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US-American hunter pays to shoot rare Pakistani goat

"It was an easy and close shot. I am pleased to take this trophy," he said, according to The Washington Post.

Pakistan banned all local hunting of the goats in 2011, but allowed tourists to shoot 12 male goats per season in "community conservation areas".

The hunting tactic appears to be working, in 2015 the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (ICUN) reclassified the goats from endangered to "near-threatened".
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Jair Bolsonaro: Slayer of the indigenous people

“With Bolsonaro, the invaders are feeling more at ease,” Bitete Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, who lives on an Indigenous reserve, told The Intercept by telephone.

Last month, the image of a bullet-riddled metal plaque reading “National Indigenous Foundation, Protected Territory” made the rounds on WhatsApp, Brazil’s most popular messaging app. The sign marks the entrance to one of several villages in the vast Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau Indigenous reserve, in a lawless region of the Amazonian state of Rondônia, near the Bolivian border.

Days after signing the decree, Bolsonaro tweeted a video clip of another one of his ministers who argued in a cable news interview that many of the existing Indigenous reserves were established using fraudulent documents, and called the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples “spurious” and “treasonous.”
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Two comments on the Green New Deal

1. New York Times: The Green New Deal Is What Realistic Environmental Policy Look Like

It is a technological exoskeleton for the species. Everything most of us do, we do through it: calling our parents, getting to work, moving for a job, taking the family on vacation, finding food for the evening or staying warm in a polar vortex.

Since environmental policy can happen only through economic policy, there is no avoiding decisions about what sorts of work there will be, and in which industries. It’s unsettling, but maybe a little less so when you consider that we’ve been doing it all along, usually without owning up to it.

To the left of the Green New Deal, there will be louder calls to nationalize fossil fuels in order to leave them in the ground. (A carbon tax would be compatible with any of these visions, depending on who paid it and how the revenues were spent.)
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TVA to close coal-fired plant

he decision could put 131 people out of work and will affect an additional 135 people who work in nearby coal mines that supply the plant, including one owned by a major Drumpf campaign donor.

"It is not about coal. This decision is about economics," TVA CEO Bill Johnson said. "It's about keeping rates as low as feasible."

Good luck! I already thought they were trying to derange a benevolent agenda. Good to know that they used it to show the real face of capitalism. ;-)

The decision continues the TVA's trend of retiring its aging coal-fired power plants in favor of cheaper and cleaner energy sources, including natural gas. In December, amid heavy rains and several plant outages, the TVA supplied more power from hydroelectricity and renewables than coal for the first time since the 1950s.
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#PresidentTrump wants Billions back from California! \o/

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Zur Opposition der Klimaschützer

Die Linken sollten sich den Ökodiktatur-Vorwurf der Rechten endlich zu eigen machen, statt ihn ängstlich zu widerlegen: Ja bitte! Wir stehen dazu! Denn es steht nichts weniger als „der Planet“ auf dem Spiel.

Wir können die Aktivitäten der heutigen Klimabewegung und ihrer parlamentarischen und regierungsamtlichen Fürsprecher nicht als bereits in Entfaltung begriffene Öko-Diktatur disqualifizieren. Dafür nämlich ist die real existierende Umweltpolitik viel zu inkonsistent, die Akteursgruppen viel zu fragmentiert; teilweise widersprechen die Akteure sich gegenseitig, obwohl sie sich im Konsens über das Ziel des Klimaschutzes befinden.

Tempolimit-Befürworter führen plausible wissenschaftliche Argumente für ihre Position an, verhalten sich also gar nicht diktatorisch, sondern einfach nur rational, während die Gegner des Tempolimits im Namen höherer Interessen – der Freiheit an sich – zu sprechen vorgeben; beide ... show more

There's no such thing as a "doctored" Green New Deal**

Ocasio-Cortez was roundly criticized last week for proposals in the Green New Deal, which she sponsored, that included eliminating all air travel and the government paying people who are "unwilling to work."

“There’s a case to be made that the criticism about ending airplanes and cows was a stretch to begin with, since the resolution didn’t mention any of that and the FAQs were not definitive on those points,” Rizzo wrote in the Post.

"That’s like citing the foxes to fact-check the hens. Here’s 4 Geppettos for your contested Pinocchios," Ocasio-Cortez said on Twitter not long after the fact-check was published.

And if you would like to read the bill yourself: Here's the link: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-resolution/109/text

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On the farm of generian animals

Leshko’s photographs, collected in her book Allowed To Grow Old: Portraits of Elderly Animals from Farm Sanctuaries, are of old and often rather weather-beaten farm animals. You need a bit of a nudge before you see what’s unusual about them – ie they are old, whereas most farm animals are dispatched to the abattoir in their youth (and in many cases in their infancy).

A few, like the 28-year-old Appaloosa horse Buddy, have been donated when owners became unable to care for them – in Buddy’s case, painful iritis meant he had to have his eyes removed, and he needed expert care to help him get used to his blindness.

Animal products may be ubiquitous, but farm animals themselves are fairly invisible, and I’m hoping people who read the book might stop to consider these animals’ lives and recognise that they’re individuals, not commodities; that they are sentient, and have unique personalities and emotions.”

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Pelosi as the leader of the Democrats' downfall

Pelosi knows that AOC is a rising national power -- particularly among the most activist and liberal left. Given Ocasio-Cortez's profile -- and her influence among young, liberal members -- Pelosi knows she can't just ignore what the New York Democrat says and does. But she isn't going to kowtow to AOC either.

Very junior members don't have any expectation that the leadership will take up their pet issue or cause or legislation. That Ocasio-Cortez has millions of Twitter followers matters something close to not at all in Pelosi's decision-making on how to proceed on climate change legislation.

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CSU und [Verkehrsminister]Scheuer sehen Zukunft in fossilen Brennstoffen

Auch synthetische Kraftstoffe und Wasserstoff könnten künftig eine größere Rolle spielen, meinte Scheuer. BMW-Chef Krüger sagte, in China und vielen anderen Ländern werde sich das Batterie-Auto durchsetzen.

"könnten"... Nur haben sie halt keine ausdrucksstarke Lobby...

Die Nachfrage nach Diesel-Fahrzeugen in Deutschland sinkt – unter anderem wegen bereits bestehender sowie drohender Fahrverbote in mehreren Städten. Die Auto-Industrie benötigt allerdings die Diesel-Technologie vorerst, um die Klimavorgaben der EU zu erfüllen.

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Himalayan glaciers going to melt due to global warming

Such a catastrophic melt would disrupt the flow of Asian rivers, which are a crucial resource for crops for billions of people in China, India and six other countries.

Prepared over a five-year period with contributions from more than 350 researchers, the report is the first "to lay down in definitive detail the region’s critical importance to the well-being of billions and its alarming vulnerability, especially in the face of climate change,” said David Molden, director general of the development group that published the study.

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Green New Deal might not be as radical as predicted

_Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) are expected to introduce a resolution outlining elements of the plan within days, which will include a goal for eliminating the U.S. carbon footprint by 2030, according to multiple sources.__

_Ocasio-Cortez's office said the plan's goal is still to act quickly on climate change with a range of technologies, though allowing fossil fuels to persist is “not what we’re shooting for,” spokesperson Corbin Trent said.

“It names the problem,” Das said of the forthcoming proposal. “It sort of sets ambitious goals as a resolution, but it’s left for the parties to fill in the gaps and the experts to come.”

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Trump firmly insists declaring David Bernhardt new interior secretary

“David has done a fantastic job from the day he arrived, and we look forward to having his nomination officially confirmed,” Drumpf said on Twitter.

The Interior Department, which employs more than 70,000 people and oversees more than 20 percent of the U.S. land surface, has been central to Drumpf’s “energy dominance” policy of boosting energy production.

Critics say Bernhardt’s previous work as a lobbyist could risk conflicts of interest, unless he recuses himself from certain issues, because he worked for companies that could benefit by opening up lands to development.

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#EPA going to continue meetings with industry under Wheeler leadership

Wheeler held or attended more than 50 meetings with representatives of companies or industry groups regulated by the EPA between April and August of last year, including a company he previously lobbied for, a CNN review of his internal schedules found. He met with three nonprofit environmental groups during that time.

Wheeler's calendars show he held meetings with lobbyists or executives from companies such as oil giant BP, electricity company Duke Energy, agriculture corporation Monsanto, petroleum refiner HollyFrontier and others.

The three non-governmental environmental groups that Wheeler's schedules included are National Wildlife Federation, Trout Unlimited and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

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On the Amanita Phalloides, aka «death cap»

As he shook the mushroom free of its soil and added it to the others he’d lined up on a sheet of wax paper, he surveyed the collection and said, “Enough here to kill an entire Catholic school.”

The first serious poisoning in British Columbia was reported in 2003, and another occurred in 2008. Both victims survived. Then, in 2016, a 3-year-old boy from Victoria died after eating mushrooms found outside an apartment complex. Kroeger thought he had anticipated the worst, but he was not prepared, he said, “for a wee child to die.”

“When the liver starts to fail, you see bleeding disorders, brain swelling, multi-organ failure. It’s very, very rough,” she said.

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Interview mit der Klimaaktivistin Greta Thunberg

Die meisten Erwachsenen sind sich nicht bewusst, wie schwerwiegend die Klimakrise ist. Sie wissen, dass sich etwas verändert, aber sie wissen nicht genau, welche Folgen der Klimawandel haben wird. Die Erwachsenen müssen erkennen, dass sie die Zukunft ihrer Kinder und der Generationen danach aufs Spiel setzen, wenn sie so weiter machen. So lange das nicht passiert und wir keinen öffentlichen Druck ausüben, werden die Politiker das Thema weiter ignorieren.

Ich höre diesen Menschen zu. Doch das hier ist ein Schwarz-Weiß-Thema: Entweder besteht unsere menschliche Zivilisation fort - oder nicht. Es gibt kein Grau, wenn es um unser Überleben geht.

Die meisten haben gar keine Argumente; sie attackieren mich wegen meines Erscheinungsbildes oder der Diagnose. Aber es ist ein gutes Zeichen, dass sie über mich schreiben und mich hassen. Denn das zeigt, dass sie mich als Bedrohung ansehen.

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Insane heat in Australia, polar vortex in the #US

For the first time since records began, the country’s mean temperature in January exceeded 30C (86F), according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), which said daily extremes – in some places just short of 50C – were unprecedented.

Climate change is the long-term driver. “The warming trend which has seen Australian temperatures increase by more than 1C in the last 100 years also contributed to the unusually warm conditions,” Watkins said.

Menindee in far-west NSW had four days in a row of temperatures above 47C. This was the site of December and January’s mass fish kills on the Darling River. Hundreds of thousands of native fish, including Murray cod, golden perch and bony bream, died around the Menindee weir. The authorities blamed “thermal stratification” as sudden shifts in temperature – first hot, then cold – caused algae blooms and choked the water of oxy... show more

Some people would even joke when death stood right before them

It's one thing to not know the difference between weather and climate, but it's a wholly different thing to not be able to tell the difference, being the president of the (formerly) mightiest nation in the world, and even making jokes about this incapability in charge. Seriously, we need to tell Mueller to hurry up and file charges against this bastard so that one can bring him behind bars and commence earlier elections so that we can draw measurements to prevent climate change from worsening.

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Murray Energy cuts ties with Andrew Wheeler as he officially enters #EPA

The country’s largest privately held coal producer, run by the bombastic coal baron Bob Murray, appears to have ended its relationship with Wheeler’s former lobbying firm, Faegre Baker Daniels Consulting, according to a lobbying termination notice buried last week in Politico Influence, a newsletter tracking K-Street contracts. The termination took effect at the end of last year.

“Murray Energy has cut out the middleman,” Judith Enck, a former administrator for the EPA region that includes New York and Puerto Rico, told HuffPost in an interview Monday. “They’ve got their pro-coal guy in the driver’s seat at the EPA.”

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Why's it so cold during global warming and climate change?

Climate refers to how the atmosphere acts over a long period of time, while weather describes what’s happening on a much shorter time scale. The climate can be thought of, in a way, as the sum of long periods of weather.

Even on a day when it is colder than average where you live, the world as a whole is frequently warmer than average, which you can see for yourself on these daily maps from the University of Maine.

The United States government and hundreds of scientific organizations agree that human activities are primarily responsible for global warming.

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#AOC quotes Bible to argue against Sanders' defiance of climate change-denying policies

(Shitty source, but still worth reading at least in terms of having something to smirk about)

"Genesis 1: God looked on the world & called it good not once, not twice, but seven times. Genesis 2: God commands all people to 'serve and protect' creation," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. "Leviticus: God mandates that not only the people, but the land that sustains them, shall be respected."

I wasn't that surprised about the first phrases of the Genesis which everyone could cite, not verbatim, but at least in terms of transporting the sense of what is being written; the Leviticus was admirable, though. I mean, one would not technically investigate the Holy Fucking Bible just to find a counter-argument to hit back on a pseudo-Christian who was fine with destroying the planet as long as God Almighty would not intervene like the US in any proxy war of the 20th century and the early 21st century.

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#EU officially banned additional microplastics in products

The European Commission, which estimates that between 70,000 and 200,000 tonnes of micro-plastics enter the environment each year, had requested the proposal from the ECHA as part of its plastics strategy.

"The European Union is first in the world to have launched a comprehensive plastics strategy which aims at reducing also micro-plastics," he said.

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#UN environment goodwill ambassador to Brazil called a bad Brazilian

“It’s absurd what they do today with the image of Brazil,” said Dias, who was the leader of the farmers’ caucus in congress before being appointed to the environment ministry by far-right president Jair Bolsonaro. “For some reason they go out and paint a picture of Brazil and its industries that is not true.

Why not tell the people what she has got wrong about the Brazilian industry that is abotu to destroy the entire environmental surrounding of Brazil?

Several days after Bolsonaro’s election, Bündchen spoke out against a proposal to merge the agriculture and environment ministries, describing the move as “potentially disastrous and a path with no return”. (The ministries have remained separate.)

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Millenial/Gen Z ways to die and be remembered

Young tree huggers have popularized the concept of green burials, which tend to cost less and use fewer synthetic chemicals. With green burials, everything that goes in the ground is as biodegradable as a body. That could include a cardboard or pine casket, a cotton shroud, or even an urn made from pink Himalayan salt.

Rather a tree hugger than someone who destroys his own home. ;-)

As generations seek out new ways to dispose of themselves, the funeral industry will need to adapt or suffer a slow death. Then again, burial pods may just be the final nail in the coffin.

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Teen diver discovers approx. 50,000 golf balls off #California coast

Alex Weber told NPR News in a report published on Thursday that she first discovered the golf balls while she was swimming near Pebble Beach two years ago. Weber, who was 16 at the time, said she stumbled upon the discovery in a small cove she dived in to.

Though Weber recalled there being sharks in the cove during her trips to collect more golf balls, she said the real dangers were the “golf balls flying in off the course right into the ocean where we were doing collections.”

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Wanna get rid of crime? Get rid of the politicians!

(Outdated: About ten months old)

Everywhere, that is, except for one small corner of the violent western state of Michoacán, which has found a simple solution to the vote-buying and patronage which plague Mexican democracy.

Of course, the Wild Wild West.

Eventually, the townspeople decided they had enough. Early on 15 April 2011, local residents ran off the loggers and blockaded the town. Then they kicked out the mayor and banished political parties, arguing that infighting was what had allowed the town to fall into crisis.

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Small Guatemalan village managed to get rid of plastic on its own

Before 2016, San Pedro La Laguna was drowning in plastic pollution that was threatening the fragile ecosystem of Lake Atitlán. The dire need for change crystallized when a solid waste disposal processing plant that was expected to manage a decade of waste was halfway full within six months, mostly with single-use plastics. Rather than build a larger plant—which would’ve been an enormous financial burden on the town and further polluted the lake with debris—Mayor Mauricio Méndez decided to implement a stringent municipal law to encourage lasting, sustainable change.

At least we're making slow progress as well; but unlike them, we have an entire economy that whines all the time when we try to tell them that it can't go on like this anymore because we're messing up our entire planet with this plastic crap. They're such some snowflakes, you cannot believe it.

Residents were wary because they couldn’t afford to purchase biodegradable replacements. ... show more

Ocean Cleanup project experiences setback

The device, however, is falling apart. The project's 2,000-foot-long screen, which already failed to capture plastic while stationed off California's coast, broke apart before the New Year due to the Pacific Ocean's wind and waves.

Damn! The construction can't stand the natural conditions that were possible to be expected due to recordings. For God's sake, how hopeless are we, if even young inventors have to support us in our own guilt? This boy needs more support; so far, he seems to be the only one who managed to bring up a creation to save the ocean from the garbage we fed it with.

Slat, who hopes to deploy 60 of the ocean cleanup devices to collect plastic debris floating in the ocean, said discouragement is not an issue albeit they hoped they could stay out longer to do more experiments and do something about the plastic retention issue.

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#Rohingya receive water thanks to green technology

The refugees are living in squalid conditions across 36 different locations in Cox's Bazar. Water is scarce in most locations. But sunshine is plentiful. Over the past six months, the U.N. refugee agency and partners have been putting into operation solar-powered safe water systems.

"Using the solar energy has allowed the humanitarian community to reduce the energy costs and emissions," said Mahecic. "So, there is a clear environmental impact of this. Chlorination is also a life-saver in refugee sites of this scale. The recent tests revealed that most contamination of drinking water occurs during collection, transport and storage at the household level."

Oh, so chlorinating via sun-powered electricity systems is keeping the water clean so that people can drink it? Interesting, really interesting. We should install more of these systems in poor regions that barely have access to clean and purified water. I wou... show more

#Japan sells threatened bluefin tuna for #sushi

The Kiyomura Corp., which Kimura runs, footed the bill at over $5,000 per pound. The fish usually sells for up to $40 per pound, though the price can fluctuate to more than $200 per pound. The gigantic tuna will translate to more than 12,000 pieces of sushi for the company's Sushi Zanmai chain.

But many environmental groups would argue the price is still too low, for a species that has floated ever closer to extinction. Experts say demand for Pacific bluefin has led to overfishing, causing stocks of the fish to fall to just 2.6 percent of their historic size.

The price we pay therefore is higher than payment could ever show to us. For God's sake, this kind of fish is threatened, he could extinct when he is still up for sale!

Conservation groups blame demand from the sushi and sashimi industry for the rapid decline in population. Ja... show more

On Ryan Zinke's bloodred resignation letter

NPR's Nathan Rott reports that the secretary's choice to ride a horse to work reflected how he imagined himself: as a modern incarnation of President Theodore Roosevelt, a conservationist who established the U.S. Forest Service as well as hundreds of national forests and reserves. "Zinke went the opposite way, reducing protections on millions of acres of land by shrinking national monuments, opening up the coastlines and vast areas of the West to oil and gas leasing," Rott reports.

Well, when it comes to autoreflection, some people seriously have to examine themselves and how they recognise their outside world. It seems to be that contradictions of a massive rate are not unusual. While one man claims to be a stable genius although he has got the intellect of a newborn, the other one seems to view oneself as a reborn Teddy Roosevelt while he is only a Texan robber baron.

Zinke departed his office under the threat of numerous ethics investigations. NPR reports one case is a real estate deal involving Zin... show more

Ryan Zinke's bloodred resignation letter - written in something between Arabic and Karl Marx when drunk

I would be careful when reading this out aloud. You might accidentally summon the devil, and he will turn your garden into an oilfield, but calling it his private property, and trespassing would be punished by a ball right between your eyes.

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On David Bernhardt, Ryan #Zinke's acting successor

Like #Wheeler, Bernhardt is a former industry lobbyist and has previously worked at the Interior Department. He’s likely to be at the helm for a while and may even end up as the permanent secretary.

Since I don't expect a capable replacement to take office anywhere in the Trump administration, I'm not too frightened about him possibly becoming the permanent secretary. It can't get worse than that, but it also won't become any better.

A 2014 financial disclosure document shows that Bernhardt has represented a number of clients that have business before the Interior Department, including oil companies like Statoil Gulf Services, Taylor Energy, and Cobalt International Energy.

He'll have a good time working together with Mr. Wheeler. They both will overcome a lot of environmental regulations. He will build the foundation... show more

Madness and destruction have begun

"There will be an increase in deforestation and violence against indigenous people,” said Dinaman Tuxá, executive coordinator of the Articulation of Indigenous People of Brazil (Apib). “Indigenous people are defenders and protectors of the environment.”
Sonia Guajajara, an indigenous leader who stood as vice-presidential candidate for the Socialism and Freedom party (PSOL) tweeted her opposition. “The dismantling has already begun,” she posted on Tuesday.

We all foresaw it, we all awaited the beginning, and now, it has begun, at last. The international community will now watch the rain forest become plain land, because a couple of people were to choose a new leader, which they did. One might now wonder whether nations can persist throughtout the oncoming decades, or whether such some decision, compared to what they impact, cannot be felled by them, but have to be discussed on an entirely international scale. Just wondering, now that the rainforest is so vulnerable.

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Aftermath of the government shutdown: Junk piling in national parks

"You want people in Washington to do it, you do something too, it's your doorstep. Everybody should be a little bit more respectful," said another local resident who walk on this path every day.

I didn't expect people to move away their own dust because I knew I would be disappointed. Sadly, we need federal employees to do the cleaning because, as it is said, people are pigs, they don't care for their environment until it is gone. And I really mean: Gone. When the floor is so toxic that nothing grows anymore, they'll realise it was not such a good idea to throw away your plastic garbage on the floor because you couldn't carry it anymore, until the next bin was in sight.

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En lille kort animationsfilm om hvilke konsekvenser det har for havdyrene når plastikemballage smides i naturen og ender i havet.
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Prohibition of one-way plastic products takes effect in #EU countries

First Vice-President Frans #Timmermans, responsible for sustainable development said: "I warmly welcome today's ambitious agreement reached on our Commission proposal to reduce single use plastics. This agreement truly helps protect our people and our planet. Europeans are conscious that plastic waste is an enormous problem and the EU as a whole has shown true courage in addressing it, making us the global leader in tackling plastic marine litter. Equally important is, that with the solutions agreed upon today, we are also driving a new circular business model and showing the way forward to putting our economy on a more sustainable path."

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The #IPCC report for 2018

No comment of mine, and no quoted chapters. Just read the report if you please, it's about the necessary and urgent climate objectives that have to be reached by every country in this world if we want to somewhat slow down the global climate change so that this planet will be inhabitable for the human race as well as all other beings, no matter if they are plants or non-human mammals, or whatsofucking ever; just read this report to know what is on. It concerns the all of us.

Thanks in advance.

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#Ryan #Zinke's successor, David #Bernhardt

Mr. Bernhardt’s proposal to change that plan, released just this month, would strip away protections from about nine million acres of the sage grouse habitat, a move that in a stroke opened up more land to oil and gas drilling than any other single policy action by the Drumpf administration.
“I see a parallel to E.P.A.,” said Ms. Sgamma of the Western Energy Alliance. “The environmentalists wanted scalps. They got Pruitt’s scalp, but the policy didn’t change. I would expect the same thing to happen with Interior.”

We're so going to be fucked at the end of the world, because we saw destroyers of this planet being crowned to be officials in the administration of one of the world's greatest polluters, people who simply... show more

#Democrats may garner from younger Rep.s henceforth

Since then, Democrats in Congress have proposed no shortage of climate bills. A few of them even picked up Republican support. Some blue states have also tried to pass climate policy of their own, though the most ambitious of those efforts have failed. And as I wrote last year, the party has encountered new problems in its coalition. Some environmental groups have focused on closing coal plants and blocking pipeline projects, frustrating the labor movement, which appreciates the jobs that those projects bring.

It's hard to safe the environment when you can't even rely on other left-leaning groups such as the Labour Movement, who of course appreciates every kind of draft that will bring up new jobs for the people. Sigh...

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Fossil fuels vs #environmentalism

The proposals, put forward by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM), essentially dismantle much of a landmark 2015 compromise struck between states, oil drilling companies and environmentalists to create a network of protected areas for the sage grouse across 11 western states.

This story reminds me of when they wanted to allow more spots for fracking, to get all this difficultl-to-access gas beneath the soil. There were environmental difficulties as well, but they simply undermined the regulations and there they went - it was all accessible to them. So far, not even the EPA is in their way, the way to it wil be all even.

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#Environmentalism strikes again - this time: Border wall

Their lawsuits said construction operations would harm plants, rare wildlife habitats, threatened coastal birds like the snowy plover and California gnatcatcher, and other species such as fairy shrimp and the Quino checkerspot butterfly.

Good to hear that the justice system, although pretty broken already, hasn't died altogether yet. When it comes to environmental affairs, it is still alive and well. Imagine those little animals could stop this border wall problem completely in the end, wouldn't that be funny? :D

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On the «gilets jaunes»-movement

A week ago thousands of protesters, who have no leader and have largely organised themselves online, converged on Paris for the first time, turning the Champs Elysees into a battle zone as they clashed with police firing tear gas and water canon.

I didn't know that, althought one could've thought it worked out this way. Nowadays, organising and gathering to protest together has become much easier since the internet makes it possible. Unfortunately, we experience only a few of such protests, and in France, it is even just because of rising diese.l prices. People need to recognise that fossil fuels are finite, and damage our environment. When there is one thing that has t become more expensive, it has to be the fossil fuels. If you want to protest something, use taxes themselves, and not this one.

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This six floor bamboo luxury house is as amazing as it is beautiful #architecture #engineering #science #environmentalism

*The Dead Sea Is Dying

But after two decades of discussions about how to resurrect the Dead Sea, there is a glimmer of hope but with a huge price tag: a $1.5-billion project to build a desalination facility in Jordan to transform Red Sea water into drinking water, while pumping the remaining salty brine into the Dead Sea.

Well, we would then be decreasing one sea to help the other. And all, just because the human race was never interested in changing its lavish, murderous lifestyle. Well done, humanity, you successfully played yourself.

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When #economics hit #environmentalism

Drumpf on Monday said that he’s read some of the report and that “it’s fine,” but he doesn’t believe some of the analysis that predicts possible devastating effects on the economy.

And by some, he means that he has read an abstract about what the article says? Unfortunately, I still need to read it as well, but at least, I am not the president of one of the greatest polluters in the world, following after #India and #China. There’s a slight difference, because I also don’t have any power to control the US’ pollution rates.
Also, the economy must step back a little bit when she wants to continue as by now, although it might become necessary to dra... show more
When #economics hit #environmentalism

Drumpf on Monday said that he's read some of the report and that "it's fine," but he doesn't believe some of the analysis that predicts possible devastating effects on the economy.

And by some, he means that he has read an abstract about what the article says? Unfortunately, I still need to read it as well, but at least, I am not the president of one of the greatest polluters in the world, following after #India and #China. There's a slight difference, because I also don't have any power to control the US' pollution rates.
Also, the economy must step back a little bit when she wants to continue as by now, although it might become necessary to draw back a little bit. It's... show more

Tribal tourism - endangerment for #Natives?

In 2013, the Supreme Court banned tourists from taking the ATR after a video shot by a journalist showed policemen forcing six Jarawa women to dance for tourists. The court reversed the decision after the state administration submitted a notification promising that no tourist or commercial establishment in the area would be permitted.

I can't believe that something like tribal tourism actually exists. If it was to me, something like this would not exist, and if any tourists dared to trespass reservoirs inhabited by tribes, those members were free to murder them, and no criminal investigation would follow subsequently. There would have been signs that told them not to trespass the area, so that they would be warned. End of the story, we are not allowed to vanish tribes for commercial reasons.

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Are we going to survive climate change?

But if we can hold the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius, #Arctic sea ice is far likelier to survive the summers. Coral reefs will continue to be damaged, but will not be wiped out. The percentage of people exposed to severe heat waves would plummet to about 14 percent. The number exposed to urban drought would drop by more than 60 million people.

IF - they said it! So far, this does not look like going to be the case. We are far likelier to raise the degree, thus destroying the coral reefs, melting the Arctic ice, and causing ourselves more droughts in the urban areas. Just because the spoilt Western World doesn't want to leave out its beloved luxury. The world is going down in wealth and poverty alike, simultaneously.

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The New York Times: Will We Survive Climate Change? (By JOHN SCHWARTZ)

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