Starts:  Thursday May 17, 2018 @ 2:00 PM
Finishes:  Thursday May 17, 2018 @ 4:33 PM
test event

need to work out how tro handle incoming events

it needs to work both ways
(otherwise people might as well just follow the rss feeds)
Location:  test event (will delete it later)
it didn't go back to the forum where I posted it!

(it instead only went to my personal feed)

thats a BIG problem

whats the use of trying to federate those event listings if there still isn't a way for people to post events via their own sites to those listings?

without that they might as well just use the old rss feeds.

This is meant to be more than just another way to to get a one way feed!

to be able to sync incoming events back to the listings needs the dates of the events and the city (which listings it should be displayed in)

its for events - that stuff can't work without dates

it IS crucial that there be a way for people to post events back to the forum .. ordinary posts don't have anywhere to put event dates.

otherwise its back to looking at hacks like using tags for both dates and cities .. and hope that people might be someday be able to agree on something consistent.

When i tried that a few years ago something refused to allow numeric tags!
eg something like 20180616 (something easy enough for pe... Show more...