I dobn't want to hear any more nonesense about tls psudosecurity as long as there are g.evil.corp censorship upstreams in all the major browsers.

first those obvious threats need to be removed!

the cartel and all its badness needs to be removed from everyones lives and those resposible for its badness be put behind bars where they belong.

Jappixmini (xmpp webchat) is now working again on the Friendica instance

though i still have to redo local customisations such as the local chatroom list I had in there.

so many always people talk about setting up a "studio" (for audio production)

but few of them bother to think about speakers.

whatever else is used I would think having some decent speakers is the most important thing.

In this context by "decent" I just mean reasonably accurate, smooth rollof/etc

If you are doing any kind of music production you would want to be able to hear what you are are doing and not be guessing too much about any idiosyncratic colouration or eq in your listening setup.

back at home in Sydney now

and yeah... that noisy line again :-(



chip tunes party


Kitkat club Whalfisch reunion

in Berlin


A quick guide to the Free Network Just wrote a little bit about The Fediverse, The Federation, and their possible future together. #federation

A quick guide to The Free Network – We Distribute – Medium

Behind the complicated history of two supernetworks, and their potential future.

URL for OStatus:




My phone and the clock towers all said it was 3pm

but that sundial showed the CORRECT time

(without any meddling by politicians and beurocrats or the same kind of extremism that brought us the pain of dst and peak hour traffic!)

Stomping Goats Party near Kufstein - 2017-09-09



I did make up that hill :-)

Stomping Goats Party near Kufstein - 2017-09-09

in the mountains ...

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