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Devices: #GaëlDuval ( #Eelo or /e/), #WindRiver Claims "Linux Leadership", More on "Reachy" From #PollenRobotics
Gaël Duval: A video interview at #CoderStories https://www.indidea.org/gael/blog/a-video-interview-at-coderstories/ #eelo #eos #linux #android
A video interview at CoderStories
Leaving #Apple & #Google – /e/ mobile OS next steps: a Roadmap for 2020
http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/130410 #eelo project from #mandrake hero Gaël Duval
An /e/ Summer update: smartphones for sale, applications, PWAs & next steps
http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/126194 #eelo #linux
And @fossforce is also back. With a copy of the article from @gael_duval
https://fossforce.com/2019/05/huawei-and-other-mobile-tech-giants-you-should-really-break-free-from-google-android/ #eelo #android #huawei #aosp #linux
Huawei and Other Mobile ‘Tech Giants’: You Should (Really) Break Free from Google/Android

Leaving Apple & Google: /e/ smartphones, /e/ app store and a Pie – /e/

the latest /e/ newsletter- 1300 phones sold + a new app store launched. Become part of the movement now!!!! #eelo #privacy #android @/e/ Foundation @Gaël Duval
Leaving Apple & Google: /e/ smartphones, /e/ app store and a Pie

Study of Google data collection on your phone: they know everything!

this is why we should all switch to /e/ , the new privacy-friendly mobile OS, based on Android! www.e.foundation @/e/ Foundation @Gaël Duval #privacy #eelo #google
Study of Google data collection comes amid increased scrutiny over digital privacy
hi @GeneralMagicCo , using your app now on @e_mydata by @gael_duval . Do you have a web interface too? It'd be great if i could send locations and/or routes from my laptop (on the web) to my phone (your android app), like TomTom makes possible for example #maps #opensource #eelo
Gaël Duval: From Sovereign operating systems to the Sovereign digital chain
http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/121358 #eelo #linux #android
Eelo - of /e/ - het nieuwe mobiele operating system dat privacy-bestendig is! #eelo #/e/ #google #apple #facebook
Destination Linux | Episode 88: "Ask Us Almost Anything".

On this episode of Destination Linux, they talk about the latest releases from Parrot Security, Tails Linux, Eelo, Sailfish OS, Nano +more.

They also discuss the really interesting Ask Me Anything community interview that the Arch Linux team had on Reddit.

Later in the show the latest hardware news from AMD and Tuxedo Computers. Then to round out the show with tips, tricks and software spotlight picks.

--> https://destinationlinux.org/episode-88-ask-us-almost-anything/

#Linux #DestinationLinux #AMA #Tuxedo #AMD #Sailfish #Nano #Eelo
Destination Linux EP88 – Ask Us Almost Anything
Does anybody know wich are the default applications installed on #eelo rom ? I would like to try those application before migrating my phone to #eelo !

Thank's you
Quelqu'un sait quelles sont les applications par défaut de la ROM #eelo ? Je voudrais les essayer avant d'installer la ROM sur mon téléphone


#android #foss #eelo #libre #free #software #ask
@魔大农 Modanung yes, but it's based on #lineageos, and i've seen that #lineageos 14 is working well on this phone, but the sim card reader is not working, if the phone is working on #android 8 (#lineageos 14 is android 7) because samsung changed the kernel version for that part, and the solution proposed on #reddit is not working :S
Maybe if i downgrade samsung version to android 7 and try #eelo it will work but i'm not sure :S
I'll try but made a full backup of phone before to restore it if it's failling

Good news ?!

I've just seen, my phone is compatible with #eelo #/e/ project ! Actually it's a nightly but maybe i'll try it in a few days or week !

Do i'll try or not ?

#english #eelo #linux #samsung #french #a5(2017) #a520f #news #libre #free

Bonne nouvelle ?!

Je viens de voir que mon téléphone est compatible avec le projet #eelo ! C'est une support en nightly actuellement, mais pourquoi pas essayer dans quelques jours ou semaines !!

Doit-je essayer ?
Devices: #Eelo The Psion Gemini, “Isaac" and Android P Beta 2
Leaving Apple & Google: a general #eelo development status https://www.indidea.org/gael/blog/leaving-apple-google-a-general-eelo-development-status/ #gnu #linux
Leaving Apple & Google: a general eelo development status
" #eelo community is growing fast: we have close to 15 developers working full time, a dozen translators/editors… to reach our targets, and I’m currently limiting this number." https://www.indidea.org/gael/blog/if-i-had-an-eelo-co-founder/ #linux
If I had an eelo co-founder
Announcing “e Foundation” for #eelo
http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/111998 by @gael_duval

"e Foundation" emerges from Eelo project

Good news everyone! The eelo project is going steady and has just incorporated a non-profit organisation to support the project.
Eelo started about 6 months ago, with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to develop a 100% FOSS smartphone OS, completely free of Google. The man behind it is Gael Duval, the creator of the Mandrake GNU/Linux operating system back in 1998. He published an interesting article explaining his main reasons for launching the Eelo project.

This is not the first time a project was born to offer a truly FOSS alternative to Google and Apple. Firefox OS and Ubuntu Phone had there go at it before eventually withdrawing. We hope that lessons have been learnt from those failures. From what we gathered, our advice for success would be:
- do not release a hal... Show more...
Should we be concerned about Privacy with low-level Chinese smartphone firmwares?
"if their proprietary firmware drivers leak some personal data to corporates or to the Chinese government?"

#eelo #privacy
Should we be concerned about Privacy with low-level Chinese smartphone firmwares?
#Huawei has been building its substitute to #Android for a rainy day. Is that day looming?
http://www.scmp.com/tech/article/2143711/huawei-sees-building-alternative-android-insurance-amid-us-china-trade-tensions it can afford. Use #eelo maybe
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