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Honest Government Ad | Article 13 (Internet Censorship Bill)

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CA: Lawmakers combine bills to provide corporate welfare for Big Data

Source: CNet News

“Legislators in California are combining two net neutrality bills into one in an effort to pass the strictest set of net neutrality protections in the country. On Monday, California state Sens. Scott Wiener from San Francisco and Kevin de Leon from Los Angeles officially linked their bills to create unified legislation they hope will become the ‘gold standard’ for other states to follow in developing net neutrality protections. … California is one of more than two dozen states considering legislation to reinstate net neutrality rules, which were repealed by the Trump administration’s FCC in December. The repeal became official on June 11.” (06/18/18)


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The real reason Facebook and Netflix support Net Neutrality

Source: Libertarianism.org
by Paul Matzko

“Now that the FCC has formally repealed its net neutrality guidelines, many net neutrality advocates are worried about how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will respond. ISPs are middlemen who build and maintain the fiberoptic cables and satellites that allow consumers to connect with Internet Content Producers (ICPs) like Facebook and Amazon. Net neutrality proponents worry that ISPs will create ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ lanes on the information superhighway, which would mean prioritizing some content over other content rather than handling it all in an equal fashion. … Given the lack of competition in many markets, the skepticism of pro-net neutrality activists towards the anti-competitive motives of the ISPs is not unwarranted. However, the same skepticism should be directed towards the major corporate sponsors of the pro-net neutrality push. As m... Show more...
CA: Senate votes to restore corporate welfare for Big Data

Source: The Verge

“The California Senate voted on Wednesday to approve a bill that would reinstate the net neutrality regulations repealed by the Federal Communications Commission in December. The bill, S.B. 822, authored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D–San Francisco), was introduced in March and passed through three committees, all along party-lines. The bill was approved 23–12 and will now head to the state Assembly. … The bill would reinstate rules similar to those in the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order. It forbids ISPs from throttling or blocking online content and requires them to treat all internet traffic equally. But the bill also takes the original rules further by specifically banning providers from participating in some types of ‘zero-rating’ programs, in which certain favored content doesn’t contribute to monthly data caps.” [editor’s note: The FCC’s Open... Show more...
House Democrats mobilize for next phase of fight to bring back "Net Neutrality" corporate welfare scam

Source: Engadget

“Earlier this week, Senate Democrats, with the help of three Republicans, managed to pass a resolution to save net neutrality before its upcoming repeal in June. Now their counterparts in the House are trying to rally enough signatures to force a similar vote in that chamber. They have 90 Democrats but need over 20 Republican representatives to break ranks and sign on. The road to saving net neutrality is still very uphill. Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA) introduced a discharge petition allowing the House to force a vote if half of the representatives sign on — an action to get around the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who would almost certainly stall a traditionally-presented motion to save net neutrality. This is still an early move in a long campaign, however, as Democrats would need to conceivably convert more than a score of Republicans in the actual House... Show more...
Time to end Net Neutrality regulation once and for all

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by James L Gattuso

“At the core of net neutrality regulation is a prohibition on broadband service providers (such as Verizon and Comcast) charging different rates, or offering different service levels, to content providers, such as Netflix and YouTube. For instance, the rules specifically ban ‘paid prioritization,’ which means charging more for better services, or less for more limited service. But such service prioritization is not usually a bad thing. In fact, it exists in almost every product market in America. Try buying an airline ticket, gas for your car, or even new clothes, and you will find this kind of differentiation going on. And they almost always operate to the benefit of consumers.” (05/15/18)

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US Senate to vote Wednesday on reinstating corporate welfare for Big Data, aka "Net Neutrality"

Source: New Hampshire Union Leader

“The U.S. Senate will vote on Wednesday on whether to reverse a decision by the Trump administration to roll back Obama-era ‘net neutrality’ rules, Democratic senators said on Monday. Advocates of keeping the 2015 open-internet rules have the backing of 50 U.S. senators, including Republican Susan Collins. And with the absence of Senator John McCain because of illness, they believe they will win on a 50-49 vote.” (05/14/18)


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"Net Neutrality" corporate welfare scam officially ends, sort of

Source: CNet News

“The Obama-era net neutrality rules, passed in 2015, are pretty much dead. As of Monday, some of the proposals regarding the Republican-led FCC’s oversight of the internet, known as ‘Restoring Internet Freedom,’ will go into effect. Because this is Washington, DC, and nothing is simple, key parts of the proposal, which include the changes to net neutrality, don’t go into effect until a vote by the Office of Management and Budget. The OMB wasn’t available to comment on when the vote would take place. But this is just a procedural step. The net neutrality rules as we knew them will be no more.” (04/23/18)


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Net neutrality is officially dead. That's a victory for free speech.

Source: Reason
by Nick Gillespie

“Whatever side of the debate you’re on, net neutrality is, at least for now, a dead letter. Supporters will continue to push for its return and could ultimately prevail. All of this sets up a powerful and, I hope, illuminating natural experiment. Before 2015, we had an internet that was lightly regulated. From 2015 til now, the net was governed by stricter rules. From now until the rules may be reinstated, we’ll be back to a light-touch regime. Let’s see if anyone notices a real difference in his or her online experience.” (04/23/18)


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