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#SupremeCourt Ruling on #Census Could Deal Grave Blow to #Democracy https://truthout.org/articles/supreme-court-ruling-on-census-could-deal-grave-blow-to-democracy/ #scotus
Supreme Court Ruling on Census Could Deal Grave Blow to Democracy
One could expect from the SCOTUS to progessively shape democratic standards to make them best adapted to SCOTUS-sized polls.
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Some people do count more than others.
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What if we all refused?
"Let's conquer divide-and-conquer by all dividing together, away from it"

Langusges die out when nobody new gets persuaded to use them any more, and language games survive similarly; short of genocide, these things take time to halt (but then die out en masse in larger-scale crisis times).
The news-speak in the present tense hasn't happened yet. Alarmist, even if it does come true. There are some of us who say, "The *#%! needs to hit the fan anyways before things will change." I used to think hate is bad for business. But hatemongers perpetuate the status quo. This is the unexpected consequence of a 50/50 biased political stag-nation.
Polarization redeems stupidity locally and kind-of-humbly restricts divide-and-conquer to the scale at which it works best: the dividing of the whole itno two.
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I see no cure from "individuals". But our "humanity" is a double-edged sword: with loyalty and community on one side, and xenophobia, racism, bigotry, and ultimately aggression on the other. Seems we cannot win in this game. Hatemongers win - in the short term.