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#Congress never voted to send troops to #Syria, but in five minutes we will be voting on a #resolution that disapproves of #Trump removing them. We should have never gone to Syria. We should leave Syria. I’m voting no on this resolution.
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David diaspora
There was a short window, long before Trump, when foreign intervention in Syria might have been been beneficial. That intervention needn't have been military.

Now, nothing the US does can help, and almost everything can harm. Even pulling out will do harm.

The number of Americans in northern Syria was quite small: reportedly something on the order of 50 people. But they were in front of a possible invasion by Turkey, and simply by being there, doing nothing, served as deterrent to an invasion. Trump's announcement, on Twitter, of all places, sent a clear message to Turkey that they could invade. Trump's tweet about his "great and unmatched wisdom" didn't, of course, have any effect. His sanctions? Well, given four or five years they might mean something, but they can't have any immediate effect.

It would do everyone a lot of good if US foreign policy were based on moral principles and not simply maneuvering for strategic advantage. For example, shining a light on the unfairness of Russian elections could result in fairer elections here in the US.

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rolf Diaspora
Quite nicely said, David. The last question bothers me as well, why exactly now. On the other hand, after Assad got Aleppo back, the war was kind of decided, but no western country bothered to actually made an effort to address the unresolved issues like the status of the kurds...
While the discussion focuses on "US troops leaving" - which has a peaceful ring to it - greater numbers are sent into the Middle East to assist the Saudis. This is not a retreat, but rather a lucrative redeployment.

@David I believe the tweet was preceded by a phone call.
David diaspora
Saudi Arabia. An absolute monarchy. Doesn't even pretend to be a democracy. Iran, on the other hand, at least pretends to be a democratic republic
The great thing about riding the back of an elephant is that you don't need to worry about where it will next land its paw.

Massie was always a jerk!

“I will advocate for militarism in front of the Congress,” Macron said.

— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) April 25, 2018

That is fake news. Macron said during an interview on Fox News Sunday, “I will advocate for multilateralism.” Well, both words start with an M so he was close!
The word was Multilateralism….. boy this is awkward

— MJL716 (@mjlp716) April 25, 2018

Massie was corrected over and over again, but the tweet remains active.
Multilateralism not milataralism. Dumbshit

— marguerite moriarty (@bluedayzy1) April 25, 2018

He said ” multilateralism” you wig-wearing nitwit

— Tim Cross (@twc666) April 25, 2018

He said ‘multilateralism’ you dumb fuckhead!

And give it up with ‘globalist’ we all know what that is the new code word for, ryhmes with ‘bluish.’

— Neil (@cyberman354) April 25, 2018

David diaspora
Well, Trump has now, on behalf of the Kurds, surrendered to Turkey. Thank goodness we have such a brave, principled President.