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May says if her deal is approved by parliament, politicians may then hold vote on putting deal to British public. #Europe #Brexit #TheresaMay
All FPÖ-ministers will be replaced by technocrats as Austria gets a minority government for the first time ever. #Europe #Austria #TheFarRight
One officer jailed, and others handed suspended sentences, after convictions for kidnapping and violence. #Europe
Move follows revelations MEP failed to declare lavish funding from year of the EU referendum

The European parliament is to investigate Nigel Farage for failing to declare lavish expenses funded by Arron Banks.

The European parliament president, Antonio Tajani, “today refers the Farage issue to an advisory committee”, a source told the Guardian.
EU to investigate Nigel Farage over expenses funded by Arron Banks
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Wenn wir nicht bald etwas verändern, sind wir irgenwann ausgestorben. Deshalb müssen wir die #europawahl19 zur #klimawahl2019 machen.
Viele Menschen streiken wöchentlich für eine bessere und sichere Zukunft. Die Aktion #fridaysforfuture macht dabei ganz besonders stark auf den #Klimawandel aufmerksam. Diese Jugendliche können zwar nicht wählen, aber ihr könnt es schon. Lässt uns sie #europawahl19 zur #klimawahl machen!
#Klimaschutz #Klimawandel #Klima #climetchange #climet #Schulstreik #Zukunft #future #ourfuture #unserezukunft #europawahl19 #europa #europe #savetheplanet #dosomething #fridaysforfuture #fff
Fridays For Future - Hashtagfeed
Fridays For Future - Hashtagfeed
Fridays For Future - Hashtagfeed
With 751 representatives from 28 countries, the European Parliament is considered to be the human face of the EU. #Europe #Italy #Politics
Unions are urging government to intervene to save embattled steelworks.
British Steel 'on the verge of collapse', risking 25,000 jobs
#Business&Economy #Europe #UnitedKingdom
Wir haben am 26.5 eine Gelegenheit, den Aufruf von #FridaysforFuture zu beachten & entsprechend zu handeln. Wenn du deine Stimme bei der #Europawahl2019 Image/photo abgibst, denke an die streikenden Kinder, und stimme so ab, als würde ihre Zukunft davon abhängen: Denn sie tut es. #Klimawahl pic.twitter.com/VoKwMOyxUb

Building the Brexit party: how Nigel Farage copied Italy's digital populists
#NigelFarage #FiveStarMovement #Brexitparty #Italy #BeppeGrillo #Europe #Worldnews #Politics #UKIndependencepartyUkip #Brexit
The three-time world champion, who survived a horrific crash in 1976, passed away peacefully, his family says. #Sport #FormulaOne #Austria #Europe
• Austrian won three world titles between 1975 and 1984
• Driver suffered horrific injuries at German GP in 1976

The former Formula One driver and three-time world champion Niki Lauda has died at the age of 70, his family has said. The Austrian died overnight on Monday, eight months after receiving a lung transplant.

“With deep sadness, we announce that our beloved Niki has peacefully passed away with his family on Monday,” the family said in a statement, according to the Austrian press agency. The statement paid tribute to “his unique achievements as an athlete and entrepreneur” and said “his tireless zest for action, his straightforwardness and his courage remain. A role model and a benchmark for all of us, he was a loving and caring husband, father and grandfather away from the public, and he will be missed.”
Niki Lauda, three-time Formula One world champion, dies aged 70
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Sacking of Interior Minister Kickl is set to trigger a walk-out of FPO ministers from Chancellor Kurz's government. #Austria #Corruption #Europe
London is looking to Scotland for a new strategy in fighting the knife crime epidemic. #Europe
Volodymyr Groysman will step down on Wednesday, following inauguration of comedian-turned-president Volodymyr Zelensky. #Europe
Ibiza scandal: why has Austria's government collapsed? – video
#Austria #Europe #Thefarright #Worldnews
Marina Abramović, Elmgreen & Dragset and Bernard-Henri Lévy are just some of the big names involved in United Artists for Europe. Here’s why they’re taking a stand

Bernard-Henri Lévy, French philosopher
Wallop our EU punchbag! Artists talk us through their Brexit creations
#Art #Brexit #EuropeanUnion #Britishidentityandsociety #Artanddesign #Culture #Europe #Politics #UKnews #Worldnews
Firefighters called to tourist attraction as intruder seen dangling near top of tower

The Eiffel Tower has been evacuated after a man tried to scale the Paris monument.

The man could be seen dangling just below the third and highest level of the structure. A rescuer dressed in red could be seen above him. Police confirmed the climber was male.
Eiffel Tower closed after man tries to climb Paris landmark
#Paris #France #Europe #Worldnews
This powerful film from the Dardenne brothers, about a Muslim boy living in a small Belgian town who is attracted to dangerous ideologies

Young Ahmed returns the Dardenne brothers to a keynote theme, expressed in movies such as The Child and The Son: the vulnerability of young people in trouble with the law – and also, paradoxically, their strength, their determination to survive. Theirs is a naive force derived from not caring or understanding how much they have to lose, or indeed how vulnerable are the adult figures placed in authority over them. This is a powerful movie on a contemporary issue with one very suspenseful “prison” scene – potentially suspenseful at any rate.

Another, more vulgarly commercial film-maker might have positioned this scene climactically later in the story and exploited its tension more brazenly; a more ruthless director in the Haneke mould might have done the same thing, but simply to produce a violent, pessimistic shock out of nowhere. The Dardennes are doing something different from any of this, although they once a... Show more...
FvD will join divided ranks of Europe’s populist right where alliances are in flux

In the conference room of a slightly soulless hotel on the neat outskirts of the eastern Dutch town of Emmen, a crowd of 100 or so had gathered to hear a former MEP and European commission staffer tell them there is far too much Europe.

“Everyone wants more EU. We want less,” said Derk Jan Eppink. “Take power back from Brussels, return it to nation states. With our French, Italian, Polish, Spanish partners, we will be a united front.”
Dutch Eurosceptics dream of united front to roll back EU
#Europeanelections #EuropeanUnion #Thefarright #Netherlands #Europe #Worldnews
It seems the Arab Spring has given wings to North African filmmakers whose stories are pushing the boundaries of subjects that have long been taboo in the region. #Europe #France #Politics
French presidents rarely publicly campaign in European elections but Macron is breaking with tradition. He says Europe is in crisis and he is fighting to save it. #Europe #France #Politics
Footage appears to show Austrian vice-chancellor promising contracts for campaign support – video
#Austria #Europe
Ukrainian president calls snap election moments after his inauguration – video
#VolodymyrZelenskiy #Ukraine #Europe #PetroPoroshenko
Oh, my voting card finally arrived this morning. I started to worry it would never come. Le's make #europe green.
Volodymyr Zelensky, 41, dissolves parliament in his inauguration speech. #Ukraine #Europe
Dispute over Vincent Lambert has divided family and become subject of political controversy

French doctors have begun switching off the life support of a quadriplegic man who has been in a vegetative state for the last decade, in a hugely controversial case that has divided France, the lawyer for his parents has said.

The dispute over the fate of Vincent Lambert, 42, who had a motorbike accident in 2008, has split his own family and even become a subject of political tension in France ahead of the weekend’s European elections.
French doctors begin halting life support for man in vegetative state
#France #Europe #Worldnews
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