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Where should #Trump give the #SOTUS?

Right on the border, to an audience of Angel Moms, with plenty of facts about all the Americans murdered by illegals.

Don't talk about
- the economy (unless it is to point out how the illegals are ruining it),
- healthcare (unless it is to point out how the illegals are ruining it),
- national debt (unless it is to point out how the illegals are ruining it),
- public education (unless it is to point out how the illegals are ruining it),
- social security (unless it is to point out how the illegals are ruining it)
- taxes (unless it is to point out how the illegals are ruining it)

....etc, etc.

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Sorry, Nancy- your military escorted vacation was cancelled. Try to deal....

Trump postpones Nancy Pelosi's foreign trip
Due to the #Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed. We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the Shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great #American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate,”
#Trump wrote.

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“He thinks it is okay not to pay people who do work,” #Pelosi said. “I don’t.”

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Sarah Sanders alleges dem Dems for having caused this nasty dinner with #Clemson

Drumpf proudly served stacks of burgers from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King, fries, Domino’s pizza, and some salads to the national champions and their coach on Monday when they visited the White House. (The Clemson Tigers beat the Alabama Crimson Tide 44-16 last week to capture the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship.)

“Because the Democrats refuse to negotiate on border security, much of the residence staff at the White House is furloughed—so the president is personally paying for the event to be catered with some of everyone’s favorite fast foods,” Sanders said in a statement, reported The New York Times. The shutdown hinges on Drumpf's demand for $5.8 billion in funding for his long-pledged U.S. Mexico border wall.

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Loose Tweets Sink Fleets

I stumbled across an old poster from WW II, and the second scheme of it kind of reminded me of The Don. Maybe it's just my disability of the English language that first let me think of twitter rather than colloquial language that called loose chatter as tweeting, but somehow, the sense of what the two posters were trying to tell the people reading it could easily be refletected to the tweeting president-elect who never recognises when it would be better for him to shut his mouth, turn off his phone and get to work at last, like what the people hoped to see sitting in the White House, handling the country's subjects; like, real statesmanship. One may dream...

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IRS planning to reopen

In a revised shutdown plan released Tuesday, the agency said it expects to have 46,052 employees, about 57 percent of its total workforce, on the job. Currently, only 12.5 percent are working.

It will not be conducting audits, and collection activities will be generally limited to ones that are automated. The agency says it will have some people who can answer phone calls with questions, though the public should be prepared for longer wait times.

So, people will be taxed as usual, but other governmental branches are still not going to be opened due to a current stalemate between the Democrats and the Republicans, namely Donnie and Chuck and Nancy? Oh, very great, you surely make yourself a lot of friends.

“They’ve already missed a paycheck and soon they’ll be asked to work for free for as long as the shutdown lasts,” said Tony Reardon, head of the National Treasury Employees Union. “I’m worried that highly trained IRS employees will consider quitting so they can get a job... show more

On the government shutdown, what else?

_The Washington Post and ABC News found that 53 percent of respondents blamed Drumpf and Republicans in Congress for the shutdown, 29 percent blamed Democrats, and 13 percent blamed both sides.__

Drumpf promised his base a wall, and the GOP is increasingly getting on board even when construction seems impossible. As the Washington Post reports, support for the wall jumped 16 percent in the last year from 71 to 87 percent.

So, as we can tell, the shutdown is really not going to end until Donnie is getting his wall, why the Atlantic wrote that the Democrats are not going to give it in because then, Donnie knew that he could get whatever he wanted if he was just pig-headed enough about it and didn't give in on his behalf, even if it meant that he had to shut down the government and let federal workers run into poverty.

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#Trump welcomes college football team with loads of fast-food

An impressive — and highly unusual for the White House — smorgasbord greeted the players in the East Room. Silver trays held stacks of wrapped burgers from Wendy's and boxed burgers from McDonald's, including Big Macs. White House paper cups bearing the presidential seal held the fries.

This is so disgusting... And I'm not even talking about all the fast-food that is clutcched on this noble table in the dining room. Just... Yikes...

Trump has routinely sparred with professional athletes during his two years in office. College football has managed to avoid such political controversies, with last year's champion Alabama also visiting the White House.

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Amid government shutdown, #Pentagon approved prolonging support mission along US-Mexican border

"In response to the December 27, 2018 request from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Acting Secretary of Defense Pat #Shanahan approved Department of Defense assistance to #DHS through Sept. 30, 2019," said a Pentagon statement issued late Monday.

At its height as many as 5,900 active duty troops were sent to the border to "harden" ports of entry by placing security barriers and concertina wire. The mission also included aviation units to transport Customs and Border Protection agents along the border and military police units to provide them protection.

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How drugs enter the #US illegally (spoiler: A wall won't stop'em)

“The majority of the illegal drugs that enter the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border cross through formal Points of Entry,” said Joel Martinez, a Mexico research associate for the Center for American Progress (ThinkProgress is an editorially independent newsroom housed within CAP). “The drugs that cross in between are very minimal and non-expensive products like marijuana. All the cocaine, fentanyl and methamphetamine — they cross through formal ports because they’re easier to hide […in] freight comp and assorted vehicles.”

Cocaine seizures on U.S. borders, for instance, regularly measure in tons, making it impractical to have individual migrants ferry it across. Instead, dealers prefer to smuggle drugs into the country via legal ports of entry, which allow them to bring in high-value substances that are more easily hidden.

So, if you wanted to deny drug... show more
Another development that will set the #FakeNews spin masters into a tissy. #BuildTheWall #StopIllegalInvaders
This is hilarious!

“I think it ends when the Senate Republicans say we’ve had enough. We’re not going to stand here and be blamed for this. We believe the government should be opened. There should be timely negotiations on border security after the government is open.” — Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., to ABC’s “This Week.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are partying it up in Puerto Rico with BIG MONEY lobbyists. Unfortunately ABC doesn't want to report that. Sooo, Democrats just want to party with the rich people and let those unfortunate working class people struggle to make ends meet. Is the WALL and Border Security not worth people's livelihoods?


Donnie doesn't like secretaries willing to compromise in sake of government's reopening

Describing the scene, one of the sources told Axios that Mulvaney had indicated “that if Dems weren’t OK with $5.7 [billion]and the president wasn’t OK with $1.3 [the Democratic offer] ... he was trying to say we should find a middle ground.”

There's no middle ground for Donnie - it's either the 5.7 billion dollars, or further unpaid working days for federal employees. I mean, we're talking about the guy who called himself the world's best dealmaker, if not the universe's. Of course he knows that those who try to make compromises with their buyers are those who are going to lose. It's been like this for all the time, wasn't it? No? Then, I think Donnie is just a turd who is ready to condemn us all to death.

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African American Leaders Support Trump’s Wall, Says Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece 
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More #Winning by #Trump for the American People. Dems just don't get that a huge majority of Americans support & believe that the wall is appropriate and necessary. #BuildTheWall #MAGA
REPORT: Democrats Begin To Cave On Border Wall As Internal Polling Shows Americans Want Border Security

DCWhispers.com: REPORT: Democrats Begin To Cave On Border Wall As Internal Polling Shows Americans Want Border Security - DCWhispers.com (DCWhispers)


How #Trump's stubborn consistency could affect his 2020 election outcome

Even during the 2016 Republican primaries, a majority of voters opposed deporting all undocumented immigrants in all but two of the 20 states where exit polls asked their opinion. Yet the minority of voters that supported deportation backed Drumpf in such preponderant numbers that they provided a majority of his votes in all but two of the 20 states.

The same pattern was evident in the general election. In the exit poll, just 41 percent of voters supported Drumpf’s border wall, while a solid majority of 54 percent opposed it. Yet Drumpf won a much higher share of the wall’s supporters (85 percent) than Hillary Clinton did of the wall’s opponents (76 percent). Roughly one-fourth of the wall’s opponents either voted for Drumpf (16 percent) or drifted away to a third-party candidate (8 percent).

In the exit poll, 18 percent of the college-educated whites who oppose... show more

I said it before, and I'll say it again: Donnie is a toddler with a temper tantrum

During Barack Obama’s administration, Republicans shut down the government demanding the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. They threatened to put the U.S. government in default on its debt in order to cut the deficit, then as soon as they regained power, they vastly expanded it by passing upper-income tax cuts. Demanding that the Democrats cough up money for a wall on the southern border or the American people get it is different only in the degree of its absurdity.

And like a child facing his first taste of discipline, he is chafing at the restrictions. But that’s what makes maintaining them so important—if Democrats allow Drumpf to use the well-being of the American people as a hostage, then he will do it again every time he is denied. As any parent knows, rewarding misbehavior only invites more of it.

Believe it or not - Trump has to be educated like a small child growing up, and Nancy functions as his mother. She has to stay relentless... show more
#LiberalLogic: "I'm at a #wall. No one is attempting to get through the wall. Therefore, we don't need the wall."

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These people are here to force their death cult hate & violence on our country. There is no better example for why we desperately need immigration reform and #NoRefugees. #BuildTheWall
Maine: Somali Muslims Beating Locals & Refusing to Integrate: “We’re Here To Stay, Whether You Like It Or Not!”

Considering #Israel as example of functioning border security

What I saw on Wednesday while traveling along the Blue Line was ... a fence. A fence studded with sensors, to be sure, but by no means an imposing one. As the accompanying photos show, here is what a long stretch of the border between two sworn enemies looks like.

What should be mentioned, though, is the usual installment of IDF soldiers to enforce the border fence. So, it's not only the sensors implemented upon the fence that make the border so safe whilst being frequented with protesters on Fridays and the people who try to surpass it sometimes. It's not as easy as it seems.

As an additional precaution, Jerusalem is spending an estimated $600 million to replace about 20 kilometers of the fence with a concrete wall, mainly to provide greater peace of mind to the 162,000 Israelis who live near the Lebanese border.

So, they are going to build at least a partial concrete wall, along the Southern p... show more

Federal Union workers protest Trump upon arrival in McAllen, #Texas

Between 30 and 45 members of federal unions were present at a demonstration, David Rodriguez, chief steward for the American Federation of Government Employees chapter based in Mercedes, Texas, told Newsweek. Montserrat Garibay, Secretary-Treasurer of the Texas AFL-CIO offered a lower estimate of about 25 to 30 federal workers.

Opponents of the president said Drumpf was lying about the crime and danger of migrants. "He makes it seem like all we have is drugs and gangs in McAllen," resident Brandi Kennedy, who has lived near the border for 12 years, told the local outlet.

"Once that first paycheck [doesn’t come], we’re no longer talking about the theoretical; we’re talking about tangible missing of paying electric bills, paying mortgage or rent—at which point, the narrative shifts," High Point University political science professor Brandon Lenoir told Vox.

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#Trump makes visit in Texan border town, promoting plans

And in the end, he had to see that there are feasible ways to overcome his border wall with ease. It was clear for everyone in the world that a wall is easily trespassed if you know how to do it. Even before Trump appeared, the CBP struggled to fully close down the border for criminals, because there have always been multiple ways to traffick drugs northwards. Everyone read about the boats who crossed the US-Mexican seas to end up in nearby border states such as California. Even in the former German state GDR, common people found ways to cross the border, and this one was even enforced with watchmen and spring guns. You were likely to be shot on sight. Still, they either swam through rivers, flew across the wall, or swang across on a rope, knot on a heating, with a bottle of Cremant. Trump is deluded, hopelessly. And still, there are people who support him in his delusion. The fact that there are tunnels dug beneath the bor... show more
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Trump Showdown: Would You Do That?
“#JimAcosta just posted one of the biggest self owns ever,” social media strategist #CalebHull responded. ‘He's walking along the #border where there's a #wall in place talking about how there's nothing that ‘resembles a #national #emergency situation’ and ‘there's no #migrants trying to rush.’ That's because there's a wall, Jim.”
Acosta gets owned- by...errr.....Acosta

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Twitter: Jim Acosta on Twitter (Jim Acosta)


#Trump to cut #FEMA to relieve #California

“Unless they get their act together, which is unlikely, I have ordered FEMA to send no more money. It is a disgraceful situation in lives & money,” he stated in his tweet.

This time of the year, the forest management teams are busy -- removing brush, dead trees, and clearing trails. But as the government shut down lingers, the U.S. Forest Service can only respond and try to put out fires, while they aren't being paid. That means there is little to no work being done to manage forests while the government is closed, except responding to immediate safety issues.

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Senators challenged #Trump on his 19-day-government-shutdown

“When government is shut down, there are consequences and people are starting to feel those consequences,” Murkowski said, recalling her exchange with the president.

Unfortunately, Trump doesn't have a feel for the common people's problems, he only cares for himself and his stubborn ideals. That's why those same poeple have voted for him. Makes total sense, doesn't it?

Lankford’s decision to speak up behind closed doors to remind the president about the human impact of the shutdown is notable because he has supported Drumpf’s position publicly.

Hypocrisy or late enlightenment?

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Trump unable to comprehend consequences of his actions

“Many federal workers will not be receiving their paychecks, and what that means in their lives is tragic … the president seems to be insensitive to that,” Pelosi said. "He thinks maybe they could just ask their father for more money. But they can’t.”

"I asked what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up, are you going to approve Border Security which includes a Wall or Steel Barrier?" Drumpf tweeted. "Nancy said, NO. I said bye-bye, nothing else works!"

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Donnie not willing to end government shutdown (count: 19)

In a negotiating session that was over almost as soon as it began, Democrats went to the White House asking Drumpf to reopen the government. Drumpf renewed his call for money for his signature campaign promise and was rebuffed. Republicans and Democrats had differing accounts of the brief exchange, but the result was clear: The partial shutdown continued with no end in sight.

Republicans said Drumpf posed a direct question to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: If he opened the government, would she fund the wall? She said no. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Drumpf slammed his hand on the table, said “then we have nothing to discuss” and walked out.

Very presidential. Come in, ask whether wall will be funded, receive rejection, leave the table. This is the man who has caused the government shutdown, and who bears the guilt for unpaid workers.

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There's no negotiating with fools. Declare state of emergency, #BuildTheWall, & work with the senate to confirm judges for next two years, then take back house in 2020.

Donnie Jr. compares border wall to a zoo fence

Drumpf, who in the past has compared immigrants to a bowl of Skittles in which some of the candies were poisoned, was quickly slammed on social media:

It's not like he seriously had a problem with immigration or racism, I wouldn't say that, but... First, he compared immigrants to a bowl of skittles, and now to animals caged inside a zoo, surrounded by fences. One may be lucky to not have heard what animal in specific. This could have become even nastier.

Check the responses and you will see with which kind of POTUS/FLOTUS family we have to deal. It's terrifying, the South has taken over the White House.

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A fact-checker to read and find out about all of Donnie's liest from yesterday's speech.

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Food stamps program saved for February

Just a few days ago, White House officials had said funds for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program were likely to run out in February if Congress didn't act, an outcome that would have led to a sharp cut in benefits for millions of low-income Americans who rely on the program to help them pay for groceries each month. Democrats had seized on the White House's threat as both sides tried to increase their political leverage as the shutdown, now in its 18th day, entered its third week.

The department can use an obscure provision in the last spending bill, a continuing resolution that expired on Dec. 21. The provision allows USDA to make payments that it is already obligated to make within 30 days of the expiration of the law, #USDA officials said.

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On #Trump's scripted speech, compared to his non-scripted talk

His impulsive political instincts can go into overdrive after appearances in which he put on a calm presidential demeanor, for instance, in his State of the Union address last year. A subsequent torrent of tweet storms or off-the-cuff remarks to reporters often give a more authentic glimpse into the President's mind.

He had to convince those Americans who are prone not to trust him that there is a genuine crisis at the border. He had to prove the wall is the way to address it. And he had to bolster a weak personal position and change the political equation as the shutdown begins to bite.

"The speech had a hurried quality to it. It was thrown together. It didn't move you, it didn't move the audience, I think, emotionally or rationally," said David Gergen, an adviser to Republican and Democratic presidents, on "CNN Tonight."

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#AP fact-checked #Trump's adress to the nation during government shutdown

Despite their portrayal of Mexico as a teeming portal for terrorists, the State Department issued a report in September finding "no credible evidence indicating that international terrorist groups have established bases in Mexico, worked with Mexican drug cartels or sent operatives via Mexico into the United States."

Read the rest on the following link, it's broken into pieced and analysed to clarify what Trump has got wrong (as he was expected to).

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IRS will issue tax revenue despite government shutdown

The Internal Revenue Service will issue 2018 tax refunds even if the government remains shut down, the White House said on Monday.
"Tax refunds will go out," Russell Vought, acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, told reporters, according to The New York Times.
The announcement comes on the 17th day of the shutdown and seeks to quell the fears of many Americans who chose to file their taxes early and rely heavily on their returns.

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Congresswoman-elect Rashida #Tlaib accused of anti-Semitism

There is a fair debate to be had about the balancing act between combating the BDS movement and free speech, though opponents of the legislation also have to grapple with the fact that existing laws prevent governments from contracting with businesses that engage in discriminatory practices, and the movement to boycott Israeli Jews certainly is discriminatory.

I find it very discriminatory when someone claims that Israel was only inhabited by Jews. You always forget the Palestinians living in this country and the Druze Arabs as well. Also, many of those hold companies and concerns too, it's not only the Jews in Israel. You should think twice about what you say before you utter it.

But Tlaib obliterated that messaging strategy when she pulled out the anti-Semitic guns, saying advocates of the bill "forgot what country they represent." The idea of Jews as having divided loyalty, and of using their influence to co... show more

Section 8 Housing runs out of money if government shutdown continues beyond end of January

Reportedly, if the partial government shutdown extends past January 1, 2019, the Altoona Housing Authority won’t have subsidies to pay 450 landlords in their Section 8 housing voucher program. This would place hundreds of Section 8 renters at risk of losing their housing.

If I am not mistaken, Section 8 Housing is a program for people who live on the brink of poverty, so that they have to rely on government-funded housing that is affordable for those people. So to say, it's a council flat per person, to prevent homelessness. It was so obvious that it had to run out of money when their is no government funding. But of course it's the Democrats' fault, not Donnie's.

In a statement from HUD on its Twitter account, it says, “Due to the government shutdown, we will not be posting any new updates or responding to questions until normal operations resume. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

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Courts lose money, people lose #SNAP

More than 38 million Americans receive monthly food benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is often known as food stamps and is arguably the federal government’s most important anti-poverty program. If Drumpf keeps the government shut down through February, benefits could stop.

The USDA has said only that it has enough leftover money to pay for January’s benefits. Its reserve fund amounts to less than the total projected cost of February’s benefits. After February, it’s possible there would be nothing. Other food programs that serve seniors, mothers and children could also be affected.

Hence, if Donnie will continue the government being shut down beyond the end of January, he is evidently going to hurt his main voter base - the common workers and the poor unemployed on another essential part of their life and their daily struggles - again.

There is a far more ro... show more

Donnie wonders why no-one likes him

More descriptions of the heated exchanges between President Drumpf and congressional Democratic leaders during their two-hour meeting Friday are emerging — and the partial government shutdown wasn’t the only topic on Mr. Drumpf’s mind. Though the president later described the meetings over border security as “productive,” Democratic leaders told reporters afterward that the discussions had been “contentious.”

No one wants to impeach you, #Pelosi told the president and tried to move the focus of the meeting back to border security. Although one freshman Democrat, Rashida Tlaib, had said of the president to a group of progressives this week, “We’re going to impeach the motherfucker.”

(I replaced the asterisks by the actual word; there’s no need to cover the word that was used, it’s only right to call him by what he is)
Now, imagine how this must have sounded, when... show more

Donnie wonders why no-one likes him

_More descriptions of the heated exchanges between President Drumpf and congressional Democratic leaders during their two-hour meeting Friday are emerging — and the partial government shutdown wasn't the only topic on Mr. Drumpf's mind. Though the president later described the meetings over border security as "productive," Democratic leaders told reporters afterward that the discussions had been "contentious." _

No one wants to impeach you, #Pelosi told the president and tried to move the focus of the meeting back to border security. Although one freshman Democrat, Rashida Tlaib, had said of the president to a group of progressives this week, "We're going to impeach the motherfucker."

(I replaced the asterisks by the actual word; there's no need to cover the word that was used, it's only right to call him by what he is)
Now, imagine how this must have sounded, when he was sadly asking Ms. Pelosi why everyone wanted him to be im... show more
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