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"Fresh off the climate strike that took hundreds of thousands of young people out of classrooms and into the streets globally, youth leaders gathered at the United Nations on Saturday to demand radical moves to fight #climate change."
Youth Leaders at U.N. Demand Radical Action on Climate Change
'We're Not Through': After Biggest #Climate Protest in History Draws 4 Million Worldwide, Campaigners Prepare for Week of Action
Led By Our Youth, the #Climate Narrative Has Changed
Connecting the Dots Between the #Climate and #Biodiversity Crises
Every #Peace Group and Activist Should Join #ClimateStrike DC for the Earth’s #Climate
Every Peace Group and Activist Should Join Strike DC for the Earth’s Climate
Tom Weis: Another Open Letter to #DNC Chair Tom Perez: How Are Democrats Going to Contain the #Climate Worldfire If They Won’t Even Hold a Climate Debate?
Climate Strikers Demand #Climate Justice On 'Historic' Day Of Protest https://www.desmogblog.com/2019/09/20/climate-strikers-demand-climate-justice-historic-day-action #climatestrike
It's Time to Strike for the #Climate
The #Climate Crisis Means the Wrong People Are Running the World
We Have a Decision to Make. Change the System or Face #Climate Catastrophe
We Have a Decision to Make. Change the System or Face #Climate Catastrophe
On #Climate Strike Eve, 450+ Activists and Groups Urge United Nations to Back Global #Fracking Ban
“Not a Blade of Grass Grew:” Living on the Edge of the #Climate Crisis in the Sandarbans of #WestBengal
“Not a Blade of Grass Grew:” Living on the Edge of the Climate Crisis in the Sandarbans of West Bengal
#UN Secretary General Urges Public Pressure Against #Climate “Emergency”
UN Secretary General Urges Public Pressure Against Climate “Emergency”
'Huge Win' But 'Not Enough': #Amazon Workers Claim Credit for Pushing #Bezos on #Climate , Vow to Intensify Campaign
To foolkids is very easy !!!

Schoolkids pledge no #children until #Climate Change is Fixed !

#climate #scam hoax wants to kill people with #geoengineering

fooling people is the business model

Bill Gates-Funded Geoengineering Chemical Cloud on MSM
"Anchorage is taking the lead by issuing the city’s first #climate action plan, which was released in April and will be voted on by the city council later this month."
"That the changing #climate touches everything and everyone should be obvious—as it should be that the poor and marginalised have most to lose when the weather turns against them."
"But people searching for accurate information about climate change may end up finding conspiracy theories and #climate change denial"
"The change has come as meteorologists and weather forecasters themselves have changed their opinions on the #climate crisis and its causes."
#epo grants monopolies on these things so that fewer people will be legally permitted to tackle #climate change. But don't let these inconvenient facts get in the way.
'This Really Is Something': #UN Chief Praised for Move to Block #Coal -Backing Nations From Speaking at #Climate Summit
Greta Thunberg Just Delivered Her Testimony to US Lawmakers: It Was a Landmark #UN #Climate Report
The #Climate Crisis Is Not Your Fault
The Climate Crisis Is Not Your Fault
Support the #Climate Strike, Not a #Military Strike
Support the Climate Strike, Not a Military Strike
Are ISO's Draft Guidelines on #Climate Action the First Steps Toward #Geoengineering ?
How the Rise of Populism is Fuelling #Climate #Science Denial Across #Europe https://www.desmogblog.com/2019/09/18/populism-climate-science-denial-european-union 'Populism' = hating facts?
#Climate models predict bigger heat rise ahead
Climate models predict bigger heat rise ahead
"On September 20th and 27th, millions of people will take to the streets worldwide to demand urgent #climate action."
"However, the battle against #climate change cannot be fought with ideas and targets alone. It also requires an attitudinal shift among the leadership and the public." https://www.dawn.com/news/1505858/climate-crisis?preview
"During Obama's tenure, he pledged to reduce the US' greenhouse gas emissions by 26% to 28% by 2025 under the Paris #Climate Accord" https://www.businessinsider.com/obama-meets-with-greta-thunberg-video-tweet-fist-bump-2019-9

The Great #Climate #Debate Pt. 2 Feat. #RalphEllis - #TruthWarrior LIVE

In this episode I speak with Author Ralph Ellis about his peer reviewed scientific paper entitled 'Modulation of ice ages via precession and dust-albedo feedbacks' which he co-authored with Michael Palmer and which demonstrated that temperature was controlled by albedo, not CO2. It has so far had over 13,000 downloads, making it one of the most successful papers of recent years.

MP3: https://wayofthetruthwarrior.podbean....

Paper: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science...
'Terrifying' New #Climate Models Warn of 6-7°C of Warming by 2100 If Emissions Not Slashed
Expanding #Carbon Offsets Will Not Solve the #Climate Crisis or Protect Tropical Forests
New Report Details 10 'Critical Transitions' to Tackle the #Climate Crisis and Feed the World
Op-ed: #Geoengineering Distracts From Real #Climate Solutions While Giving Cover to the #FossilFuel Industry
For Communities in South Africa, #Climate Change is Now
David Solnit: #Climate Strikes to the Green New Deal: Arts Organizing to Protect the Planet
"Arctic land ice, which comprises over 2 million square acres is diminishing rapidly due to the #climate crisis, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado."
#climate emergency is no emergency to presidents who have just one decade or less left to live (and may already be suffering dementia)
"a small but culturally rich island of 84-square miles and a mixing pot of cultures — my home — is being destroyed by the #climate crisis. Alone, I can never do enough to save it."
"Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash's call to #climate campaigners to support striking auto workers came after a number of labor groups backed the Global #ClimateStrike ..."
No #War for #Oil , Say #Climate Advocates, as #Trump Admin Pushes for Conflict With #Iran
New Report Details 10 'Critical Transitions' to Tackle the #Climate Crisis and Feed the World
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