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I'm regularly watching shows on Youtube (Veritasium, Adam Neely, Mighty Car Mods...) and over the past several weeks, almost all of them have made an explicit reference to the copyright filter Youtube uses to demonetize videos when a copyrighted content (audio or video) is automatically detected.

Each time it was either to justify not playing a music extract relevant to what they were talking about, or to express ban worry at a known song they were singing/interpreting themselves.

Copyright filters are stifling creativity and are only profiting to people not caring about it.

#UploadFilter #Copyright #FuckGoogle
#YouTube keeps delivering. This time it wrongly flagged Paris Notre Dame cathedral fire videos as 9/11-related fake news. #FuckGoogle #FuckYouTube

Via @redfrog and @Notabene, bene.
Just caught Google trying to gaslight me about the time I started my Google+ archive 8 days ago. #FuckGoogle

Hey salut Diaspora !

Bon ça fait maintenant un mois que je suis inscrit sur #Diaspora (#Framasphere). Verdict : c’est mieux que Facebouc ! Mon flux a mis un peu de temps avant de se remplir mais ça démarre à présent que j’ai ajouté quelques personnes et #tags à suivre. Mes observations en vrac :
  • Les échanges sont de qualité bien supérieure.
  • J’ai beaucoup plus de news de mes amis ! ça peut paraitre fou mais l’algorithme de FB ne cessait de zapper le contenu des amis qui m’intéressent sous prétexte que je n’interagissais pas suffisamment avec eux. Sur Diaspora j’ai moins d’amis, beaucoup n’ayant pas suivi le mouvement FB
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#FuckGoogle #FuckFacebook #SurveillanceCapitalism
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Google’s also peddling a data collector through Apple’s back door
I recently received this scam email about a supposed imminent Google account closure, and at this point in my transition to better data-handling tools/companies, I'm not sure I would care that much if it actually happened.
Yes, Google, I know Seamless sent you all my order receipts, but did you think it was a good idea to show them to me in the "Payments & Subscriptions" tab of the account management screen?

(The answer is no, creep)

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