GoDaddy to suspend domain name Gab.com tomorrow

“BREAKING: @GoDaddy is threatening to suspend our domain (which is worth six figures) if we do not transfer to a new provider by tomorrow. This is madness. @realDonaldTrump @parscale I hope you are…
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I guess, gab.com needs to lease their own high-speed fibres, build a datacenter, buy some servers, acquire a range of IP-addresses and to become its own registrar with the .com TLD registry.

After that, nobody can shut them down anymore (although the registry might refuse to let them become a registrar, in which case, they're out of luck for "gab.com"). Would be fun to see, I guess.
Requires a fair bit of money, though.
There is plenty of white supremacist hate still allowed on Twitter.
Kicking GAB into the weeds is a good start but Twitter itself needs better user controls. Virulent white supremacists are not a majority in the US. What they are is fanatics who will spend hour after hour promoting & feeding their hatred with lies, racism, & bigotry.