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Move follows revelations MEP failed to declare lavish funding from year of the EU referendum

The European parliament is to investigate Nigel Farage for failing to declare lavish expenses funded by Arron Banks.

The European parliament president, Antonio Tajani, “today refers the Farage issue to an advisory committee”, a source told the Guardian.
EU to investigate Nigel Farage over expenses funded by Arron Banks
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Marina Abramović, Elmgreen & Dragset and Bernard-Henri Lévy are just some of the big names involved in United Artists for Europe. Here’s why they’re taking a stand

Bernard-Henri Lévy, French philosopher
Wallop our EU punchbag! Artists talk us through their Brexit creations
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Prosecutor asks for warrant to begin process of extraditing WikiLeaks founder from UK

The Swedish prosecutor leading an investigation into a rape allegation against Julian Assange has filed a request for his arrest, the country’s prosecution authority has said.

The warrant, if granted, would be the first step in a process to have the WikiLeaks founder extradited from the UK, where he is serving a 50-week prison sentence for skipping bail.
Julian Assange: Sweden files request for arrest over rape allegation
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Jeremy Corbyn says he 'won't support new attempt at Brexit deal' - video
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Diplomatic cables reveal the monarch also appeared to back the creation of a single market

The Queen confided to the German ambassador that she believed the future of Britain lay in Europe, newly released diplomatic cables from 1988 have shown.

“Some have not realised this yet,” the monarch allegedly said of her subjects. She also appeared to back the creation of the single market.
'Future of Britain is in Europe,' the Queen told Germany in 1988
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Three decades ago, Olof Palme was assassinated on Stockholm’s busiest street. The killer has never been found. Could the discovery of new evidence finally close the case? By Imogen West-Knights

On the last night of February 1986, the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme and his wife, Lisbet, were strolling home through downtown Stockholm. They had taken an impromptu trip to the cin
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From understanding the proportional representation system to voting tactically, here are the key facts

What are the European elections?
The European elections are the second-largest democratic contest in the world, second only to the Indian elections. Voters in 28 countries will elect 751 members of the European parliament for a five-year term that starts on 2 July. If Brexit goes ahead, British MEPs will quit; some of the UK’s 73 seats will be redistributed to other states, but the parliament will be reduced to 705 members.

When does voting happen?
The Netherlands and the UK vote first, on Thursday 23 May. A handful of countries go to the polls on Friday and Saturday, but most member states (21 of them) run the election on Sunday. Results cannot be announced before the last polling station closes at 11pm Central European Time (CET) in Italy. Officials at the European parliament expect to announce the first projection of results, based on exit polls and counted votes, as soon as 11.15pm CET.
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As the anniversaries of D-Day and Monte Cassino approach, we should remember how and why the ‘European project’ started

Shortly after Thursday’s elections for the European parliament, we shall be witnessing the 75th anniversaries of D-Day and of the terrible carnage of the battle of Monte Cassino. One hopes that memories of these events – or, in many cases, learning about them for the first time – may concentrate minds on all sides in the debate about our future relationship with the rest of Europe.

It was the horror of the second world war that led European leaders to bring individual countries together in the hope that future conflict could be avoided. Despite the fantasies of Nigel Farage and his ilk, winning that war was hardly a solo effort on the part of Great Britain. The Americans were an indispensable force in the D-Day landings; Polish forces lost many troops fighting at Monte Cassino. And, of course, the war was won by the allies as a whole, who included the US, Commonwealth countries and, not least, the Soviet Union.

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Europhiles should ignore Labour and vote for a Remain party

This Thursday, voters face an important choice. It’s not the choice they deserve: whether to approve or reject the Brexit deal Theresa May has negotiated on their behalf. But it is the most important opportunity yet to send a clear message to our political leaders that the gridlock, the lacklustre leadership and the general sense of malaise that have infected Westminster since 2016 just isn’t good enough.

For months, people have been denied their say, despite the prolonged parliamentary stalemate and the knots in which both main parties have tied themselves over Brexit. These European elections should not be treated as a proxy referendum: there is no distinct question being put to the public and turnout will probably be much lower than in a general election or referendum. But they are a precious chance for those who share the Observer’s view that Brexit would be an unmitigated disaster to show Labour and the Conservatives exactly what they think of their takeaway from the dire local e... Show more...
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