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George Bush, Barack Obama, and the CIA Torture Cover-Up

The latest #Podcast by Intercepted is a big reveal on how we #American's have lied to ourselves for over a decade about our #CIA #Torture programs. At least 2 of our #POTUS have been implicated as complicit in this episode, and other perpetrators who got off scot-free are called out with the evidence against them.
George Bush, Barack Obama, and the CIA Torture Cover-Up

White gloves, aluminum cans and plasma

#Damn! This show is great! #TheUncertainHour is a great #Podcast. If you are a fan of the #Clinton's (specifically Bill & #Hillary), you might not like this content. They point out how many #American's lives were negatively impacted by the #Clintons legislative advances. These are some of the types of people who thought giving #Trump a chance would be a good idea. Hopefully, they changed their minds, but let's all be aware of how policy is often a zero-sum game.
White gloves, aluminum cans and plasma - Marketplace
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Education in K-12 is an incidental byproduct of American Public Schools

A #school's #Principal, #Superintendent, and #Board / #Committee are basically reproductive organs of societies status quo.

They come from within a culture expressly for the purpose of reproducing that culture. A School Board (elected by a tiny minority of society who are in-the-know), are typically made up of the local royalty; wealthy people who control industry and decide what type of workforce they need to crank out of our #PublicSchool's. The Superintendents serve at the... Show more...
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