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Why homeopathy is successful despite scientific contradiction

He believed that if medicine was to move from sequential delusions towards effective truth, then we should not just look at why each successive medical theory was wrong, but to come up with general reasons why doctors and their patients continually make mistakes about what is effective and what is not.

People inevitably seek treatments when symptoms are at their worst. It is equally inevitable that we will subsequently have better days, even if our chosen treatment was ineffective. Jumping to conclusions, based on simple experiences of treatments, can quickly lead us to error. This point may appear trivial, and yet it is the foundation for belief in all superstitious and pseudo-scientific treatments.

Such a notion of dilution resulting in larger effects is counter to our everyday understanding of the world. You do not make coffee stronger by diluting it. You do not get drunk on shandy. Because all homeopathic remedies are essentially identically inert pills, homeopaths are fr... Show more...

Mysterium Fasces

Florian Geyer returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his recent monologue "The New Colonialism."

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Academic Grievance Studies & the Corruption of Science

A #must-read for anyone interested in #science and the #corruption of #scholarship in modern #academia.

For the past year scholars #JamesLindsay, #
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((( Yuval Gavriel )))

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Nevada Professor Shoots Himself On Campus To Protest President Trump

Contrary to what it may at first appear, this story is not from The Onion, but a bizarre and all too real event which sent students scrambling as they heard a shot ring out in the bathroom of a campus building. And we're quite sure the students who actually rushed to the wounded professor's aid to save his life once they realized what had happened aren't fully appreciative of his "political message".

Mark J. Bird, a 69-year old longtime sociology professor at the College of Southern Nevada shot himself in the bathroom of a campus building where he works, and is now facing felony gun charges after the August 28 incident, revealed for the first time this week based on a police report.

Police confirm in their court report that the professor "had shot himself in protest of President Donald Trump".
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Nothing increases a woman's self-worth like the charity prostitution of a one night stand. #thot #slut #whore #feminism #degeneracy #sarcasm

"I said: “there is a justice of one man, we say, and, I suppose, also of an entire city.” “Assuredly,” said he. “Is not the city larger than the man?” “It is larger,” he said. “Then, perhaps, there would be more justice in the larger object and more easy to apprehend. If it please you, then, let us first look for its quality in states, and then only examine it also in the individual, looking for the likeness of the greater in the form of the less.”"

  • Plato, The Republic
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If you don't already hate Israel enough, this should will seal the deal.

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