do any Diaspora sites support this yet?

It looks promising...

"location" could specify a city
.. so it could probably work for spraci's events listings!

Maybe I should look if I can add support for this in Friendica and Hubzilla somehow. (both support Diaspora protocols)

I've noticed this in Friendica's Diaspora class
/// @todo enable support for events

I probably should look into how the protocol works and look at adding something there.

Sick of the FAKE battery trouble on this phone but THERE IS NO WAY In HELL i would spend a single cent on a phone that does not have ROOT out of the box bilkying will only make me shove back HARDER its a BOYCOTT


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A radical proposal...

it won't let me post a comment so posting it here:

regarding transport cards:
Here in sydney they have the Opal cards,
but you can add credit to them at local stores and pay with cash, which is what I prefer anyway, because I don't like giving out credit card credentials willy nilly to strangers and don't want those credentials sitting around in everyones databases. (I never understood why so many people take such risks)

now have tls working

image upload from android app not working?

obviously it did work

but at the time there was a problem here displaying them, which turned out to be caused by a space after a php closing tag at the end of a config file.

removed the closing tag to fix it.

if its a recent version of php it isn't needed.
(anything newer than php4 doesn't need it)

Phone app still works might keep this a while longer

if people are so worried about privacy why do so many people copy/paste links with ?utm_ query strings into their posts?

you'd think they would want to remove stuff like that in those query strings first


major server failure - something in the old debian 6 couldn't be fixed apparently (it went to 100% cpu on boot and not possible to log in)

so now have to set it all up from scratch on a fresh debian 9 vps

starting with the main parts of spraci of course .. every hour downtime is critical

the Friendica and Hubzilla instances will have to wait till I get spraci's events working again at least the basics.

if anyone has any tips about new things and gotachas I might encounter on debian 9 please reply (the old vps instance was debian 6)

first things first .. have nginx and php (7) on there already .. need mysql .. should I have another look at Maria or not?

(ram usage was a worry a few years agi but not sure if thats still an issue)

will also need to set up a fastcgi thingy for perl .. possibly the same one as before (can't remember what it was called - it was on cpan and did the job pretty well)

it will be a long night

Stompiing Goats party last Saturday

here I am in Austria :-)

ok found a workaround

turns out it doesn't really need that to work.

but still don't know whats going on with those paths

please don't abstract so much that it becomes obfuscation!


can't stop playing with this!


I dobn't want to hear any more nonesense about tls psudosecurity as long as there are g.evil.corp censorship upstreams in all the major browsers.

first those obvious threats need to be removed!

the cartel and all its badness needs to be removed from everyones lives and those resposible for its badness be put behind bars where they belong.

Jappixmini (xmpp webchat) is now working again on the Friendica instance

though i still have to redo local customisations such as the local chatroom list I had in there.

so many always people talk about setting up a "studio" (for audio production)

but few of them bother to think about speakers.

whatever else is used I would think having some decent speakers is the most important thing.

In this context by "decent" I just mean reasonably accurate, smooth rollof/etc

If you are doing any kind of music production you would want to be able to hear what you are are doing and not be guessing too much about any idiosyncratic colouration or eq in your listening setup.

back at home in Sydney now

and yeah... that noisy line again :-(



chip tunes party

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