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Editorial: The start of the American presidential race next month may seem more alluring. But the Irish general election is of more immediate importance for Britain
The Guardian view on Ireland’s election: a contest with consequences | Editorial
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Boris Johnson says during talks in Berlin there will be no normalisation of UK-Russia ties

Boris Johnson has told Vladimir Putin there will be no normalisation of the relationship between the UK and Russia, almost two years on from the Salisbury attack.

The pair met in Berlin on the sidelines of an international summit about the future of Libya. According to an account of the conversation released by Downing Street, Johnson stuck closely to the robust stance taken by Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May.
No change in UK's stance on Salisbury attack, PM tells Putin
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Berlin summit seeks to stop latest round of fighting turning country into ‘a second Syria’

An international force, possibly including British and other European troops, is being considered to monitor a proposed Libyan ceasefire and possibly enforce an arms embargo after an international conference in Berlin designed to bring an end to the fighting between the two warring sides.

The presidents of Russia, Turkey and France joined other global leaders at the talks hosted by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and held under the auspices of the UN. The summit’s main goal is to get foreign powers wielding influence in the region to stop interfering in the war – be it through weapons, troops or financing.
Libya: international force could monitor proposed ceasefire
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European intervention now can preserve the peace process, says the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s Saeb Erekat
The EU has a duty to recognise the state of Palestine | Saeb Erekat
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Generet prize will fund more trials by Steven Laureys to help written-off ‘vegetative’ patients
Belgian neurologist wins €1m prize for work on serious brain trauma
#Neuroscience #Belgium #Europe #Medicalresearch #Science
Benedict and his inner circle are accused of intervening to halt Pope Francis relaxing celibacy rules as the battle between conservative and liberal factions takes a new twist
Two popes, plotting cardinals and the fallout of an explosive book
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Everyone from Trump to Thunberg is coming, but the World Economic Forum has been called much ado about nothing
Warm words in the alps … Davos prepares for 50th economics shindig
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Its new commission is failing to enact its grand ambitions, as destructive global power games are played out by others
The Observer view on the EU’s weakness on the world stage | Observer editorial
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Between 2014 and 2016, all working people in #europe were employed by a company that has a loo. What the heck that does have to do with anything? False correlation 'studies' paid for (yes, bribes) by #epo
The Russian president has manipulated the levers of power to rule in perpetuity. That prospect is terrible for the west – and Russia
Putin, a criminal and incompetent president, is an enemy of his own people | Simon Tisdall
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Jean Marc #Jancovici. #FranceCulture : #Transition énergétique avons-nous encore le temps ? - 07/11/2019
Vidéo 40min : ou https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=lBox1k1bFxs

Discussion un peu tendue avec le #Journaliste de France Culture. Mais Jancovici mène largement le sujet.

Le #Nucléaire est bien sûr au cœur de la discussion, #... Show more...
Jean Marc #Jancovici. #FranceCulture : #Transition énergétique avons-nous encore le temps ? - 07/11/2019
ou https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=lBox1k1bFxs

Discussion un peu tendue avec le #Journaliste de France Culture. Mais Jancovici mène largement le sujet.

Le #Nucléaire est bien sûr au cœur de la discussion, #Fukushima et #... Show more...
Les Mots à La Bouche’s move from the Marais shows loss of cultural heritage, activists say
Rent rises force revered LGBT bookshop out of Paris's gay district
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Gaultier says his high-end fashion and perfume business will continue, however
Jean-Paul Gaultier bows out as fashion designer after 50 years
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● NEWS ● #hrw #europe ☞ #EU Parliament Calls for Release of #Burundi Journalists
Letter: The Irish writer’s humour buoyed people up in their struggles to make ends meet and hope for a better world, writes Dr Gill Gregory
Samuel Beckett and the human condition | Letter
#SamuelBeckett #Culture #Ireland #Poverty #Socialexclusion #Society #Europe #Worldnews
Downgrading of Auberge du Pont de Collonges to two-star establishment prompts fury
French chefs stew over renowned restaurant's loss of Michelin star
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Deserted Great Blasket’s new inhabitants must remember they are custodians of its history, says writer Cole Moreton
Being a caretaker in paradise can be fun – as long as you respect the culture | Cole Moreton
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Gardener discovered Portrait of a Lady while clearing ivy at the gallery in Piacenza

Art experts have confirmed that a stolen painting discovered hidden inside an Italian art gallery’s walls is Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of a Lady.

A gardener at the Ricci Oddi Modern Art gallery in the northern city of Piacenza reported finding an art work last month while clearing ivy. Portrait of a Lady was stolen from the gallery nearly 23 years ago.
Painting found inside Italian gallery wall confirmed as a Gustav Klimt
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Activists say 19-year-old Briton’s appeal is watershed for women and law in country

Activists in Cyprus have described the determination of a British teenager to overturn a conviction that she lied about being gang-raped on the island as “a critical moment” for women’s rights.

Ten days after the 19-year-old received a suspended four-month sentence for the offence of fomenting public mischief, her lawyers filed an appeal against the conviction before the country’s supreme court.
UK teen's false rape claim appeal a 'critical moment' for Cyprus
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Law bans happy hours, free bars and makes it illegal to advertise pub crawls

The regional government in the Balearic islands has passed a bill aimed at clamping down on alcohol-fuelled holidays.

The law bans happy hours, free bars and two-for-one drinks parties and makes it illegal to advertise pub crawls. There will be no new licences for party boats and existing boats are banned from operating in designated areas.
Balearic islands' bill to clamp down on alcohol-fuelled holidays
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City’s municipal credit bank will cancel some debt if young adults engage with training schemes

The city of Amsterdam is taking over the debts of its young adults as part of a drive to liberate people who are struggling to get into work or education.

A growth in borrowing among young Dutch adults – a trend echoed elsewhere in Europe, including the UK – is said to be standing in the way of them joining the marketplace or completing higher education courses.
Amsterdam to buy out young people's debt to offer 'new start'
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Draft white paper suggest prohibition lasting three to five years is being considered

The EU could temporarily ban the use of facial recognition technology in public places such as train stations, sport stadiums and shopping centres over fears about creeping surveillance of European citizens.

A prohibition lasting between three and five years is seen as a way for Brussels to manage the risks said to be posed by the breakneck speed at which the software is being adopted.
EU eyes temporary ban on facial recognition in public places
#Facialrecognition #ArtificialintelligenceAI #Surveillance #Europeancommission #EuropeanUnion #Europe #Technology #Worldnews
If you live or work in Ghent we would like to hear how you feel it has changed since the implementation of the traffic circulation plan
How have things changed since Ghent went car free?
#Belgium #Europe #Worldnews
Nouveau record de surface pour la #forêt française – EURACTIV.fr

16,8 millions d’hectares, soit 31 % du territoire, contre 19 % en 1908 : la forêt métropolitaine continue de gagner du terrain dans l’Hexagone.

Mais la filière bois française veut bouger. Le secteur, qui représente une des premières ressources en bois en #Europe, présente pour l’instant un paysage morcelé. A titre d’exemple, l’#Allemagne, qui a une surface forestière inférieure, génère trois fois plus d’emplois.

Nouveau record de surface pour la forêt française
Audio leaked of PM reportedly criticising president’s understanding of the economy

Ukraine’s prime minister has offered his resignation after audio was leaked of him reportedly criticising President Volodomyr Zelenskiy’s understanding of the economy.

“To remove any doubts about our respect for and trust in the president, I have written a resignation letter and handed it over to the president,” Oleksiy Goncharuk wrote on his official Facebook page.
Ukraine prime minister offers resignation after leaked recording
#Ukraine #Europe #Worldnews
Originally intended to hold 3,000 people, 19,000 now live at the Moria refugee camp – with no electricity, scant water and, for many, no shelter at all. Journalist Harriet Grant and photographer Giorgos Moutafis met some of those attempting to cope with life there

Above a hill on the north shore of Lesbos, volunteers watch the sea and the twinkling lights of Turkey day and night with binoculars. The coastguard hurry to respond when they see a boat approaching, trying to arrive in time to stop children falling in the icy cold water as they clamber onto rocks and beaches.

On the morning of 11 January, a group of migrants from Afghanistan make it ashore without being spotted and walk to an olive grove where they light a fire and call for help.

After arriving on a dinghy in the early hours of the morning, migrants from Afghanistan warm themselves by a fire

Children, particularly those under 12, make up nearly half the population of the camp

Migrants build a shelter at the makeshift camp. Only those with money can... Show more...
The risk of being kicked out still haunts those without a British passport says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff
EU nationals are fearful. And after Windrush, they should be | Gaby Hinsliff
#Brexit #Immigrationandasylum #UKnews #EuropeanUnion #Europe #Politics #HomeOffice
Papers revealing the Swedish Academy’s deliberations over the Waiting for Godot author reveal fierce disputes over his ‘nihilism’

Fifty years after Samuel Beckett won the Nobel prize for literature, newly opened archives reveal the serious doubts the committee had over giving the award to an author they felt held a “bottomless contempt for the human condition”.

Announcing that the Waiting for Godot author had won the laureateship in 1969, the Swedish Academy praised “his writing, which – in new forms for the novel and drama – in the destitution of modern man acquires its elevation”.
'Ghost poetry': fight over Samuel Beckett's Nobel win revealed in archives
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As revellers head to the Noorderslag festival, more artists are finding success with their native tongue – at home and abroad

The major stars in the Dutch music scene have rarely worn their nationality on their sleeves. It is difficult to imagine No Limit by 2 Unlimited or the Vengaboys’ enduring eurodance track Boom Boom Boom Boom achieving quite the same success in the artists’ native language.

As with Nederpop, a genre of music that enjoyed its moment under the disco-lights in the 1960s and 1970s, the stars seeking international success have generally sung in English or dispensed with words altogether; Dutch was left to the folk singers. Dutch-born Eddie Van Halen, who moved to California with his family as a child, was never likely to insist that his eponymous band sang in his mother tongue.
The future's oranje: Dutch bands embrace their own language
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International correspondent Michael Safi discusses the mistakes and dangerous miscalculations that have been made by Iran in the wake of Qassem Suleimani’s death. And parliament’s youngest MP, Nadia Whitmore, talks about her new role
The fallout in Iran - podcast
#Iran #Nuclearweapons #DonaldTrump #Europe #Foreignpolicy #Westminster #Labour
Government’s new fund should at least equal EU’s near £2bn, Industrial Communities Alliance says

The Treasury will need to find almost £2bn a year to fill the hole left when EU funding for some of Britain’s poorest communities ends after Brexit, ministers have been told.

A body that represents local authorities in the industrial areas of England, Scotland and Wales said the government needed to match the money currently coming from Brussels and allow for extra EU cash that would have arrived over the next few years.
EU's funding for UK's poorest areas 'must be matched after Brexit'
#Brexit #EuropeanUnion #Communities #Europe #Inequalityanddevelopment #UKnews
EU does not want to lose British military firepower

The European Union should offer Britain “privileged third-party status” in defence and foreign policy cooperation after Brexit, the German defence minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, has said in a speech in London.

She said that such status should include access to projects such as Future Combat Air System, the Franco-German stealth jet programme.
UK must get post-Brexit 'defence privileges', says German minister
#Brexit #AnnegretKramp-Karrenbauer #EuropeanUnion #MinistryofDefence #Europe #USnews #UKnews #Foreignpolicy #Worldnews
Sacra Corona Unita tried for the second time to blow up a key trial witness
Italy to strengthen anti-mafia task force after bomb in Foggia
#Italy #Organisedcrime #Mafia #Europe #Worldnews
The Giuliani aide insisted the president ‘knew exactly what was going on’ in Ukraine – but is he just trying to save his skin?
Who is Lev Parnas? Soviet-born operator thrust into Trump impeachment scandal
#Trumpimpeachment #DonaldTrump #RudyGiuliani #USnews #Worldnews #Ukraine #Europe
In fight against climate crisis, operators will be compensated for early switch-offs

Germany will pay its utility companies billions of euros to speed up the shutdown of their coal-fired power plants as part of the country’s efforts to fight climate crisis, the government has said.

The agreement reached between federal ministers and representatives of four coalmining states removes a key hurdle in Germany’s plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades.
Germany will pay billions to speed up coal-fired power plant shutdowns
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Editorial: The Russian president is laying the groundwork to perpetuate his rule when his term ends in four years
The Guardian view on Putin and power: he’s not going anywhere | Editorial
#VladimirPutin #Russia #DmitryMedvedev #Worldnews #Europe
Katerina Sakellaropoulou nominated for top post as PM says ‘time has come for Greece to open up to the future’

Greece is poised to get its first female president after the country’s centre-right leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis took the unprecedented step of proposing a progressive female judge to assume the role of head of state.

In a move loaded with symbolism for a nation more used to the divisiveness of bipartisan politics, the prime minister nominated 62-year-old Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

In style and background Greece’s new leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis could not be more different to his predecessor Alexis Tsipras.
Progressive judge to become Greece's first female president
#Greece #KyriakosMitsotakis #Europe #AlexisTsipras #Syriza
A weaker presidency and a stronger parliament must be good for Russia’s democracy, says political scientist Yana Gorokhovskaia
Vladimir Putin’s naked power grab could have unexpected benefits | Yana Gorokhovskaia
#VladimirPutin #Worldnews #Russia #Europe #Politics #Constitutionalreform
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