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Move clears way for papal nuncio Luigi Ventura to face criminal charges

The Vatican has waived diplomatic immunity for its envoy to France, who is under investigation for sexual assault.

The move – an indication of the Vatican’s tougher approach to sexual misconduct and abuse – clears the way for Archbishop Luigi Ventura, the apostolic nuncio, to face criminal charges.
Vatican lifts diplomatic immunity for envoy facing assault claims
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One of the most infuriating bait and switches old testament apologists pull is ignoring the rules for slavery of foreigners and pretending the rules for Hebrew servants are the extentvof the slavery in the bible. Even then they still ignore the rules for Hebrew slaves when those have questionable provisions.

For example, they'll claim slavery was only temporary but foreigners were slaves for life and circumstances can lead a Hebrew servant to be permanently in service to the master:

Leviticus 25: 44“ ‘Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves~. 45You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. 46You can bequeath them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life, but you must not rule over your fellow Israelites ruthlessly.

Exodus 21:4 If his master gives him a wife and she bears him sons or daughters, the woman and her children shall belong to her mas... Show more...
When the right turns to religion | Letters
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Film about abuse by priests sparks outrage and prompts MPs to change criminal code

Poland has raised jail terms for convicted paedophiles to a maximum of 30 years after a groundbreaking documentary on child sexual abuse among Polish priests sparked public outrage.

MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of changes to the criminal code that also introduce life sentences for the most dangerous paedophiles and remove a statute of limitations on prosecution of the most drastic cases of child sexual abuse.
Poland raises jail terms for child abuse after church documentary
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Team to make its debut against AS Roma’s women’s team on 26 May

The Vatican has launched its first women’s football team, with a debut challenge against AS Roma’s Serie A women’s squad on 26 May.

More than half of the team is made up of staff working within the Vatican, as well as employees’ wives and daughters.
Vatican launches women's football team with pope's blessing
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Police accuse 51-year-old Płock woman of ‘profanation’ of revered religious image

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of offending religious sentiment, after posters bearing an image of the Virgin Mary with her halo painted in the colours of the rainbow flag appeared in the city of Płock in central Poland.

The Polish interior minister, Joachim Brudziński, announced on Twitter on Monday that a person had been arrested for “carrying out a profanation of the Virgin Mary of Częstochowa”.
Woman arrested in Poland over posters of Virgin Mary with rainbow halo
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Notre Dame Cathedral: before and after the devastating fire – video
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Polish priest apologises for Harry Potter book burning
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Anti-sorcery post by evangelical Catholic group widely mocked on Facebook

Catholic priests in Poland have burned books that they say promote sorcery, including one of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, in a ceremony they photographed and posted on Facebook.

Three priests in the northern city of Koszalin were pictured carrying the books in a large basket from inside a church to a stone area outside. The books were set alight as prayers were said and a small group of people watched on. A mask, various trinkets and a “Hello Kitty” umbrella were also visible in the pictures of the makeshift bonfire.
Harry Potter among books burned by priests in Poland
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Editorial board says Vatican tried to discredit them after they denounced abuse of nuns

The founder and all-female editorial board of the Vatican’s women’s magazine have quit after what they say was a Vatican campaign to discredit them and put them “under the direct control of men” that increased after they denounced the sexual abuse of nuns by clergy.

The editorial committee of Women Church World, a monthly glossy published alongside the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, made the announcement in the planned 1 April editorial and in an open letter to Pope Francis.
Female journalists quit in protest at Vatican 'climate of distrust'
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Map of the intensity of the pursuit of witches in Europe during XVI century (according to modern official documents):

As we see, the most active pursuit of witches was in West Germany, Switzerland and France - the most developed regions.
Well, let's at least compare Italy: in the progressive north, it is much more active than in the backward agriculturally south.
If it were the backwardness of the thinking of the people, then everything looked strictly the opposite.
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Catholics rush against catholic school to accept same-sex couple's child

"Respectfully, we believe that the decision to deny a child of God access to such a wonderful community and education, based on the notion that his or her parent's union is not in accordance with the Church's teaching in Sacramental marriage, lacks the compassion and mercy of Christ's message."

But Superintendent O'Hara said in a statement to the Star that the "church's teaching on marriage is clear and is not altered by the laws of civil society. Catholic doctrine recognizes marriage "as a sacrament entered into between a man and woman."
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Philippe Barbarin handed six-month suspended sentence after surprise ruling in country’s most important church sexual abuse trial

A French court has found top Catholic official Cardinal Philippe Barbarin guilty for failing to act on accusations against a paedophile priest.

In a surprise decision on Thursday in France’s most important church sexual abuse trial, the Lyon court handed Barbarin a six-month suspended prison sentence for not reporting the facts in the period between July 2014 and June 2015.
French cardinal found guilty of failing to act on sexual abuse allegations
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On the confrontation between Native Americans' protest and the pro life protest

The boy has yet to be identified, but he was visiting Washington with a group from Covington Catholic High School, an all-boys college preparatory school in northern Kentucky. The group was in Washington to attend the March for Life, an annual anti-abortion rally that attracts tens of thousands of demonstrators, including many groups of young people from churches and private schools. The event’s stated ideal is “a world where the beauty and dignity of every human life are valued and protected.” (The Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School issued a statement on Saturday apologizing to Phillips and Native Americans in general, and said it is investigating punishments that may include expulsion.)

Because those who should be entitled to judge over the women's right to abort are white males, exactly! It makes total sense.

The context is key to the clash’s virality, too. It took place just days after President Drumpf made light of th... Show more...
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Католическая церковь покупает право на педофилию.
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It is also interesting how much pesos and euros were spent by this church for such purposes.
Catholic Church Found to Have Spent Over $2 Million Lobbying To Block Child Sex Laws

In light of the growing pedophilia and sexual assault scandal rocking the Catholic Church, it is important to remember that not very long ago the organization was found paying off a lobbying firm to block bills related to sex crimes against children.
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Duterte says Christian belief in Trinity is ‘silly’

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Kids rejected by their parents are softened up for predatory clergy - Catholic and Protestant alike.

I'm not sure I believe in (capital e) Evil but these bishops are doing evil and are instructing parents to be evil and unloving parents. Ignorance is no excuse.

Contrary to these claims, studies have found that how parents respond to their children’s gender identities can have drastic consequences for their mental health. When families reject their children for being transgender, it can significantly increase their depression and suicidal thinking. But when families affirm their kids in their gender identities, it’s one of the strongest buffers against those consequences, allowing them to be as happy and healthy as their peers who aren’t transgender. Trans kids are not full of “confusion and self-doubt,” and treating them like they are, as these religious leaders recommend, can be remarkably damaging.
♲ Janet Logan (103313013407404000344@plus.google.com):
Religious leaders dismiss the legitim
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"You have a very punchable face" - "Why thank you!"

Lesson learned: Haters gonna hate, don't worry, be happy!

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1. Nazis
Been this really weird spike I’ve noticed over the past year of Nazi and Eugenics types that will throw out all sorts of intelligent food for thought including but not limited to, science information, historical information, philosophical ponderings, and then will slip something completely idiotic into the mix of it all that less one critically think, many will miss.
For example, some study on Eugenics and “Intelligence” might be thrown in…
The institutions and persons involved with the study will be real (giving the illusion of things being legit), but when one considers the fact that there is NO SOLID DEFINITION for what “intelligence” even is, it’s quickly realized that the studies are nonsense from the start as they presume a working definition of... Show more...
Can Catholic crosses keep the far right at bay in multicultural Bavaria? | Alan Posener
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Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 14 Apr 2018 to 20 Apr 2018

This week’s updates include:
  • we have another #rapture coming up this weekend! this time for sure™;
  • mosque shooter turns out to be every bit the hateful little shit we all thought he was;
  • white nationalists themselves reveal who inspired them to become white nationalists... and you can guess who gets a mention;
and more.

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