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I'm not much of a #programmer, but I just wrote a little line:
cat ~/path/to/directory/[12]* | grep "^something.*end$"
This is to vomit out a whole bunch of files with names like: 1998-10-24 or 2016-12-08. They're dates. And then it grabs lines that start with "something" and end with "end". It worked nicely. I got my little report of data going all the way back to 1989 or so.

I liked it, so I aliased it. And then I thought, "Oh wait, this will stop working on January 1st, 3000 AD."

So, if you're around on January 1st, 3000 and you get screwed by my oversight... sorry.

#bash #funny? #3000-01-01
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