just saw some spraci events come into my network stream so looks like federation for spraci listings events might be working!

eg: https://spraci.info/profile/x2london

that relays public events listed here:

also for Sydney: https://spraci.info/profile/sydney

Melbourne: https://spraci.info/profile/x0melbourne

and quite a few other cities

next thing here is to make something to sync public events people add to those pages back to the listings
so if you want to post your events feel free to do so.

It is not intended to be one-way and hoping other listings sites will eventually wake up to federation and do something like this too.

I run both sites so its not a problem t... Show more...
another todo here:

make an addon for other sites to use to display a list of events in date order with user-configurable filtering rules.
also I need to look at adding support in Friendica and Hubzilla for the new event type in the new diaspora protocol.

When its widely supported by real sites it would probably be better to use that.
(because then the event location could be used to indicate the city and it might not need every city to be created as a "forum")

events without the city specified obviously can't be listed on spraci
(otherwise how would anyone be able to find it?)

(btw saw a todo about adding support for the new Diaspora event type in the source code so I guess thats where I should look at adding it)

There is a problem though - how to test without there yet being sites with it implemented?