As of right now, #OccupyICE has reportedly spread to:

Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York City, Louisville, Milwaukee

Patriotic citizens are assisting Federal Law Enforcement to round up the Communists. Yes!

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Sunyata diaspora
@Charlie Primero I'm worried when i read "deliciously brutal", i'd like all beings to be treated with kindness (and often gentleness)

Are you feeling disgusted or disconnected from the people who art part of antifa? I'd like to understand!
i’d like all beings to be treated with kindness
Does that include beings that commit acts of violence and terror against you?
Sunyata diaspora
@Charlie Primero I've been wanting to share this text with you, it may seem extreme to you but shows what's possible when a person has trained in loving-kindness:
"Monks, even if bandits were to savagely sever you, limb by limb, with a double-handled saw, even then, whoever of you harbors ill will at heart would not be upholding my Teaching. Monks, even in such a situation you should train yourselves thus: 'Neither shall our minds be affected by this, nor for this matter shall we give vent to evil words, but we shall remain full of concern and pity, with a mind of love, and we shall not give in to hatred. On the contrary, we shall live projecting thoughts of universal love to those very persons, making them as well as the whole world the object of our thoughts of universal love — thoughts that have grown great, exalted and measureless. We shall dwell radiating these thoughts which are void of hostility and ill will.' It is in this way, monks, that you should train yourselves.

What's your feeling reading this?
I feel like it's self-contradictory and absurd.
we shall live projecting thoughts of universal love...
No. You won't be projecting anything when you are dead.
We shall dwell radiating these thoughts
No. You won't be dwelling anywhere when you are dead.
Sunyata diaspora
Okay, you want us to take care of ourselves first, so that we are alive and able to effect the world in a positive direction(?)
Can i share my own thoughts about this text?

I have lately been going on what i think of as a "peace offensive" :) It's nothing personal against you, i had this discussion with people on the left a couple of days ago as well: https://diasp.eu/posts/7338742 Rather it may have to do with my anxiety which makes it more difficult to empathize with people, so instead i try to share ideas that i hope will be beneficial