Full name:
DJ/Producer and creator of SPRACI

krunchy, quirky, moody, envigourating electronic music... techno, electro, dubstep, psytrance, whatever (not confined by genre) - with emphasis on contrast and surprise!

Played at many events over the years including;

Vibe Tribe parties, Summer Dreaming Festival, Liquid Labyrinth, The Big Day Out, Beyond The Brain, Happy Valley, Trancelements, Clan Analogue events, Dragonflight, Green Ant Full Moon, Demented, Derailed, Pleasuredome, The Epicentre (Byron), Chilldren Of The Flower Pot Land, Punos, Carnival Ov Thee Mind, Ov Thee Earth Tribe, lots of Totem events, Y-Dot, Kooky, OverDrive 1/2, Space Cadet 1, Tribal, Braindance, Caution Acid, Wobble ...and many more...

also played sets at clubs such as 202 Broadway, Mars (Oxford st, early 90s), Ziggurat, Limelight and Sublime.

Presenter on "Radio Tonight" and "Radio Active" on 2RRR 88.5MHz Saturday nights 2008-2011

Presenter on M.D.A (Music Dance Aesthetic - (also known as "Move On Up" in its early days) on Saturday Nights 2RSR 88.9 MHz) between 1987-1994 (it was one of Sydney's longest running dance music radio shows when the show stopped going to air in 1994)

also did guest sets on various other radio stations including JJJ (Mix up), Bay Fm and test transmissions of DEX, FBi and WILD.


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