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Économie durable ou Boulimie de billets : être ou ne pas être. Dans le premier cas la Nature nous aidera, dans le second elle pissera sur notre dépouille pourrie et purulente et ira chier dans notre âme.

Durable economy or boulimia of money. Be or not to Be. In the first case Nature will help us, in the second she will piss on our dead purulent body and then will shit in our soul.

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Giving #microsoft the keys to #linux
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See http://techrights.org/wiki/index.php/UEFI

Kernel lockdown in 4.17?

The UEFI secure boot mechanism is intended to protect the system against
persistent malware threats — unpleasant bits of software attached to the
operating system or bootloader that will survive a reboot. While Linux
has supported secure boot for some time, proponents have long said that
this support is incomplete in that it is still possible for the root user
to corrupt the system in a number of ways. Patches that attempt to
close this hole have been circulating for years, but they have been
controversial at best. This story may finally come to a close, though, if
Linus Torvalds accepts the "kernel lockdown" patch series during the 4.17
merge window.
if people are so worried about privacy why do so many people copy/paste links with ?utm_ query strings into their posts?

you'd think they would want to remove stuff like that in those query strings first

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