Rosa Peace

"Its contribution to the rose world has been immeasurable. Because of its vigour and dependability, ‘Peace’ has been used in breeding programmes across the world. It is recorded that ‘Peace’ is the ‘mother’ in 150 varieties and the ‘father’ in a further 180 varieties. There would be many more if breeders always declared the parentage of new releases. Indeed it is probably safe to say that most of our modern roses are descended in some way from ‘Peace’...a few of the great garden roses that have ‘Peace’ in their lineage are: ‘Double Delight’, ‘Casanova’, ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Soaring Wings’, and ‘Electron’."
The lovely story of this mother & father of millions: https://w... Show more...
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🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡

Such beauty..,`)
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🌹 🍒🍒🍒 🍻 !

Beautiful colour🌹💛🌹 :o}
OK, where are you guys getting these emoji from? it's nearly 2020 and i'm about to embrace the emoji! (Australians are supposed to be fast-uptakers but, clearly, not all of us. There's beer emoji! No-one told me there's beer emoji!)

She (or he or they) is a wonderful thing innit? I first encountered Peace in Broken Hill (in the desert - but of course!) and instantly changed my opinion of roses from "Frikken briar, get it off the island" to "OH HELLAYEAH". As you can see, it's radiant during the "golden hour" (minute) just before sunset - very appropriate, considering its history.

🦠 :))

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someone recently posted about how to insert unicode characters into your text. was that you, @YA? anyhoo, to get characters which were not on your keyboard, like COUCH AND LAMP:


you hold down Ctrl+Shift and type '1F6CB', and then when you release them, the character appears. and you can then enlarge it with markdown 'header' indicators such as ##.

so, after the person mentioned that thing about Ctrl+Shift (it seems like I knew it at one time but had forgotten . . maybe not), I went searching for a handy list of these codes, and found:

to save time, I have downloaded all the pdfs from that site, and reference it here locally. HTH.
## @ya
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found your amoeba, #1F9A0, here in Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs:1F9A0🦠MICROBE• microorganism, intended to cover bacteria,viruses, amoebas, etc.
ooh baybee, do i have the hugest geekhorn now! XD with you on the memory of unicode..it's back there somewhere, in the deep dark recesses, and a pleasure to haul out again. Thankyou so much, @J R

🙌 banzai!

@j r
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oops, sorry, just re-read my comment and it was
Ctrl+Shift+u1F9A0 ... the 'u' is necessary -- not sure if there are any other codes out there besides unicode. it has all the Chinese and every other language ever written. if there were any other codes, unicode would simply put them into another code page. .
shows how lazy (and parochial) i've become - i even gave up on the umlaut some years ago 0.0 and i loved umlauting!
yes, the u is necessary - well caught :)
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Unicode could be necessary when ordering Añejo Mezcal. spell it wrong and they'll serve you the cheap stuff.
aged vs annex according to DeepL = aged and cared for vs from a backyarders tin shed :)) Handy tip!
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'zackly! . . . . come to think, I have some here. thinking of sampling it before bed.
:D an excellent plan. chinchin!
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well well well... oh you guys, wonderful that yer here :D yea, forsooth!

Clarice, if yer on da fox wid da fire tail ya can use diz addon, it serves'em all; da site is https://emojipudding.com/... ya, we all luv pud dings, don we XD

p.s.: Jim, can't remember if twas me who posted da unicode thingy... am still trying to figure out how to use special characters on da linux, can't, dunno, am too stoopid :D
oh wow! lookit at all the orange-haired people emoji!! OUR TIME HAS COME! Thankyou, dearest and beloved <3 <3 <3

i promise not to turn into an emoji-fiend or one of those middle-aged women who preface their comment with "Please delete if this isn't appropriate here" and proceeds to unpack some personal trauma on an entirely unrelated thread, complete with praying hands and small piles of poo. (Faceboo-hiss haunts even my waking hours. Plus, at my current age of 137 i may be somewhat optimistic in thinking i'd be mistaken for "middle-aged")
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I am drawn and the total opposite of it, not drawn at all to mojjies, a silly but simple way to express nothing XD
I love older guys, like e.g. a 137y old gal in straaya who got her brainzzz fully intact'n working properly, digit!

only for now:

:D :D :D ((((((((((@YA))))))))))
i dunno where the eagle went...
birds! such flighty things ;)
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ya ya ya... those were da daze... XXXDDD

isn't that magnificent!
oz only has food on our coat of arms...i think people were a bit hungry when it was drawn.
..except for South Australia, which is represented by a magpie (a piping shrike). A farriken magpie! No wonder the other states call them "crow eaters"
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hm... sphynx it'z a loovElly one :D
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