privatization of health care system / health care system / hospital / health insurance companies patients doctors doctors practices - does it pay off? - die Privatisierung des Gesundheitswesens / Gesundheitsystems / Krankenhaus / Krankenkassen Patienten Ärzte Arzt Praxen - lohnt sich das? - wenn man die Ungleichheit weiter befeuern möchte: ja


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Does privatization of health care system pay off in terms of:

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That bill is one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Does this imply that you won't get a c-section if you can't pay?
i guess so. if they have insurance it pays 50% the rest ($1500) they still have to pay themselves. that is the US healthcare system a fucked up piece of privatized shit. Please everybody get a Cuban or German healthcare system. (if possible without the corruption)
so in short: if you do not pay up front - you can give birth to your baby somewhere else but not in an US hospital.