maybe time to have another look at updating this
"vier" now has a dark setting!

this time it looks like the update went nice and smoothly

even says "No failed updates" (though I did pre-create two new tables I saw when I compared the database.sql files of the two versions)

The reason I did this is to avoid the problem of it trying to create them as innodb and then failing to create them properly (seen that happen a couple of times)

logs look ok .. I guess its done.
Andy H3 Friendica
You're on the develop branch now? Cool!
Andy H3 Friendica
Looks like it: https://spraci.info/friendica

Make sure both addon and core are on the same branch. You also need to run composer install: bin/composer.phar install

There's a linux script here that can help with all this:
btw both Friendica and the addons were freshly cloned to a new directory
(so that if anything went wrong I could quickly switch versions by renaming dirs)

the addons look like they are working
though I probably should still check that they are on the same branch just in case.

what's the git command to see the branch name?

not planning to change branches though, I like what I'm seeing in this one.
Andy H3 Friendica
git branch