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Weltwirtschaftsforum: Trump sagt Reise von US-Delegation nach Davos ab
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After Pelosi sought to delay the State of the Union, Trump cancels the Democrat's foreign trip, citing the shutdown. #UnitedStates #DonaldTrump #US&Canada
Charles Kupperman is the latest addition to the Trump administration with ties to anti-Muslim group, say watchdogs. #Islamophobia #UnitedStates #US&Canada #Racism #DonaldTrump
US-Haushaltsstreits: Trump streicht Pelosis Reisepläne - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Politik
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William Barr, 68, served as attorney general under president George HW Bush in the early 1990s. #DonaldTrump #UnitedStates #US&Canada #MuellerProbe
Trumps Ex-Anwalt: Trump-Lager soll Fälschungsversuche unternommen haben - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Politik
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Raketenabwehr: Trump stellt neue Abwehrstrategie vor - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Politik
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Michael Cohen paid a firm to manipulate online polling data, the Wall Street Journal reported. #DonaldTrump #UnitedStates #US&Canada
Wie konnte Trump US-Präsident werden - und kann man jetzt tun? Doku-Aktivist Michael Moore misst in "Fahrenheit 11/9" erneut Amerikas Betriebstemperatur. Seine Diagnose ist so deprimierend wie aufwühlend.
"Fahrenheit 11/9" von Michael Moore: Wer Schuld hat an Trump? Gwen Stefani! - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Kultur
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Trump und der Druck durch den Shutdown: Eingemauert - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Politik
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Sarah Sanders alleges dem Dems for having caused this nasty dinner with #Clemson

Drumpf proudly served stacks of burgers from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King, fries, Domino’s pizza, and some salads to the national champions and their coach on Monday when they visited the White House. (The Clemson Tigers beat the Alabama Crimson Tide 44-16 last week to capture the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship.)

“Because the Democrats refuse to negotiate on border security, much of the residence staff at the White House is furloughed—so the president is personally paying for the event to be catered with some of everyone’s favorite fast foods,” Sanders said in a statement, reported The New York Times. The shutdown hinges on Drumpf's demand for $5.8 billion in funding for his long-pledged U.S. Mexico border wall.

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Hail Drumpf - Donald Trump and his entire administration turns the US into Third Reich

Barr did not reject the possibility of jailing journalists outright. Instead, he said that it would likely be a “last resort,” but noted that there were situations where he could envision it happening.

To me, this is already too much. Journalists, committing us an honourable favour to maintain something we can call a free society of the people, shall never ever incarcerates those guardian angels in trying times of fascists occupying our administrations. If William Barr will let this happen, we know that Jeff Sessions was only the peak of a deeply ranging iceberg.

“Uhh,” he said, after a pause, “I know there are guidelines in place, and I can conceive of situations where, as a last resort, and where a news organization has run through a red flag or something like that, knows that they’re putting out stuff that will hurt the country, there could be a situation where someone would be held in contempt.”

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Stephen King supports local newspapers when it comes to the #feuilleton

The newspaper promised to keep the section if it got 100 new subscribers; within 48 hours, it had 200 and journalism was saved. Moral of the story: take out that Guardian subscription, guys.

Come on guys, we need Stephen King to support more of the independent journalists out there, especially when it comes to their support on literature and other branches of culture. :D

When Republican senator Ted Cruz called him a “limousine liberal”, this epitome of the American Dream, who went from toiling novelist in a trailer park to become the world’s bestselling author – responded: “Come on up to Maine, Ted, I’ll give you a ride on my Harley. It was made in America before your boy Drumpf fucked up the company.”

As much as I like King as a person (I'm not much into horror fiction, rather into realism; still, I can highly recommend his book... show more
As the shutdown stretches into its 26th day, US House Speaker Pelosi urges Trump to reschedule State of Union address. #US-Mexicoborder #UnitedStates #US&Canada #DonaldTrump
Asylum seekers have crossed into Guatemala in the latest 'migrant caravan' heading towards the US. #LatinAmerica #Honduras #HumanRights #UnitedStates #DonaldTrump
Pelosi fordert: Trump soll wegen Shutdown Rede zur Lage der Nation verschieben - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Politik
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Loose Tweets Sink Fleets

I stumbled across an old poster from WW II, and the second scheme of it kind of reminded me of The Don. Maybe it's just my disability of the English language that first let me think of twitter rather than colloquial language that called loose chatter as tweeting, but somehow, the sense of what the two posters were trying to tell the people reading it could easily be refletected to the tweeting president-elect who never recognises when it would be better for him to shut his mouth, turn off his phone and get to work at last, like what the people hoped to see sitting in the White House, handling the country's subjects; like, real statesmanship. One may dream...

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Senior political leader says any 'security' role for Turkey will upset the balance in the region as attack fears rise. #SyriasWar #Turkey-Syriaborder #MiddleEast #Turkey #ISISISIL #DonaldTrump #RecepTayyipErdogan

Poll shows that majority of people blame Founding Fathers for #US' state of art

“As many as 75 percent of voters blame the country’s issues on the leaders of the American Revolution for bringing the United States into existence, representing a 20 percent increase from a survey conducted last year,” said lead researcher Harriet Zipperman, noting that a majority of the electorate feels that matters ranging from presidential overreach, illegal immigration, wealth disparity, and governmental dysfunction can be traced directly to individuals including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison for drafting the Declaration of Independence and ratifying the Constitution, which 62 percent of voters now view as a mistake.

Makes total sense to me.

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#Kilimnik becomes focus on grand jury investigation

_The 31-page filing gives an unprecedented window into Mueller's work with the grand jury, which is typically secret. It's also the first confirmation from prosecutors that Kilimnik is still central to the grand jury's efforts.__

Despite being heavily redacted, some details of the communications are discernable. Manafort tried to get people appointed to the administration at the start of Drumpf's presidency, according to Gates, and was talking to someone whose name is redacted through February 2018 when Gates pleaded guilty.

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IRS planning to reopen

In a revised shutdown plan released Tuesday, the agency said it expects to have 46,052 employees, about 57 percent of its total workforce, on the job. Currently, only 12.5 percent are working.

It will not be conducting audits, and collection activities will be generally limited to ones that are automated. The agency says it will have some people who can answer phone calls with questions, though the public should be prepared for longer wait times.

So, people will be taxed as usual, but other governmental branches are still not going to be opened due to a current stalemate between the Democrats and the Republicans, namely Donnie and Chuck and Nancy? Oh, very great, you surely make yourself a lot of friends.

“They’ve already missed a paycheck and soon they’ll be asked to work for free for as long as the shutdown lasts,” said Tony Reardon, head of the National Treasury Employees Union. “I’m worried that highly trained IRS employees will consider quitting so they can get a job... show more

Barr announced to declare #Mueller's final report to "confidential

But Barr, testifying at his confirmation hearing, said that under his interpretation of the special counsel regulations, he didn’t believe that Mueller’s final report was required to be made public. Barr said he believed Mueller’s report would be “confidential,” but that as attorney general he would issue a public summary of its findings.

Why wouldn't he like to see the report to be available to everyone interested, especially the press? Press members may be able to read it, but not to publish it. I think that it would be nicer to know that Trump's betrayal on the American people should be visible to all of us.

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On the new #Gilette ad and toxic masculinity

The advertisement features news clips of reporting on the #MeToo movement, as well as images showing sexism in films, in boardrooms, and of violence between boys, with a voice over saying: “Bullying, the MeToo movement against sexual harassment, toxic masculinity, is this the best a man can get?”

The Emmy-award winning actor and prominent Donald Drumpf supporter James Woods meanwhile accused Gillette of “jumping on the ‘men are horrible’ campaign” and pledged to boycott its products.

Far-right magazine The New American attacked the advertisement’s message, saying it “reflects many false suppositions”, adding that: “Men are the wilder sex, which accounts for their dangerousness – but also their dynamism.”

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Schadensersatzforderung: Rihanna verklagt ihren eigenen Vater - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Panorama
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US-Demokraten: Auch Gillibrand will bei Präsidentschaftswahl antreten
US-Präsidentschaftswahl 2020: Demokratin Gillibrand will gegen Trump antreten
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A new survey finds that four in 10 Americans either are affected by partial shutdown or know someone who is impacted. #UnitedStates #DonaldTrump #US-Mexicoborder #US&Canada #HumanRights #Business&Economy
♲ gangigirl1 (115664938970519248914@plus.google.com):
"Trump has turned out to be the Norma Desmond of authoritarians, a senescent has-been whose delusions are propped up by obsequious retainers. From his fantasy world in the White House, he barks dictatorial and often illegal orders, floats conspiracy theories, tweets insults and lies unceasingly. But much of the time he’s not fully in charge. He has the instincts of a fascist but lacks both the discipline and the loyal lieutenants he’d need to create true autocracy.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the country isn’t coming undone."
Opinion | Our National Emergency Turns 2 - The New York Times
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The New York Times: Opinion | Our National Emergency Turns 2 (By MICHELLE GOLDBERG)

Barr vows to allow Russia probe to continue despite president's claim that the investigation is a 'witch-hunt'. #MuellerProbe #UnitedStates #US&Canada #DonaldTrump #Russia
US House Republicans strip Iowa Congressman Steve King of his committee assignments after uproar. #TheFarRight #UnitedStates #US&Canada #Racism #DonaldTrump

Shall we contemplate subpoenaing the principal witness in the Russian affaire?

Concern focuses most on Drumpf’s meetings with Putin at the Helsinki summit in July 2018. The Russian president, and the American president helped into office by the Russian president, met for two hours with no aides. No agenda was published before the meeting, no communiqué issued afterward. The Russian side later claimed that a number of agreements had been reached at the summit. Nobody on the American side seemed to know whether this was true. At a press conference four days after the meeting, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said, “I’m not in a position to either understand fully or talk about what happened in Helsinki.”

We are facing very possibly the worst scandal in the history of the U.S. government. Previous high-profile cases of disloyalty to the United States—Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s betrayal of atomic secrets to the U.S.S.R.; Secretary of War John B. Floyd’s allowing federal arsenals to fall into sec... show more

On the government shutdown, what else?

_The Washington Post and ABC News found that 53 percent of respondents blamed Drumpf and Republicans in Congress for the shutdown, 29 percent blamed Democrats, and 13 percent blamed both sides.__

Drumpf promised his base a wall, and the GOP is increasingly getting on board even when construction seems impossible. As the Washington Post reports, support for the wall jumped 16 percent in the last year from 71 to 87 percent.

So, as we can tell, the shutdown is really not going to end until Donnie is getting his wall, why the Atlantic wrote that the Democrats are not going to give it in because then, Donnie knew that he could get whatever he wanted if he was just pig-headed enough about it and didn't give in on his behalf, even if it meant that he had to shut down the government and let federal workers run into poverty.

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Who's running for president (on the sides)?

On Republican side:
  • Donald Trump (of course)
  • (No-one else officially announced yet, or even spoke publicly about probably running for president)
On Democratic side:
  • Julian Castro (D - TX)
  • Tulsi Gabbard (D - HI)
  • John Delaney (D - MD)
  • Richard Ojeda (D - WV)
Rumoured to be running (only Democrats):
  • Elizabeth Warren (D - MA) (I thought she already announced her candidacy)
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (D - NYS)
  • Michael Bloomberg (D - NYC) (He's later, he could've run earlier)
  • Kamala Harris (D - CA)
  • Cory Brooker (D - NJ)
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Why the government shutdown hits African-Americans harder than anyone else

We should note that that disparity in wealth is probably much less acute among federal workers. We don't have numbers of black federal workers' wealth versus white federal workers' wealth. It's probably much closer than the broader disparity. But overall, black Americans are less likely to have friends, family, networks, access to credit, you name it. Things that will help you survive a period without a paycheck, they're less likely to have it.

Actually much more so, and that's the next thing we ought to look at. Unlike federal employees, there's no precedent for government contractors to receive back pay when the shutdown ends, so that income is just gone. Black-owned firms comprise just 2 percent of all small businesses in the country but they make up 11.7 percent of registered federal contractors. That's almost the proportion that black Americans make up in the population.

Growing up, he said he was told, "Get a good job in the government." His mom worked for ... show more

#Trump - not the man to call for motivational services

The truth is, for the past two years, American family farmers have taken the brunt of the administration’s trade wars. Retaliatory tariffs, lost trade relationships and unstable markets have pushed the American farm economy to its brink. In fact, the majority of farms have earned negative farm income in recent years, and many are being forced to sell the farm. The president must right the ship immediately, as farmers can no longer afford to hold out hope for “the greatest harvest.”

Rather than work with our top trading partners like Canada, Mexico, Japan and the European Union to address common grievances with China, we’ve offended all of our allies. Not only has this ruined positive trading relationships with trade allies, it has weakened our leverage to deal with the world’s shared trade aggressor, China.

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Vereinigte Staaten: US-Präsident soll mehrfach Nato-Austritt erwogen haben
Donald Trump soll mehrfach Nato-Austritt erwogen haben
#Politik #Ausland #DonaldTrump #Nato
Regierung: Huawei droht in Polen eine Verkaufseinschränkung - Golem.de
#Huawei #DonaldTrump #Rechtsstreitigkeiten #Spionage #WallStreet #PolitikRecht
Pavel Fuchs, who once negotiated with Trump, accused of making a threat of violence over bad seats at 2017 inauguration. #TheOligarchs #DonaldTrump #UnitedStates #Europe #US&Canada
There are a number of options Mr Trump has to deal with the crowd of children at his southern border. #UnitedStates #US-Mexicoborder #DonaldTrump #Childrights #Immigration #US&Canada
Mueller-Ermittlungen "keine Hexenjagd": Designierter Justizminister widerspricht Trump - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Politik
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Die US-Regierung hat den umstrittenen Militäreinsatz an der Grenze zu Mexiko bis Ende September ausgedehnt. Außerdem wird der Aufgabenbereich der eingesetzten Soldaten verändert.
US-Militäreinsatz an der Grenze zu Mexiko verlängert | DW | 15.01.2019
#USA #Mexiko #Grenze #Mauer #DonaldTrump #Migration #Armee
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