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1. When I see a hammer and sickle I just see Saturn.....
I'm not all that opposed to Saturn in and of self, but seriously, this whole "Everyone buffet at Binah Ha Has" thing I'm pretty over.
The pathway is filled with constant BS and the resolve is painfully boring.

2. Marx was a Saturnist....
This gets back to my first point about a pathway filled with BS.
Next to no one ever talks about Mar... show more
The X Factor

This series on the X Factor by Dark Journalist is pretty darn good.

I'm learning a lot of details about that Mystery School feuding in the early 20th century regarding release of the UFO spiritual technology.

I'm watching it on the big screen TV in my living room while I fold laundry so I can see the photos he holds up. I wish he would get with the times and throw them on-screen.

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Advanced Esoteric Conspiracy

I recently subscribed to this guy "Dark Journalist" because I enjoy studying the Occult.

There are literally 100,000 of these guys on YouTube. 99.9% of them are utter crap, but this guy is surprisingly well-educated and knowledgeable.

NOT FOR BEGINNERS. You must already be educated about Theosophy, Blavatsky, Gnosticism, Parsons, NASA, The Nine, Dr. Farrell, IDE's, and Catherine Austin Fitts, etc. to follow his analysis.

#Esoterica #Conspiracy #Research #NASA #Blavatsky #DeepState #ToTheStarsAcademy #TomDelonge #HookedX #FreeEnergy #Occult #UFO #ElectricUniverse #NSA #Space #Science #Gnostic #Gnosticism

Among one of the most ridiculous books I’ve ever attempted to read.
Best I can describe the contents is think ONA in a it’s all about Hippie, peace, love, flowers, face.

One thing I will grant to the cover of this “original” book is it confesses much about it’s background.
Why are there a bunch of non-Semitics in IsRaEl killing a bunch of Semitics with a flag bearing the seal of Solomon gifted by a Red Shield? In turn, why’s there some “Christians” running around in funny fish hats with an HQ located at a Vatican that is never mentioned once in their own “Christian” text?
You look at this book and it’s related Embassy and feel the “Ohhhhhh, I get it” wash over you.

Like a lot of things of this sort, there’s some good information in there I’m sure, but it’s so mixed in with misdirecting and other outright BS that I found it made for a tough read. If anything, it’s single largest relevance (IMO) is as a “So there really are a bunch of up there weirdos looki... show more
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