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Video from the last meeting of the "Allrussian officers' meeting" (veterans, if i understood correctly)
Officers resent:
- they discuss the features of cryptocolonial management;
- they resent the renaming of the russian militia (in their understanding “serves the people”) into the police (in their understanding “serves the authorities”), they claim that they can quickly change this situation;
- call to remember the oath, which was given to their soviet motherland.
This video is interesting, in my opinion, not by the content, but by the rank of the assembled officers. If to consider nepotism in such communities, this is more than just the opinion of disgruntled pensioners.

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LIVE: Tony Blair addresses Brexit and his views on the best way forward for the UK & Europe

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Theresa May’s Britain

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Theresa May’s Britain

48 Letters & a vote of confidence

Separately, many opposition MPs have urged Labour leader Jeremy #Corbyn to call for a Commons vote of no confidence in the government, although he has so far resisted.

And he did:

May cancels cabinet meeting and talks with Irish Taoiseach ahead of the vote.

One can tell that it is getting boiling hot for her. If the 158 Tory members will choose to vote against her, it's over for her, no matter what she says how dangerous it becomes for the Brexit when there will be a change of leadership. At least many of us might think it's probably going to be a No-Deal-Brexit.

On the 48 letters: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46532747

On the Vote of Confidence: https://www.bbc.com/news/live/uk-politics-46533245

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