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AppGallery is Huawei’s alternative to Google’s Play Store on Android - For Devs it means a bigger cut and still reaching 400 million Huawei phones

In our current situation, the lack of the Google Play Store on Huawei and Honor devices means that Huawei AppGallery no longer watches from the sidelines, but instead, plays an active role as the primary means to distribute apps on these devices moving forward. Many may worry about malware etc but it must also be remembered that even Google has been plagued with this problem and has mainly been reactive in addressing it.

The app also comes preloaded on existing Huawei and Honor devices that also bundle in the Google Play Store, so the presence of your app on this medium presents an additional surface for discovery for end users. As a developer, you do want to reach out to as many users as possible for your app with as little effort. While getting on to AppGallery does take effort, even if just a little, we still need to keep in mind that this might be the only way to reach future Huawei and Honor devices. Plu... Show more...
Samsung: Galaxy Fold bleibt extrem empfindlich - Golem.de
#Samsung #Android #Smartphone #Mobil
Chrome 77: Änderungen bei Tabs und mehr Farbe
#Android #Browser #Chrome #Google

Unnotification app for Android - Search through your notifications, group them, back them up to various cloud storage services

Yes, Android has a setting to quickly view snoozed or read notifications but it is basic and only shows the current day. This app lets you search more intelligently, categorise them, and back them up. It now supports more devices and also sports a dark mode.

See https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/09/19/unnotification-2-0-expands-device-compatibility-notification-indexing-and-more/

#android #notifications
Unnotification 2.0 expands device compatibility, notification indexing, and more

Unnotification, the intelligent notification management app that lets you see previously closed notifications, has received an official 2.0 upgrade!


Huawei can't use Google Services so it's paying developers $1 billion to build for its own app store - Huawei is big enough to sway the ecosystem if they pull it off

Huawei, and China, are big producers and consumers respectively. Any smaller player with a small market segment would be insignificant. There's no doubt Huawei produces great phones and if users get the apps they want to use, we may well see Android splitting down the middle if Huawei produces a new OS of their own. But it seems Huawei may be opting for their EMUI OS which is based on Android 10 and 100% compatible with all Android apps. All they will then be doing is establishing their own app store for developers to publish directly to and users would install most of their usual apps from this new store, just as they normally would have done in the past from the Google Play Store, or like Samsung users do from the Samsung store already. There are already alternative app stores that anyone can use such as F-Droid and Aptoide on existing phones.

This does not solve the problem of installing Google apps... Show more...
Smartphones: Für Huawei wird es eng - Golem.de
#Huawei #Android #AOSP #GoogleApps #GooglePlay #Smartphone #Mobil
Huawei: Mate-30-Serie ohne Google kommt wohl nicht nach Deutschland - Golem.de
#Huawei #Android #AOSP #Gesichtserkennung #Gestensteuerung #GoogleApps #GooglePlay #Kirin #OLED #Porsche
Android: Lineage OS für Xiaomi-Smartphones ist wieder verfügbar - Golem.de
#LineageOS #Android #Android-ROM #Xiaomi #Softwareentwicklung
Smartphone: Xiaomis Mi A3 mit 48-Megapixel-Kamera kostet 250 Euro - Golem.de
#Xiaomi #Android #Amoled #Android9 #AndroidOne #Smartphone #Snapdragon #Mobil
Link zu Artikel bei #Amazon per #Signal in Gruppe verschickt.

Person 1: Tippt Link an, Amazon App öffnet und zeigt Artikel.

Person 2: Tippt Link an, #Chrome Browser öffnet und zeigt Artikel an. Artikelname markieren, kopieren, in Amazon App suchen und schauen ob Artikel auftaucht.

Chrome hat keine Standards definiert, Amazon App in Android ist so eingestellt, dass Links zu Amazon gefragt werden.

Was kann noch Ursache sein? Wieso ist #Android immer öfter so Kacke?
Smartphone: Galaxy Note 10 bricht Samsungs Startrekord - Golem.de
#Samsung #Android #Android9 #GalaxyS8 #Gestensteuerung #Smartphone #Mobil
#Lifeograph is an encrypted journal application for Windows, #Linux and #Android
Does anyone here have any experiences with Fairphones?
The idea sounds lovely: a modular built repairable phone running vanilla Android with at least 5yrs support and as a fair trade product.

Anyone can order spare parts.
It really is repairable. See this post by @Mikel Diaspora for an independent report (thanks for the pointer, Mikel).

#Fairphone #repair #Fair-trade #Android #smartphone
Android: Vivo stellt Smartphone mit ultraschmalem Display-Rahmen vor - Golem.de
#Smartphone #Android #5G #Snapdragon #Mobil
How #Google 's #Android Maintains A Stable #Linux #Kernel ABI
Matthias Kirschner - 2019-09-15 07:27:39 GMT
Good to see that #F-Droid is modernising its app database: https://f-droid.org/en/2019/09/11/yaml-metadata.html so we will have a more sustainable #freesoftware app repository for #Android
Pixel: Googles neue Kamera-App vom Pixel 4 geleakt - Golem.de
#Google #Android
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