looks like the "redmatrix" android app works with friendica too. its much the same as the old friendica one except red :)
And what ist the name of this app?
just "redmatrix" I think ..

I think it was from fdroid

its pretty much the same as the (old) Friendica app (apart from the colour)
(probably is the same code - the api's in Friendica and Hubzilla are obviously similar enough for what the app uses in them)
not sure I remember now.. maybe it was downloaded ages ago via a link someone posted in old redmatrix? .. can't remember now..

I think its the same developer and pretty much the same app as the friendica one that existed at the time.

The source for that app was (probably still is) on github, but not sure if the apk was/is there.

can probably send it you you if you want.

one day I'll need to work out how to create apk's

android studio looks too big and heavy and complicated.

I hate waiting for ages for massive ide's to start up.

but apk's are zip files and probably theres some xml in there describing whats what. (sort of like jar files I guess?)

maybe just need to work out how to do that myself.