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6 Dec 2018 Williams lays out a whole carefully structured visual presentation, which really needs to be watched carefully in HD. It's titled: The #Beatles, Paul #McCartney and The Grand #Illusion. It also delves deeply into the #Tavistock Institute aspect of what he asserts took place.

#Sage of Quay™ - Mike Williams - #TheBeatles, Paul McCartney and The Grand Illusion (Dec 2018)

One the most extensive videos on the Paul Is Dead #conspiracy ever presented. Mike Williams steps through the #Masonic machinery behind the creation of the Beatles and the replacement of #PaulMcCartney; including the theory of two permanent replacements both of whom were in the pipeline well

#Facebook and #Tavistock - #British #Unholy #Alliance Out to #Destroy #Humanity

Michael McKibben and his researchers at Americans for Innovation expose the dangerous alliance of the Tavistock Institute and Facebook and what this means for THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET. Click here to read more about Richard Allan and his partner Ana Padilla Jargstorf and their evil plan to use Tavis
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