To Hell with all anarchists.
Shut the fuck up person who doesn't know what anarchism is.
I know better than you do what anarchy, anarchism and anarchists are. If what you are advocating is anything other than a total absence of government or law then YOU are the one who has no idea what anarchy is. It's funny that you low-IQ rodents hate the government so much yet rely on the police for your security and welfare paid by the working class just to afford your food and shelter. Unfortunately, you skinny, cowardly little turds can't see any farther than your own noses and don't realize that if anarchy were to come, you'd be the first put into a refrigerator to be used as food by the strong.
Explain what Anarchism is, because you have no idea.
Nice goal post move there, twit. On the other hand, I'm not surprised that you have no idea what laws and anarchism are since the people who want to destroy the former and advocate the latter can barely spell much less read. I invite you to use dictionary.com and discover the wonders of the English language on your own.
Laws are the threat of violence and murder. Anarchy still has rules, it's not chaos. But whatever keeps you scared.
Laws are the threat of violence of murder? What about laws which allow for the sale of a car by the manufacturer directly to a consumer without the need of a middleman? Is there a threat or violence or murder in there? What about laws which encourage employers to hire coloured employees? What about laws allowing people to set up solar panels on their roofs?

What I know for sure is that anarchists are always angry. One has to wonder what you're angry about to believe that the legal system is violent.

As for anarchy having rules, you're right: whoever has the most effective weapons or the larger mob wins the argument. It's a return to the law of the jungl where frail, pale, weak and ignorant little turds like yourself will be turned into food by the end of the first week because in a civil society with government and law, the police protect you from any kind of reprisal by the "Nazis" you're punching. Without government, we'd all be free to punch you Communist asses back and to curb stomp every last one of you and your beastly women.
Lol you wouldn't do shit no matter what system is in place. Talk about turds so much, must be a big part of your diet.
Sure, I wouldn't do shit. You should find and try me.
Dude you're arguing with a robot.
Yes, a robot.
Short lived troll. Got called back to the White House.