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Poles vote in presidential polls that could define EU ties

Duda's re-election crucial if ruling PiS is to deepen reforms that EU says increase political control over courts.
Poles vote in presidential polls that could define EU ties
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Merkel presents EU council presidency plans, calls for more unity

Germany's chancellor appeals for unity and solidarity within the EU to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.
Merkel presents EU council presidency plans, calls for more unity
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DiEM TV: A Vision for Europe 2020 - Book Launch with Yanis Varoufakis, David Adler & Shoshana Zuboff

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Dutch Law Proposes a Wholesale Jettisoning of Human Rights Considerations in Copyright Enforcement

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EFF Files Amicus Brief with Top French Court to Bring Down Controversial Avia Bill

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The European People's Party in the European Parliament is trying to destroy efforts to use Free and Open Source software

“We, Pirates, want to inform you that the European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament is trying to destroy Pirates’ efforts to encourage EU institutions to develop publicly available Free and Open Source Software, which would increase transparency, reduce administrative costs, increase security and metadata quality, and avoid vendor lock-in effects.”

(Thanks to Jure Repinc for the post.)


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EU urges end to lockdown as tourism industry collapses

The European Union wants the reopening of borders and to get economies moving again.
EU urges end to lockdown as tourism industry collapses
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A multi-billion euro plan to boost the EU's defence sector is at risk due to the scale of coronavirus recovery funding. #EuropeanUnion #Defence #Europe #Coronaviruspandemic
Travel into the European Union will be restricted until at least mid-June. #EuropeanUnion #Europe #Coronaviruspandemic

Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to a food crisis?

Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to food shortages? And can the EU rescue its weakest states?
Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to a food crisis?
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A YouGov poll reveals 30% of Britons believe colonies were better off as part of the British Empire
UK more nostalgic for empire than other ex-colonial powers
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The rightwing Law and Justice party’s capture of the judiciary poses a threat to the fundamental values of the EU, says Warsaw-based journalist Annabelle Chapman
Poland’s leadership doesn’t need ‘Polexit’ – it can undermine the EU from within | Annabelle Chapman
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At a herring processing plant in Rügen, continued access for trawlers to British waters is crucial for the business to survive

When a Danish trawler docks on the island of Rügen in the early hours of a stormy Thursday morning, the Euro-Baltic plant at Sassnitz-Mukran suddenly jolts to life.

Via a network of subterranean tubes, 1,400 tonnes of slippery North Sea herring are pumped from the belly of the ship and belched out onto an assembly line inside the factory on Germany’s largest island, where the silvery-blue fish are blow-dried, weighed, gutted and either sliced into fillets or chopped into bite-sized chunks.
'Our worst scenario is yours too': Germans fear for fishing industry after Brexit
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How the EU’s ambitious bid to lead the world on climate action will work and whether it will really make a difference
What is the European Green Deal and will it really cost €1tn?
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Labour leadership frontrunner was only candidate at Dudley hustings not to reject idea of reversing Brexit

Keir Starmer, the Labour leadership frontrunner, has declined to rule out campaigning to rejoin the EU in the years ahead, saying it was a question for future generations.

The shadow Brexit secretary said he did not think it was a “priority for now and the immediate future” and has previously said the question of leaving the EU is over. But when pressed to rule out advocating rejoining the EU in future, he said: “It’s for our kids to decide what our future relationship is.”
Keir Starmer declines to rule out campaigning to rejoin EU
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Education and business leaders point to lost income for country and opportunities for students

Quitting the EU’s Erasmus student exchange programme would “blow a hole” in the UK’s economy, taking away income of £243m a year and depriving 17,000 British young people of valuable work experience, according to a group of education and business leaders.

The group, including further education colleges and universities, is calling for the British government to make clear that continued Erasmus membership is a high priority in its talks with the EU.
Quitting EU Erasmus scheme would 'blow a hole' in UK economy
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Transport secretary says senior figures will gradually return to UK as regulatory powers revert to CAA

The UK is to withdraw from the European Union aviation safety regulator (EASA) after the Brexit transition period, Grant Shapps has confirmed.

The transport secretary said many of the most senior figures at the organisation headquartered in Cologne, Germany were British and that they would gradually return to the UK throughout this year as regulatory powers reverted to the Civil Aviation Authority.
UK to withdraw from EU aviation safety regulator, Shapps says
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Now Britain has left the EU, the fractures remain. Is it possible to bury the political hatchet?

A bigoted old bastard: that’s how Letitia Clark thought of her dad, Tony, when she found out he had voted to leave. She worked in a restaurant, where many of her colleagues were EU migrants, and was dating an Italian. “He disappeared for a while,” she says of her father. “I think it was a wish to avoid conflict.”

The vote played a significant role in Letitia’s decision to move with her then boyfriend to Sardinia, where she still lives and has written a cookbook, Bitter Honey, about Sardinian cuisine. She and her two brothers – a journalist in Cape Town, and a captain in the Royal Marines who travels all over the world – lead very different lives from Tony’s in quiet, rural Devon.
‘We have a no-politics rule’: how families can heal their Brexit rifts
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Teargas fired by both sides amid political standoff over people displaced by war in Syria

The EU has told migrants in Turkey that Europe’s doors are closedas Greek and Turkish police fired teargas at their shared border amid growing tensions over the plight of Syria’s refugees.

In a blunt message, the EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said: “Don’t go to the border. The border is not open. If someone tells you that you can go because the border is open … that is not true.
Refugees told 'Europe is closed' as tensions rise at Greece-Turkey border
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Our panel discusses what happened during the first round of negotiations on the future relationship

About 100 British officials made the trip to Brussels led by UK chief negotiator David Frost, who is up against his opposite number Michel Barnier as the two sides try to reach agreement on everything from trade in goods to fishing rights.

The outcome is far from certain, and Barnier said afterwards there were “serious divergences” between the two sides.
How did the UK-EU trade talks kick off? Brexit Means ... podcast
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Letters: Readers respond to the launch of This is Europe, a series that uses a pan-European lens to explain the challenges that transcend borders and confront our continent
Thanks for keeping the European dream alive | Letters
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Letters: Hostility toward the EU across the continent is nothing new, but since June 2016 parties have mostly dropped demands to leave the bloc, writes Denis MacShane, while Joe Shackles says that such hostility is rooted in opposition to the economi…
Eurosceptic parties are thriving, but Brexit serves as a warning | Letters
#Brexit #EuropeanUnion #Economics #Inequality #Politics
Letter: Industrial policies and other entrepreneurial state mechanisms can build better foundations for a superpower, writes Roy Cobby
The EU’s structural problems must be addressed | Letter
#EuropeanUnion #Brexit #Globaleconomy #Economics #Business #Inequality #Poverty #BorisJohnson #DonaldTrump
Turkey’s decision not to stop refugees crossing its borders is going to force European politicians to finally face the issue, says author Daniel Trilling
With its heavy-handed response to the border crisis, Europe is making a bad situation worse | Daniel Trilling
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Climate lobbying watchdog claims US oil giant met EC officials in run-up to policy

The US oil firm ExxonMobil met key European commission officials in an attempt to water down the European Green Deal in the weeks before it was agreed, according to a climate lobbying watchdog.

Documents unearthed by InfluenceMap revealed that Exxon lobbyists met Brussels officials in November to urge the EU to limit its carbon-pricing scheme to “stationary” sources, such as power plants, and exclude tailpipe emissions from vehicles using petrol or diesel.
ExxonMobil 'tried to get European Green Deal watered down'
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The EU is mired in a crisis of legitimacy – but municipal movements are rebuilding democracy from below

Conservative politicians have long declared there is no alternative to capitalism. Many of capitalism’s cruelties, from housing crises and crumbling public amenities to increasingly precarious forms of employment, are most visible in towns and cities. But it’s also in these places that new movements are emerging and rebuilding politics from the bottom up. In cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin and Naples, local activists are defending human rights and public services against a rising tide of anti-immigrant xenophobia and fiscal austerity. We call these urban movements “municipalism”.

By achieving small victories around the world, municipalist movements are proving that there is another way of doing politics – one that begins in the places closest to us. It’s thanks to this movement that someone such as me, a woman from a working-class family who began my political career as a housing activist, can today govern a city s... Show more...
EU negotiator sets out main obstacles to deal, including rights convention and fishing

Michel Barnier has spoken of “grave” differences between the EU and the UK over their future relationship, warning that Boris Johnson’s refusal to formally commit to the European convention on human rights could limit cooperation in fighting crime.

Following the first round of negotiations between the two 100-strong teams, the EU’s chief negotiator said there were “many divergences” between the two sides. “They are very serious divergences,” he said.
Barnier warns of 'grave' differences between EU and UK in trade talks
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Ankara claims scores of people trying to enter Greece have been injured by guards

Tensions along Greece’s land border with Turkey have erupted again, barely 48 hours after European Union chiefs visited the region, as thousands of people, reportedly goaded by Turkish authorities, regrouped in the area.

Ankara announced it was deploying 1,000 police special forces along the frontier on Thursday, claiming scores of people had been injured by Greek guards trying to stop them from crossing into the country.
Turkey deploys 1,000 police at Greek border as tensions rise
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European-listed firms could face fines if fewer than 40% of their non-executive board seats are taken by women

The European Union executive is reviving plans for mandatory quotas of women on company boards, amid slowing progress towards gender equality among top management.

The EU commissioner for equality, Helena Dalli, told journalists that quotas “can be a very ugly word” but were also “a necessary evil, in the sense we have to use quotas because otherwise we will wait another 100 years for things to change by themselves”.
EU revives plans for mandatory quotas of women on company boards
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Climate crisis likely to have supercharged temperatures around world, data suggests

This winter has been by far the hottest recorded in Europe, scientists have announced, with the climate crisis likely to have supercharged the heat.

The EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) data dates back to 1855. It said the average temperature for December, January and February was 1.4C above the previous winter record, which was set in 2015-16. New regional climate records are usually passed by only a fraction of a degree. Europe’s winter was 3.4C hotter than the average from 1981-2010.
This winter in Europe was hottest on record by far, say scientists
#Climatechange #Environment #Europe #EuropeanUnion #Science #Worldnews
Turkey was once on course to join the EU. The desperate refugees trapped on its border reflect a broken relationship, says novelist and political scientist Elif Shafak
The humanitarian crisis in Turkey shines a light on Europe’s failures | Elif Shafak
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Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including the Commons health committee questioning Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer

9.38am GMT

Q: Can you envisage a situation where MPs were considered super-spreaders? There has been talk of parliament having to be shut down.

Whitty says he has discussed this with Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker, and Norman Fowler, the Lords Speaker. Fowler was a distinguished health secretary, he says. He says he would not presume to tell them how to run their houses.

9.33am GMT

Q: How will this impact on, say, cancer patients in hospital?

Whitty says there are three kinds of impact.
Chief medical officer tells MPs coronavirus plan now at 'mainly delay' stage, not 'mainly contain' - live news
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The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has staked out his vision for the future of Europe, but with Germany reluctant to sign up, will it fall flat? Plus: Jonathan Freedland on Joe Biden’s spectacular comeback in the Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday

France and Germany have been central to the European Union project ever since it began out of the ashes of the second world war. Despite centuries of enmity, the two countries have driven the major changes in European cooperation for more than 50 years. But as Germany’s economy has pulled far ahead of that of its neighbour, its appetite for fundamental reform in Europe appears to have waned.

This is the challenge for France’s energetic young president, Emmanuel Macron, who sees European values under threat from authoritarian governments springing up across the globe. But can he convince Germany – and whoever eventually succeeds Angela Merkel – that his vision of closer union, further economic integration and ambitions for expansion is the right one for Europe? The Guardian’s J... Show more...
Special trade arrangements will apply from 1 January whether Johnson strikes deal or not

The UK will have a “catastrophe” on its hands unless Boris Johnson and cabinet ministers stop repeatedly claiming that there will be no checks in the Irish Sea as part of the special Brexit arrangements, manufacturing leaders and local politicians have warned.

“If they don’t there is going to a horrible crash at the end of this year, and if not then in four years,” said Stephen Kelly, the chief executive of the business group Manufacturing Northern Ireland.
UK faces 'catastrophe if Tories continue with no checks in Irish Sea claim'
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Buoyed by fire sales of public assets, a tiny minority of Greeks are thriving. Everyone else is mired in hopelessness

Spring is already in the air across Greece. Even in the bleakest of times, nature’s renaissance renders hope irrepressible. But this one is proving a cruel spring for a people caught up in a decade-old crisis yielding one ritual humiliation after another.

Costas runs a small bookshop in my central Athens neighbourhood. Although jovial by constitution, he finds it difficult to hide the worry lines multiplying on his face. Fifteen years ago he put his flat up as collateral for a business loan to spruce up the bookshop. When the Greek debt crisis wreaked its havoc, it was impossible to service that loan.
Here’s why Greece’s economic ‘recovery’ has been good news for no one but the rich | Yanis Varoufakis
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Frans Timmermans calls for bloc to legislate so it does not lose track of net zero target

Tensions at the Greek-Turkish border and the coronavirus show why the European Union needs a climate law that binds member states to net zero emissions by 2050, the EU’s top official on climate action has said.

Frans Timmermans, a European commission vice-president who leads on the climate emergency, said the different crises facing Europe underscored the need for a climate law in order not to lose track of reducing emissions.
Focus on coronavirus shows need for climate law, says EU official
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A timeline of how we covered some of the biggest moments in continent’s post-war history
Blockades, Balkans and Brexit: the Guardian in Europe since 1945
#Worldnews #Europe #Membership #Europeanelections #EuropeanUnion
Bloc leaders announce financial support as UN questions Athens’ suspension of asylum applications
Migration: EU praises Greece as 'shield' after Turkey opens border
#Migration #Greece #EuropeanUnion #Refugees #Turkey #Europe #Worldnews
Despite €16.3bn in EU funding, cities have failed to get people on to bikes or buses, report says

Commuters in Europe are still choosing their cars over public transport despite enduring ever longer journey times into city centres owing to traffic congestion, the EU’s spending watchdog has found.

Six years after Brussels announced a step-change in urban transport and provided more than €16.3bn in funding, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) said it had found no significant trend in favour of using public transport or bicycles.
European commuters still prefer cars to public transport
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