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#Scholars Have #Found a #Rare #Copy of #Heretical #Writings on #Jesus And His #Brother
This didn't make it into the Bible.
https://www.sciencealert.com/Jesus-brother-missing-text-bible-heretical #Scholars

Scholars Have Found a Rare Copy of Heretical Writings on Jesus And His 'Brother'

Near what is today the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi, some 1,400 years or so ago, somebody buried a whole bunch of documents in a jar.
JC as a formula; pretty cool.
JC as saviour hero, not so much.
very little in the report about what was in the text though. (not that the text is anything new in that regard)
kinda feel the word heretical within context of RC decisions should just be tossed out....
I wonder if there's ever been a non Saturnist Catholic.....
AC "seems" to allude to such in Liber XV, but strong emphasis on "seems" (with HUGE puppet hand finger quotes)