This site is part of SPRACI

please use the main spraci registration page to register.

Terms of use, privacy policy, etc are the same as for spraci itself.

(note that SPRACI is NOT a "third party" login service - The admins for both spraci.com and spraci.info are the same)

Email addresses used for direct registration and confirmation of an account on SPRACI are not given to any third parties.

The purpose of the confirmation emails is as an extra barrier to help keep spammers out.
The main spraci registration forms also does some sanity checks on registration submissions to block spambots that attempt to register.
The checks are local to spraci and do not submit details to third parties.
It just looks for common patterns in the behaviour of spambots as well as a locally cached ip blocklist based on well-known community anti-spam blocklists and data from local spambot traps. (spambot traps are not linked from site navigation and not visited by normal users - those are designed only to log visiting bots and any ip data logged by those is not associated with any accounts and only cached temporarely)

If you just registered on SPRACI and have confirmed the registration or are an existing spraci user visiting the Friendica instance here for the first time please be patient, The account should sync in the next few hours.

If you have any difficulty registering or can't login (a day or more after registration) or have any further questions feel free to use the contact form on spraci.

The only contexts where data in spraci accounts *may* involve third parties are if you use a third party service to login to spraci or if you link your account to one on an external service yourself. (eg to use an optional feature or connector related to an external service that requires an account there to connect to it - check the relevant settings pages for details about connectors for external services)