

its here: https://spraci.com/u/181027a2.ogg

maybe I sould revisit the idea of writing desktop applications

wouldn't mind an *offline* reader (eg like back in the bbs days)

not sure about the world of guis and ide's though... where to start

I guess maybe I should just start by looking up stuff about how to talk to X .. from what I've seen its just text (some kind of markup language) so probably not that hard.

sure a lot of things nowdays just use a web brower browser engine but would prefer NOT to do that atm (not until they demystify those build systems!)

spraci's server TLS certificate expired (some time today apparently)
it has now been renewed.

apologies for the inconvenience if anyone couldn't connect or saw warnings.

it should work now



has anyone else out there tried Rosegarden (linux music application)
for editing midi lately ?

I had previously assumed the music notation features were just for printing out sheet music, but that assumption was incorrect.

Sure it can print out scores but it turns out that some of those features are also actually powerful EDITING features for the music itself!

powerful features for working with keys, scales, chords, etc

and the "pitch tracker" feature !
.. never seen anything like that before!

(eg try it on an arpeggio! - its an interesting tool which can help you create some interesting variations in your music!)

Rosegarden might not be your cup of tea if you only ever work with audio (and never midi)
but if you do work with or are willing to experiment with midi in any way or just on the lookout for interesting new ways to explore ideas in your music definately have a look at this one!

don't assume its "just like" anything else - it isn't

and btw its free software (yes fully)
Redj diaspora
I take "note" about Rosegarden! I have a little Xio synth25 (Novation) that I'd like to experiment with; have a little notion of Midi.
I so far I used it only for editing/experimentingwith
midi - composition experiments, etc .. which are then exported as midi files to use in whatever.

It probably would work well for controlling external gear but might be a bit on the heavy side if you don't need the extra midi/notation features while doing so.

btw it does come with config files for a lot of gear
guessing this one might be useful to you:


but here for general midi+audio DAW use on linux Qtractor seems to be more the go atm.

It's not so heavy on resources and you can work with audio tracks in it alongside the midi tracks
(support for audio tracks is not so good in Rosegarden)
and its more stable when using plugins.

Qtractor also has some interesting midi features of its own - eg check out the scales stuff in "quantize".

so possibly another one worth checking out if you haven't already looked at it.

need to find a way to make bootable usb sticks for linux

I want something like that handy Knoppix one but with better performance for music apps.

as in fully r/w so you can use it just like its on a hard drive.
(and with usb3 it boots nice and fast)

Knoppix comes with a nice easy application for making bootable usb sticks -
Is there anything like that for audio-optimised distros?

knoppix is a nice distro, but the audio performance isn't good enough.

Its great for browsing and general use and it recognises most hardware I've tried,

and the default theme/fonts/etc are much more sensible than most things - nice and readable without even changing any settings - but audio gets too glitchy with heavy music production apps so looking for a way to make bootable sticks for any music-oriented distros (such as kxstudio, etc)

would be handy for laptops, travelling, etc

and reliability .. because such sticks would be cheap and quick to replace if anything goes wrong (and I could take spares with me)
- and without the hassle of co... Show more...
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or .. would it be easier to somehow adapt a knoppix one?

(its a debian based distro - would adding another debian-based distro's repositories to apt work?)
  • We haven't fully rolled it out to public yet as we wrap up testing, but there's an A/V DSP arts focused OS I and some others assembled called XPCT.OS.
    It's a fork of Debian and along with it's A/V DSP focus, comes with a nice slew of enhanced security features. I'd be happy to toss a copy your way if you like.
  • For the initial sticks we've given we utilized Systemback.
    To add persistence, perform the following post disk creation
    1) Create a Systemback live system and write it to a USB drive
    2) Open Gparted and resize the partition called /SBROOT. Just give yourself enough room on the remaining empty space to create a new partition that you will use for persistence: anywhere from 1GB to 4GB should be fine.
    3) Create a new ext4 partition in the empty space at the end of the USB drive. Name it "casper-rw" (Gparted will name it "CASPER-RW", so after exiting Gparted, in terminal type "sudo e2label /dev/ casper-rw ," where /dev/yournewpartitionnumber is something like /dev/sdb3/.
    4) Create a persistent a
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linux, midi and wine

on linux:
(in this case ubuntu studio but want to keep the question general because I use other distros too)

How do I get jack, pulseaudio and wine to play nice with each other?

wine audio seems to be blocked when any linux music software is also running.

This problem came up when I tried to send midi from Rosegarden to an application running in Wine (wanted to see if Openmpt can work with midi input)

It looks like midi data does get there but openmpt seems to be stuck unable to play audio while any linux apps using jack are running.
(normally audio works fine in openmpt and wine generally so guessing the problem is something to do with the way pulseaudio and jack interact -
so maybe looking for jack/pulseaudio/alsa config tips)

now seeing quite a few events turning up in Friendica showing me as the poster that were not posted by me.

obviously theres a bug somewhere

I remember some discussion about a problem with Friendica event items displaying incorrect user names/avatars/etc some time ago but don't know if that was fixed.

at the time I wasn't sure if I had seen any like that.

but now quite a few such posts seem to be turning up

LE notice about certs expiring in 1 day ..

I already renewed it (I guess the notice was actually sent just before I did that)

Its nice to know that someone there thought to make sure another reminder notice is sent on the last day in case someone missed the earlier one or forgot.

as in its a sign that someone cares

so this time not a rant or complaint about anything
but an acknowlegement of something nice...

we need to get active in fighting email spam

first thing .. education for everyone about email headers!

had a gutful of those scumbags putting my domain in their fake headers

(seeing a lot of bounces but can't do much because they don't come from here)

I regard that as an attack

If anyone receives such an email please check the headers!

check the ips in the Received-by headers
(which are added by servers it passes through)

don't be deceived by anything that is easily faked by the real sender such as obviously the From header and also the domain presented by the spammer to a mail server in the intitial smtp ehlo. (this might end up in a received by header but check the ip also there) .. it won't match.

there seems to be a lot more email spam generally as well over the last few weeks


and we must MAKE SURE that spam doesn't frighten people who don't know any better into certralised services!

monopoly building must stop

and tell hotmail to fix their broken blocklist stuff .. its obviously not checking those ips so therefore broken.

browser on newer android doest even display the URL of the page being viewed? not acceptable AT ALL #rubbish #crapware

looks like the "redmatrix" android app works with friendica too. its much the same as the old friendica one except red :)
just "redmatrix" I think ..

I think it was from fdroid

its pretty much the same as the (old) Friendica app (apart from the colour)
(probably is the same code - the api's in Friendica and Hubzilla are obviously similar enough for what the app uses in them)
not sure I remember now.. maybe it was downloaded ages ago via a link someone posted in old redmatrix? .. can't remember now..

I think its the same developer and pretty much the same app as the friendica one that existed at the time.

The source for that app was (probably still is) on github, but not sure if the apk was/is there.

can probably send it you you if you want.

one day I'll need to work out how to create apk's

android studio looks too big and heavy and complicated.

I hate waiting for ages for massive ide's to start up.

but apk's are zip files and probably theres some xml in there describing whats what. (sort of like jar files I guess?)

maybe just need to work out how to do that myself.

Starts:  Thursday May 17, 2018 @ 2:00 PM
Finishes:  Thursday May 17, 2018 @ 4:33 PM
test event

need to work out how tro handle incoming events

it needs to work both ways
(otherwise people might as well just follow the rss feeds)
Location:  test event (will delete it later)
it didn't go back to the forum where I posted it!

(it instead only went to my personal feed)

thats a BIG problem

whats the use of trying to federate those event listings if there still isn't a way for people to post events via their own sites to those listings?

without that they might as well just use the old rss feeds.

This is meant to be more than just another way to to get a one way feed!

to be able to sync incoming events back to the listings needs the dates of the events and the city (which listings it should be displayed in)

its for events - that stuff can't work without dates

it IS crucial that there be a way for people to post events back to the forum .. ordinary posts don't have anywhere to put event dates.

otherwise its back to looking at hacks like using tags for both dates and cities .. and hope that people might be someday be able to agree on something consistent.

When i tried that a few years ago something refused to allow numeric tags!
eg something like 20180616 (something easy enough for pe... Show more...

laptop problem:

How do I get a dvi monitor connected to a thinkpad laptop via a displayport docking station (via usb) to work in linux? (debian-based distros)

The screen goes bright green when its connected (so guessing its seeing a driver?) but thats all I get.

tried playing with xrandr options but nothing works
(other than switching the laptop screen off or on)

Whatever I try there the dvi monitor just stays the same bright green.

how do I send anything to that monitor?

interesting idea ..

do they mean the same disc is playable on both a turntable and a cd player?

Severed Heads - Donut Hybrid CD/Record:


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