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A minefield for both UK and EU migrants | Letters
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Brexit and the Irish border: is there a solution? – podcast
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Back-channel discussions seek to win support if Boris Johnson strikes new agreement with EU

One of Boris Johnson’s cabinet ministers has revived back-channel discussions with Labour MPs over their potential support for a Brexit deal for the first time since Theresa May’s failed attempts to gain their backing.

A government source said exploratory conversations began five to six days ago, including a face-to-face meeting with some Labour representatives of the MPs for a Deal group, which is led by Caroline Flint and Stephen Kinnock.
Cabinet minister revives talks with Labour over Brexit deal
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Mark Francois signals shift by European Research Group as PM prepares for Brussels talks

Signs have emerged that the hardline position of the Conservative party’s most Eurosceptic backbenchers has softened just days before Boris Johnson’s team are due to enter a “tunnel” of secret negotiations with Brussels.

Mark Francois, the deputy chair of the European Research Group, has opened the door to a potential Brexit deal, indicating he would look at one even if it included a version of the controversial Irish border backstop to which the Eurosceptic ERG was once implacably opposed.
Hardline Conservative Brexiters open door to support for deal
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PM says UK can still leave with no deal and fails to deny asking EU nations to block extension

Boris Johnson has ramped up speculation that he is planning to bypass a law that stops the UK from crashing out of the EU without a deal.

The prime minister told the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show that Britain can still leave the bloc on 31 October despite the passing of the Benn Act, which aims to prevent a no-deal Brexit by forcing him to ask Brussels for a delay.

At 11pm UK time on 31 October the UK would, by default, become a “third country” in terms of relations with the EU, with no overarching post-Brexit plan in place and no transition period. The UK would no longer be paying into the EU budget, nor would it hand over the £39bn divorce payment.
Boris Johnson fuels speculation he could ignore Brexit delay law
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Former staff waiting for pay plan to take protests to Tory conference, and Greek hoteliers face a €500m hit

Staff from Thomas Cook are to hold protests at this week’s Tory party conference in Manchester and later at Downing Street over the government’s decision not to step in and save the company from liquidation.

Staff were due to get their monthly salaries on 30 September but are instead among Thomas Cook’s creditors, and it is now unclear when they will be paid. Some 150,000 UK holidaymakers are being repatriated at taxpayers’ expense following the demise of the world’s oldest tour operator. On 28 September, a further 16,700 customers were set to be flown home.
Thomas Cook staff and European tourist trade left reeling after collapse
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Conservatives will promise to get Brexit done, launch manifesto-friendly policies and attack Corbyn

A defiant Boris Johnson will use this weekend’s Tory conference in Manchester to double down on his “people v parliament” rhetoric, after a tumultuous week in which he was accused of dangerously inflaming political tensions.

Downing Street insiders insist they have not been blown off course by the furious condemnation of Johnson’s repeated use of the phrase “surrender bill” to describe the backbench Benn Act.

(September 3, 2019)
Defiant Johnson will not tone down rhetoric at Tory conference
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Financial services and biotech among sectors the PM wants to move away from EU standards

Boris Johnson has signalled his hope to push down tax rates and diverge from EU standards and regulations after Brexit, even as his talks on a new departure plan at a UN summit in New York met with seemingly limited success.

The prime minister was expected to try to sell his self-styled replacement for the Irish backstop border insurance policy during two days of meetings with leaders from the EU and member states.
Johnson hints at major reforms to tax and industry post-Brexit
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Extracts from former PM’s book reveal thoughts on Johnson, Gove and referendum regret

Extracts from the former prime minister David Cameron’s memoir For the Record have been published in the Times and Sunday Times. Here are five things we learned from the book.
Five things we learned from David Cameron's memoir
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Culture secretary says result of 2016 poll should be respected

Nicky Morgan has said she would vote to remain in the EU if there was to be a second referendum.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast, the culture secretary, who campaigned for remain in the run-up to the 2016 poll, said she would vote the same way again.
Nicky Morgan says she would vote to remain in EU in a second referendum
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PM rejects calls for article 50 extension and says he may ignore law blocking no deal

Boris Johnson has said he will win a new Brexit deal at next month’s EU summit by using his “powers of persuasion”, and rejected calls for a further extension to article 50.

The prime minister said he had no plans to accept new legislation that would require him to write to the EU asking for a “pointless” delay to Brexit.
Boris Johnson vows to use powers of persuasion to win new Brexit deal
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Impressionist Jon Culshaw, playwright James Graham, comedian Bridget Christie and critic Mark Lawson on the prime minister’s opening week in Westminster

I’ve been doing Boris impressions ever since he emerged as Boris the Menace in Private Eye. He stuck out from the more orderly politicians – a bumbling, peroxide-haired loose cannon who spouts Latin. Boris has always used comedy and bluster to paper over inadequacy and problems. Comedy was a tool to distract, sending the focus elsewhere the way a magician does. That method has gone now. Like frozen snow from the top of a slanting shed roof, it has slid off and landed with a real thump.
Cracked actor: stage stars review Boris Johnson's debut as PM
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No-deal Brexit threatens overseas territories | Letter
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Heather Stewart is joined by Jonathan Freedland, Zoe Williams, Paul Harrison, Larry Elliott and John Curtice to discuss Boris Johnson’s triple defeat in parliament, Sajid Javid’s spending review and the possibility of a snap general election

With just days before Boris Johnson plans to suspend parliament, MPs have wasted no time in inflicting a string of defeats on the prime minister in a bid to block a no-deal Brexit.

With 21 rebel Tory MPs booted out of the party, the potential loss of most Tory seats in Scotland and Jeremy Corbyn so far refusing an early election, could Johnson’s premiership be shortlived?
Johnson's Commons humiliation - Politics Weekly podcast
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Two sides will meet twice a week as No 10 fights rebel MPs’ efforts to block no deal

A bullish Boris Johnson has sought to reassure Tory MPs queasy about his plan to suspend parliament by announcing he wants to “step up the tempo” of Brexit talks in Brussels.

After his chief negotiator, David Frost, met EU officials in Brussels on Wednesday, the prime minister said on Thursday that both sides had agreed to meet twice a week.
Time to step up tempo of Brexit talks, says bullish Boris Johnson
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