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● NEWS ● #meduza #ru #russia ☞ #Bridge collapse during #flooding in the Murmansk region interrupts rail connections with regional capital and port


Johnson visited doctors and nurses at Kettering general hospital overnight between 11pm and 3am to hear about how the NHS was preparing for the #virus.

No media were able to attend.

Johnson is not planning on visiting any flooded areas over the weekend. His spokesman said: “There was a visit from the environment minister yesterday. We are continuing to respond to the flooding and there is a significant amount of operational activity across the country.


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● NEWS ● #newmatilda #au #australia ☞ We’re Going To Need A ‘Scotty From Marketing’ When the #Climate Refugees Start #Flooding Australia
We’re Going To Need A ‘Scotty From Marketing’ When the Climate Refugees Start Flooding Australia
Increasing floods, badly managed tourism and lack of affordable homes drive residents out
Inhabitants ebb out of Venice as city is flooded with water and tourists
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Sea level rise, erosion and cruise ships are worsening Venice’s flood problem. But corruption nearly scuppered the solution. By Neal E Robbins

I was in Venice when the acqua alta struck on 28 October 2018. I noted in my diary: “It happened today. The first big acqua alta of the year, with a siren at 09.17, followed by two steady tones. One tone is for 1.1 metres, two 1.2 metres, three 1.3 metres and four 1.4 metres or more. The tidal chart says the level should peak just after noon. At 12.30 I put on my green rubber boots. Stepping out along the canals, I found the water above my ankles and immediately had to re-learn how to walk. Walking at normal speed causes the water to splash over your boots and on to your legs. I slowed down, finding I also needed to watch out for little waves from the boats on the canal, which rode up right over the submerged pavement.

“Tourists used bin bags or fluorescent pink plastic booties over their shoes, walked barefoot or just got their shoes wet. Judging by the laughs and picture taking, high water looked fun,... Show more...
Demonstrators chant ‘Venice resist’ amid anger over waves caused by ocean liners and flawed flood-proofing project
People of Venice protest over floods and cruise ships
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Emergency services search for missing people as Italy and France hit by mudslides and floods

At least two people were killed in France and a landslide collapsed a stretch of elevated highway in Italy, leaving cars perched perilously on a precipice, as heavy rains pounded the region over the weekend, trapping travellers, downing trees and triggering mudslides and floods in parts of both countries.

A 30-metre (100ft) section of highway along a viaduct near the flooded Italian coastal city of Savona collapsed on Sunday. In an aerial video taken by firefighters, cars and one truck could be seen stopped perilously close to the point where the raised part of the A6 highway plunged on to a wooded area of the Liguria region.
Two die in France and highway in Italy collapses as heavy rain batters region
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Third major flooding expected in city in less than a week, as rain lashes rest of Italy

Venice has closed St Mark’s Square before the expected third major flooding in less than a week, as rain lashed the rest of Italy and warnings were issued in Florence and Pisa.

Venice forecast an “acqua alta”, or high water, of 160cm (over 5ft) for Sunday, lower than Tuesday’s 187cm – the highest level in half a century – but still dangerous.
Venice closes St Mark’s Square as high water threatens again
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Venice: St Mark's Square deluged by flood water – video
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Flooding in the canal city has reached its highest level since the 1960s. The high-water mark hit 187cm (74 inches) late on Tuesday, leaving more than 85% of the city under water. In 1966, the highest level recorded was 198cm (78 inches).
Flooding in Venice - in pictures
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● NEWS ● Hundreds of Millions of Us Now Live in Danger of #Flooding
Hundreds of Millions of Us Now Live in Danger of Flooding
Some coastal cities are reclaiming land as a barrier against rising water – then selling it off. But critics argue that climate change defence should not be a business model

“The island is going to be placed where the British empire’s fleet once was,” says Anne Skovbro, looking out from her office in a 19th-century customs house over Copenhagen’s harbour.

She points out the mooring posts where tall ships once docked, the old masting crane that marked the harbour’s outer edge, and the patch of sea where Horatio Nelson is supposed to have held a telescope to his blind eye as his ships set the city’s medieval centre ablaze.
Could cities profit from protecting themselves against rising seas?
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Hit by Historic #Flooding From #Imelda , #Houston Offers Stark Reminder of Why Millions Are Joining #ClimateStrike
RT @StormchaserUKEU: Severe #flooding in Vega Baja, #Spain this morning 12th of September! Report via Meteo reporter storm; #severeweather #ExtremeWeather https://t.co/5Bkzuo9K09
"Ralph Ruthe"
good one today he goes into the history of the dust bowl 1930`s



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